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Cheapest Electric Cars 2022 – The top 4 best options that you should look for

Cheapest Electric Cars 2022 – The top 4 best options that you should look for

There were times when it was actually difficult to find options for affordable electric cars. However, things have changed now and due to the surge in gasoline prices and the scarce availability of fuel, it is now high time to switch preferences.

In light of the several factors impacting the consistently growing interest in EV, many automobile manufacturers have prioritized launching electric vehicles at affordable prices in the market. If you have been searching for affordable electric cars, here’s the deal. Check today’s list of 4 affordable and cheapest electric cars of 2022 along with their prices in this article.

According to insideeves.com, it is now easily accessible for you to have a 200+ mile electric vehicle along with paid tax credit at just $30,000. Before you get overwhelmed with the price, find out what each of the options have to offer you.

1. 2022 Nissan Leaf Plus - $32,400

The Nissan Leaf Plus has been a competitor of the Chevrolet Bolt since it was launched back in 2019. With time and technological advancements, Nissan has now shifted its resources to the production of the Ariya electric SUV. Due to this, Leaf Plus has now become affordable as prices have begun to fall.

Despite the great competition in the vehicle industry, Nissan still is behind offering a liquid-cooled pack in its Leaf and Leaf Plus. Just in case you are a Nissan enthusiast, you should consider the climate in your location.

Despite being in the competition with the CHAdeMO, this is one of the beneficial offers at 100kW in the list with:

  • Price after tax – $24,900
  • Price – $32,400
  • Range – 226 miles

2. 2023 Chevrolet Bolt EV: $31,000

After a series of delays in the launch of new Chevrolet in bolt-on models, Bolt EV is here to stay. General Motors, sticking to their promise, has now sworn to launch the vehicle till May 9. The Chevrolet Bolt EV is planned to be a big launch for 2023 but it is predicted to resemble the last 2023.

Before the recall of the Bolt EV 2022, it was the best option at $5,500 being the lowest starting price. In addition, it has 259 miles range, vital charge rate, and a completely redesigned exterior and interior. Despite all the 2022 SUV Chevy’s progress, the two main features compelled the manufacturers to launch a new one. The new 2023 Chevrolet will supposedly be unbeatable in terms of range and rate. If you pass the tax credit, the GM Chevrolet will be the only one in the GM’s lineup.

  • Range: 259 mi.
  • Battery size: 65kWh
  • Price: $31,000

3. 2022 Hyundai Kona Electric: $34,000

Kona will be the first electric crossover from Hyundai sharing its electronic domain with the Kia motors’ Niro EV. Korean automakers produced an all-new autobody style for Hyundai’s Kona model 2022. And it seriously gives competition to the previous models with its exterior as well.

With an industry-leading basic warranty of five years, a decent price tag, and an excellent interior, Kona is the one that you should look for. One of the things that make it difficult to choose is the size, which is relatively small when it comes to a crossover. On paper, it is 165 inches, but with the price tag of $26,000 the factory model is definitely worth the cost.

  • Price with tax credit: $26,500
  • Price: $34,000
  • Range: 258 mi.

4. 2023 Chevrolet Bolt EUV: $33,000

If you think the Bolt EUV has been one affordable electric vehicle on the list, then you must be missing the competition. The 2023 Bolt EUV is going to be a tough selection with a long powerful interior, Superior Cruise, and many other significant amenities such as ventilated seats, and a panoramic sunroof. However, if you are someone who looks for an AWD dual-motor setup – Bolt EUV might fall short in this area.

  • Price after credit tax: $33,000
  • Price: $33,000
  • Range: 247 mi.

Frequently Asked Questions

If we just skip the range, the cheapest electric car of the year is the Nissan Leaf S. The price starts from $27,400 or $19,000.

Nissan Leaf Plus S has left behind every other vehicle in this domain as well. Starting with $32,400, the new cheapest EV has 200 miles. Plus, it can go even 226 miles on a single charge.

The Hyundai Kona SE would be one of the cheapest EV cars for the range of 300 miles for a single charge. At $43,650, it is the cheapest electrical vehicle.