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The cheapest city to buy a new car Understand the real logic behind it

The cheapest city to buy a new car: Understand the real logic behind it

There’s no doubt in saying that everyone wants to have a vehicle of their own. Renting it out or borrowing it from a friend can sometimes become complicated for an individual. However, the surge in the prices of automobiles has shattered the hope of every car lover.

You must have heard about the cheapest state to buy a car. Well, what about the cheapest city? Ever heard of it? You must have moved borders in search of a better living or being close to your loved ones. Nevertheless, the addition of a vehicle being affordable can make your life even happier and manageable.

Due to extra taxes and fees, it is quite true that owning a vehicle or car in states like New York and California is pretty impossible. However, Florida and New Hampshire are affordable.

This article will highlight the cheapest city to buy a new car, the benefits of purchasing a car in some other state, and pointers to know before you buy a vehicle.

What are the benefits of buying a car out of state?

Some people are smart enough to not load themselves with heavy taxation and other fees. That is one of the vital reasons they tend to purchase cars in the cheapest states and cities. However, before you make the same decision, learn the advantages and disadvantages attached to it.

If you live in New York, don’t restrict yourself to purchasing an automobile from the residing state. The United States is huge, so you can do thorough research for the cheapest city to buy a new car. You might be fortunate enough to find the same model at a cheaper rate than the local dealer is asking for.

One of the essential reasons is to save maximum dollars. You shouldn’t fall for higher prices when you can get the same asset for a better value.

According to experts, there is no harm in buying auction and repossessed cars. People are living with a misconception that these vehicles are damaged to such an extent that it is irreparable. However, you need to be vigilant enough while making the purchase, you might be lucky enough to find a car in its perfect condition.

Specialists suggest it is great to do a pre-purchase inspection before you sign the papers for the car.

On the other hand, it is important to calculate taxes and other fees related to it. For sure, every city and state has its own set of rules and numbers. Be wise enough to figure out the real cost of bringing the specific car to your home.

Factors to know and understand before you purchase a car out of state

It can become a lot of hassle for you if you are not aware of the rules and regulations of your residing state. Specialists suggest that doing thorough research before making the purchase is quite essential, otherwise you will be stuck in duties.

You might be unable to find the model of your preference locally, search for it online. You will crack a better deal for that variant. However, let’s discuss the factors which can become a hindrance while you are all set to buy your new vehicle.


You might be all excited to drive your car from one city to another; however, the task is not so simple. If your car is not registered you would not be able to drive it legally.

Instead of getting caught by the local authorities, experts say that you should do the basic formalities and temporary registration with your local DMV. That would only require your vehicle identification number (VIN), but you can safely drive to your home without worrying about any mishaps and getting caught.


The set of rules in California are quite strict when compared to the other 49 states of America. The emission standards of California are high, so you need to make sure that your vehicle passes it.

According to experts, it is convenient to purchase a vehicle that is California certified. The majority of cars are unable to meet the emission requirement set by California. So, if you want to bring your car to California or export it to another state, you need to be careful about this test.


Just like other service taxes, insurance plays a vital role in keeping your car secured from any kind of incident. Big insurance companies give you the leverage to extend the warranty claim of your car. For example, you can extend the coverage from your previous vehicle to the new car; however, you need to provide the company with a specific timeframe.

Sales tax

Montana, Delaware, Oregon, New Hampshire, Alaska doesn’t charge a single penny for sales tax. Isn’t it cool? Well, you will be fortunate enough if you live there. However, other than these cities, you need to pay taxes everywhere.

Moreover, you have the chance to register your vehicle in tax-free cities but if the state or city where you live requires the sale tax specifically, then the scheme is not good for you. You can connect with your local DMV to get on details.

Transportation cost

Sometimes, it is not possible for you to drive the car home, for example, the registration issue. So, in that case, you need to ship your car to your residing city.

You have to contact or get in touch with a reputable and reliable auto transport company and get it transferred to your home.

5 cheapest cities to buy a new car

It is not easy to afford a car in every city in the United States. This is the list of cities where you can get your favorite car at very reasonable rates.

Portland, Oregon

Due to no sales tax in this particular city and state, people are motivated to purchase a vehicle of their own. Moreover, in other states cars can be pricey.

Other states – $33,261

Portland – $23,209

Chicago, Illinois

Many of the residents living in Chicago are not much interested in purchasing a car of their own due to impeccable public transportation. However, if you are a regular mover you might need one. This city again is quite affordable when compared to others.

Other states – $33,261

Chicago – $23,386

San Diego, California

Although, California is not seen as ideal to purchase a car of your own. However, someway San Diego has made it to the list. Due to heavy taxation charges, people living in California find it pretty difficult to have a vehicle. If you wish to have a car, make sure to set a proper budget for it.

Other states – $33,261

San Diego – $23,440

Baltimore, Maryland

When people talk about expensive cities, Baltimore is quite far from that list. Experts suggest it is relatively easier to afford a car in this city.

Other states – $33,261

Baltimore – $26,355

Seattle, Washington

When we talk about the highest automobile sales, this city tops the list. People living there are smart enough to manage their budgets effectively. This is the reason why this city is considered ideal to purchase a vehicle of your own.

Other states – $33,261

Seattle – $26,771


Everyone loves to have a car of their own, but it is important to focus on the budget as well. If you don’t have bread on your table but a lavish car standing in your garage, it is of no use. Let’s hope this article helped you in considering which cheapest city is great to buy a new car.

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