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Car wrap cost- what do you understand by car wraping

Car wrap cost- what do you understand by car wraping

The article will explain what a car wrap is. Then the different types of car wraps. How is it removed? And finally how much does it cost?

People know about the paint jobs done on cars. Car wraps are similar, but with a big difference that the original paint job does not have to be removed. The paint job remains untouched under the car wrap job. The details are explained below:

A car wrap job

Doing a car wrap job entails using a number of decals of vinyl. These decals are just placed over the panels of the car’s body; this hides the car’s actual paint under decals. It’s done relatively fast compared to a paint job, and the appearance of the car is dramatically changed. When the owner wants the decals to be removed, usually by someone who knows how to do it properly, the original paint of the car that was hidden under the decals will be unaffected. The decals have to be maintained properly as much as possible. Otherwise if any of the decals are scratched, not only that decal piece is spoilt, the paint job under it might get affected too.

How much does a car wrap cost? It costs much less than a standard custom paint job. Because of this reason, many car owners and car dealers are going for car wrap works. When you opt for car wraps, you have much more choices of colors and designs along with other finishing options. An owner can have a car with polka dots of different sizes and of different colors with a shiny finishing touch. The options are, in a way, limitless.

Different types of car wrap


There are several stand types of car wraps.  New types of car wraps keep coming out all the time. They are custom made car warps that are usually a combination of two or more of the main types. The main types are given below.


This is the basic type that looks just like a paint job. When the job is finished, it’s smooth and very glossy, giving the look of perpetual newly done paint job.


A satin wrap is extra glossy when compared to matte. Still, it’s not absolutely glossy as some people wound not like that. No reflection is given off. But more light will reflect of it then a matte wrap job.


Unlike the common gloss finish, matte car wraps give your car a modern and contemporary look. Cars with this wrapping probably get hit a lot in the nights by cyclists, or other moving vehicles with little lighting or broken/fused lights.


Brush car warp comes in two types. A brushed textured look and a paint brushed look. The first will really look like a brush with paint on it has done the work. The other will look like it has been painted that way to look like a brush has run all over the body of the car. The former type reflects light and the latter not so much.


Just like the brush, it has two types. There is the carbon texture, as if carbon charcoal has been used all over the car. The painted carbon look is the other type. Again the painted carbon decals will reflect light.

Cut out shapes

These are really called decals. They are shapes cut out from vinyl and then stuck on the car like the car wrap is done. Each shape can be of any color. Even if it’s all one color, the cut out shapes still stand out. The shapes can be glossy or carbon or a mixture of every type of color. Moreover, the shapes can be custom design with some other texture or paint like job. The choice and options are unlimited.

How to remove the car wrap?

A heat gun is used to heat the wrap section starting from the corners. Then the wrap is gently but firmly pulled off while the heat gun keep on transferring heat to the wrap. Sometimes some kind of solvent is used. The way a sticker is removed. It costs about $500 only.  The cost is much higher than a paint removal job.

What does it cost to wrap car?

A standard custom paint job can cost about $3,000. Standard custom car wrap job will cost about $1,500.


A good car wrap is a good investment. It will last for about 6 years if it is maintained and protected well. This article might make you think about the multiple options you have now about coloring up your car with a method that does nothing to the original color. It will for sure give your car more style.

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