Everything you must know about car warranty scams


What are the car warranty scams? Although the government is trying to protect people from scams, these fraudulent car warranty scammers are still stealing hard-earned money from innocent people. If you are getting calls or emails regarding the expiration of your car’s warranty, and are offered new deals, then be cautious. In 2011, the Federal Trade Commission reimbursed around $3.2 … Read more

All you need to know about Endurance Auto Warranty

endurance car warranty

What is Endurance Car Warranty? Endurance is the largest and third-party extended warranty provider in the US. It was established in 1988 and has given comprehensive warranty plans to numerous car owners. In 2008 INC named it the most customer-driven company, and a gold certification accreditation from Vehicle Protection Association proved its reliability and authenticity. You can find a list … Read more

The benefits of having a Car Warranty

car warranty

To many, the convenience followed by the peace of mind is the primary reasons people wish to have a car warranty. For instance, if anytime you have any kind of car trouble, you will not only be financially covered but you also don’t have to deal with getting your car repaired. A car warranty also enables you to ensure that … Read more

A guide explaining car repair warranty laws

car repair warranty laws

So you want to buy a car. Before you do, decide on what type of car model you want, go through the explanations about car repair warranties, and judge by this article how very important they are. It’s vital for your sense of budget, convenience, and peace of mind. About the warranty of any product When a major purchase is … Read more

Car Warranty Transfer Explained!

Car Warranty Transfer Explained

In order to get your car warranty transferred to a person you have sold your car to, a letter has to be made out stating the sale you have made, the person who has bought your car and clearly stating that you want your car warranty rights to be transferred to that person. In some cases, you might want to … Read more