What to do when Car Squeaks While Passing Over Bumps?

When you notice your car squeaks when going over bumps, you should not get panicked, instead find a solution for resolving this issue. There might be different reasons behind this happening where these are very minor issues that can be resolved very easily in no time. Moreover, it is necessary to find the exact cause behind this issue so that you could search for a needle in a haystack. You can also replace the whole suspension system if it has been damaged completely.

You may notice your car is making creaking or squeaky noises while driving down the road or passing over bumps which is very common in old model vehicles. This guide provides you with detailed information about the reasons behind this happening along with the methods that can be used for resolving this issue. No doubt, the best method is to fill the grease fittings with a grease gun and all the squeaking will be gone in no time.

Reasons Why the Car Squeaks When Passing Over Bumps

There are several reasons why your car squeaks when going over bumps. Some of these reasons have been mentioned below:

● Rubber Bushings

As we know, the rubber bushings are connected with the anti-roll bars and their purpose is to prevent different parts of the car from vibrating. If it gets damaged or broken, you may notice creaking noise coming from your car while driving or passing over the bumps. Moreover, other components of your car may also start vibrating which can result in damaging your vehicle completely.

For your information, the rubber cracks or shrinks with the passage of time. So, it is necessary to check the rubber bushings regularly. If not, you will surely notice the squeaky noise from your car while passing over the bumps on the road.

● Ball Joints

One of the minor reasons behind the squeaky noise coming from your car while driving is due to ball joints when it gets worn out or damaged badly. Usually, these ball joints have been made up of a socket and a bearing stud that is fitted inside a lubricated casing. Their purpose is to act as pivotal connectors between the suspension system and the wheels of your vehicle.

The squeaky noise is the common sign that shows the ball joints are wearing out. It may also show that the joints are rubbing up against your vehicle’s wheels. This noise may come when you are passing over the bumps, drifting, or taking corners.

● Faulty Parts

The squeaking may be due to the presence of faulty parts in your car which is included in the major reasons behind this happening. No doubt, it is very annoying to replace the rubber bushings or ball joints but it is very easy and affordable. The fault in large parts is different because it can be very difficult as well as expensive to fix.

When you notice squeaky suspension while riding over the bumps, you should know that it is a sign of a greater problem with your suspension. You need to check the nature of the shock absorber which might be hydraulic. That’s why some issues may occur in it such as air pressure or leakage. Oil leaking can also be another reason. You should also check the spring absorbers that can get rusty which results in producing squeaky noise when driving over the bumps.

● Lack of Lubrication

You should know that different components of your vehicle such as ball joints require lubrication to work properly. The purpose of lubrication is to let the car’s components move smoothly and not rub against other vehicle’s components.

When you hear a squeaky noise coming from your car, it is a sign that the components of your car need more oil. It is because the basic need of a suspension system is not more than a lubricating oil.

● The Problem of Steering Wheel

As we know, the steering wheel is connected with the suspension system of your vehicle, so a problem with the steering wheel can result in creating creaky noise from your car. Whenever you pass by a bumper on the road, you hear a squeaky noise that comes from your car while driving.

There are different problems that can occur with your vehicle’s steering wheel such as the wheel control arm may get loose. In this condition, you need to tighten it again to let it function properly. No doubt, this issue is easy to fix as compared to fixing the suspension issues.

How to fix this issue?

If you are hearing a squeaky noise that comes from your vehicle while crossing a bumper, you can fix this issue using different techniques. Some of these techniques or methods have been mentioned below:

● Find The Source

First, you need to locate where the noise is coming from. For this purpose, you need to check different components of your car such as wheels, bushings, steering wheel, etc. If you notice a creaking or squeaking noise coming from a particular wheel it means that the wheel has a suspension with bad bushings which might need to be replaced or fixed as soon as possible.

● Jack Up Your Vehicle

After locating the source of the noise, you should jack up your car. If you do not have a jack, you can buy one from a nearby shop. After jacking up your car, you need to place the car on the jack stand and check different jack points to locate the major cause.

● Remove the Car Wheel

After jacking your car up, you need to remove the wheel of your car. For this purpose, you need to remove the bolts. After removing the bolts, you can remove the wheel and the suspension system will be exposed to you. It will become easy for you to find the bad bushings.

● Find The Bad Bushings

The next step is to find the bad bushings in the suspension system. These bushings are made up of hard rubber. Being under so much exposure, they fail easily. You can easily locate the rubber bushings behind each wheel easily and efficiently. Spray the bushings with a lubricant before reassembling the wheel.

● Reassemble The Wheel

The last step is to reassemble the wheel. After reassembling the wheel, remove the jack stand and take a test drive. Now, you will not notice any squeaking noise.


When you notice your car squeaking when going over bumps, you should check it immediately. You need to check different parts of your car to find the cause behind this happening. After finding the issue, use the right method for fixing this issue where the best method is to lubricate the components of your car.

Yes, it is embarrassing and dangerous at the same time because this noise might be coming due to the failure of a major component of your vehicle.

The best way is to add lubricant oil to the components of your car to stop the squeaky noise coming from the car.

The reason behind the squeaky noise coming from your car can be due to worn brake pads or dust on the rotors.

It costs about 80 dollars to 400 dollars to fix this issue.

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