Highway Patrol police investigating the multi-car crash on I-5 in Arlington

Arlington, Washington – The city witnessed a multi-vehicular crash on the northbound I-5 in Arlington this Tuesday which blocked the entire lane.

Troopers of the fatal accident are still investigating the reason for the extreme collision that caused fatal injuries to the victims.

The driver suspected of the homicide crash is in custody, whose identity has not been disclosed yet. According to the Patrol officers in Washington, the driver was found driving unsteadily when the crash happened.

After the fatal accident, the freeway was permanently blocked while according to the recent news, NB I-5 road is now open for trafficA patrol officer, Jacob Kennett, says that there were three cars involved in the collision which happened on the South of state route 530.

The freeway got fully blocked after the accident at 5.30 p.m. while one of the lanes went open shortly for the traffic by 6 p.m.

People willing to travel from the NB I-5 lane are requested to take alternate routes. The nearest exit is at 172nd Street NE. 

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