Subaru CVT extended warranty coverage is here!


The good old CVT gearbox has its fans and critics. Some people dislike it because it feels strange when contrasted to a more traditional transmission. However, many will firmly support it because of the variety of performance benefits that CVTs provide. A CVT-style gearbox may be traced down to Leonardo da Vinci’s insane ideas in the fifteenth century. However, in … Read more

Ford Powertrain Warranty and other warranties

Ford powertrain warranty.

Ford is well-known for producing high-quality cars (especially pickups) that withstand a long time. Having said that, even the top manufacturers may benefit from a solid factory warranty to boost customer loyalty and trust in the car. There are a lot of warranties that you can choose from like the Ford powertrain warranty, bumper-to-bumper warranty, roadside coverage, and much more. … Read more

What you should know about Tesla CPO warranty facts

tesla cpo

The Tesla CPO warranty provides a lot of benefits and very few negatives. On top of a generous new car warranty, it also provides you with substantial additional mileage and time coverage. Not only does it demonstrate Tesla’s commitment to its products but the quality and reliability as well. When you combine this with the fact that the company’s all-electric … Read more

Harley Davidson extended warranty cost is less than the repair costs

Harley Davidson extended warranty cost

Are you a motorcycle lover? Well, there’s no chance that you haven’t discovered the most reputable motorcycle brand in the world ‘Harley Davidson’. What makes it exclusive? Several attributes contribute highly to the quality of Harley Davidson. Once you have a motorcycle with you, you can travel with freedom, anywhere and anytime. However, with everyday running, the motorcycle also requires … Read more

Is the Hyundai warranty beneficial for all owners?

Hyundai warranty

All the major car manufacturers try to satisfy their customers with an official warranty. According to Hyundai, it has the best American warranty. Whenever a person steps into the car market, ‘warranty’ is one of the critical factors he/she focuses on. Instead of losing money in car repairs, car owners want to be safe with a warranty. Hyundai warranty brings … Read more

First, extended service corporation for your vehicle to last for long years

first extended service corporation

There’s no doubt that car repairs can become troublesome after some time. If you want to remove the price tag of repairs from your shoulder, the first extended service corporation is the right choice for you. With the passing years, the performance of a vehicle deteriorates. Breakdowns and repairs are part of the routine. However, to lose your frustration and … Read more

Why do you require Audi extended warranty?

Audi extended warranty

Audi, another German masterpiece took over the world by storm due to distinguished and unique quality cars. The person who purchases a car from this manufacturing company is surely interested in the Audi extended warranty as well. Other than Mercedes Benz and BMW, Audi has done a marvelous job to create and capture the automobile market. No one would deny … Read more

What does Ford powertrain warranty cover?

what does Ford powertrain warranty cover

“Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than in trying to solve them.” – Henry Ford. Car manufacturers typically provide car owners with a powertrain warranty, and Ford is no exception. But what actually is powertrain, and what’s protected under the powertrain warranty coverage? In this article, you will learn about what does Ford powertrain warranty cover? … Read more