Car dealer Or personal – How to get the best deal when selling your car

The first thing you should consider when you want to sell your car is to find out how you are going to sell it. No, you don’t have to learn how to become a car dealer, you just need a few tips and techniques.

There are multiple ways that you can consider for that matter. For instance, you can sell your car directly to a friend or someone you know or you can do it through a car dealer. Moreover, you can also list your car on online car selling platforms to get better value for your car.

In this article, we will look at different dimensions that how can we sell a car, which is the most suitable way to sell it, when and where to sell it, and how to get the desired money by selling a car.

The best way to sell a car privately

If you want to sell a car privately, get ready to invest your time and energy wisely. You will likely get your best price only if you are prepared to go the extra mile. If you are ready to get the best price, start by completing all the paperwork (if pending or missing) and then make sure there are no minor problems that can bring down its value. For instance, a $40 fix that may scare the buyer should be done by you in order to get your desired value. Finally, offer what payment option you are willing to consider and how safe it is from the buyer’s point of view.

Tips on how to prepare yourself when selling your car

sell your car

Start from the basics i.e. advertising your car on different digital channels. There are websites that allow you to advertise your car for free whereas some platforms would want you to pay a certain amount to advertise your car. If you want to sell your car quickly and wish to receive more offers, then paid to advertise is the right approach. Moreover, you can also post ads in newspapers and you can have a ‘For Sale’ sign on the car window. The other methods of advertising are more direct like using your connections, friends, family, and colleagues.

Whatever option you choose for the advertisement, you must include every detail of your car including:

  • Color
  • Mileage
  • Condition
  • Model
  • Service History
  • Your Contact Details
  • Tax Details

 Ways to sell a car online

The Internet is jam-packed with plenty of websites where you can find your desired outcomes. The best way to sell your car online is to find the best website or online car dealers. You can find their worth by reading the reviews of the previous dealings and can ask for testimonials. You can simply run a search on Google to find “top 10 used car websites” in the US. And you can always use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. to find out about the car dealers to sell your car.

In order to determine the worth of your car, you should know the current worth of the model and the overall worth of similar cars and vehicles on sale. You should look for similar websites as well so that you can get the clue where to sell your car and who is going to pay better for it. By visiting different websites, you would be able to know the exact selling price of your car and maybe the best car dealers for the future as well. In this way, you may get the best price for your car.

Is it better to trade or sell your car?

The answer to this depends on the reason why you are selling your car. First, determine your needs whether you are selling your car for an upgrade or want to change the model to get a car that can fit your family. After that, you can identify whether you will be needing money or trading your car would be enough. If you are planning to buy a new car then selling your car for a good price might be a good idea as it will help you with the down payment.

The best and safest payment method when selling a car

The key to having a smooth and satisfactory transaction is to agree on safe payment methods.

When it comes to selling anything, cash is the best method that should be considered. It allows you not to get stuck in changing plans etc. It’s better to keep someone with you when you go for accepting payments, a huge amount of money cannot be taken barely and should not be preferred. You can also choose a place where you have plenty of CCTV cameras that can monitor your activities when you are doing your deals.

The ideal mode of payments is bank transfer and bank drafts. You can visit the buyers’ bank when s/he is preparing the draft, a banker’s draft is the guarantee that your buyer has that amount the account that will be paid when you demand.

However, a cheque can also be taken when you know the buyer is genuine and not involved in any kind of forgery in the past.

Paypal or using escrow services come in handy when you do online payments. Although, there have been scams around these payment methods, which is why we don’t recommend it that much.

Due to fraudulent activities and other scams, people generally prefer to collect the cash directly which ensures payment safety.

How do you avoid getting scammed while selling a car?

It is frequently seen that you cannot prevent cyber attacks on your personal accounts or on other websites that you are visiting.

To avoid and excavate the scammer’s attack while making or receiving any payments you must see the following tips:

  • Verify the buyer’s credentials, recheck them before you transfer the money.
  • If you are a car dealer then, don’t ship the cars overseas until everything gets cleared.
  • Be aware of the unknown escrow services
  • Document everything before making anything ready to be shipped or delivered.
  • Make video calls with the buyers/sellers, when dealing with clients that are in different geographic locations.
  • Ask for a copy of the driving license from the buyer or any other identity card for security and to avoid any problem in the future.
  • Meet in a public place if the buyer is available in your city.

Long-distance car selling is not really popular and generally, car sellers avoid that. However, sometimes you do get a better offer from someone living miles away, which is certainly tempting. Usually, people prefer to do the purchasing and selling of the cars locally to avoid the annoyance of contacting and taking follow-ups from the car dealers and to deal with the problems of transportation and all. But if you are selling your car to someone living miles away, then make sure to follow the steps and verify credentials. If possible do provide the proof that you have shipped the vehicle in the condition that you have advertised. The best way to go about it is to see hire a car dealer with a valid car dealer license as it will rid you of half the worries you might have.

We believe that we have aptly covered each and every aspect related to selling your car. If you want urgent cash then contacting a car dealer is a nice idea otherwise you can always go for other methods discussed in this article.

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