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car companies including Porsche, GM, and Toyota are not far from releasing their cars with big 5g plans

Car companies including Porsche, GM, and Toyota are not far from releasing their cars with big 5g plans

Fast-working 5G networks unrolling – car manufacturers trying to figure out how to use the latest technology in the best way possible.

Top Car companies, including Porsche, GM, and Toyota, have big 5G plans for their new car models.

In Weissach, Southwestern Germany, Porsche has been experimenting with their newly introduced fully electric Tycan car to test the 5G set up in their vehicles to determine how it can be used for data exchange.

Porsche is one of the few car manufacturers collaborating with telecom companies to build a local 5G cellular network for their newly developing car models. The fast network technologies are so advanced that carmakers have to design and develop the equipment they require to use it.

Carmakers are ambitious about the 5g technology as they have aimed to use it in a variety of things. For instance, they have planned to use it for fast maps updates, software downloads, updates while the car is in motion, and sound alerts about traffic conditions. Not just that, the electric vehicles will be communicating with the smart infrastructure of roads, including buildings and traffic signals, so that the car would know that the next signal is red and it has to stop. The car and the infrastructure might be capable of talking to each other to warn the other vehicles of road conditions.

According to the CEO of Porsche, Blume, the company is using its test vehicles to gather data for the chip that will be embedded in the self-driving car for driver assistance.

“It’s really important for us to show how this works, especially for product development in the future,” says Blume. “It’s important for the development of processors that we’ll use in the future to make sure they are 5G-ready.”

Porsche has teamed up with Vodafone Group PLC for developing two local 5g networks. One in Weissach’s R&D center to test the 5G in cars and the second one in Zuffenhausen, in their main plant to develop and test fast data transfer

The pilot networks will be functional in September while Porsche is working on another similar project in Italy. Though, the carmaker has not made it public when it’s going to launch a 5G equipped vehicle.

Meanwhile, General Motors Co. has collaborated with AT&T Inc – one of the fastest 5G operators in the US.

In August, the automakers publicly revealed that only selected vehicles will have the 5G technology by 2024. The rest of the models will have to work with the existing LTE and 4G technology before the advanced one widely rolls out. The carmaker is providing the 4G and LTE services through their GM’s OnStar service, which helps the drivers by providing traffic information and maps over the air.

GM said in a recent statement that, “This technology will mean faster speeds for downloading music, videos and various maps for navigation services, but it also extends to vehicle updates. As over-the-air technology becomes mainstream, GM vehicles will be able to download new updates quicker than ever as its brands launch new features for their cars, trucks, and SUVs.”

On the other hand, Toyota has teamed up with  Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corp, a Japanese telecom service carrier, for the development of advanced technology and fast pace data networks using 5G technology. Toyota has aimed to develop a range of applications using the 5g network. For instance, remote monitoring of self-driving cars and software updates (over the air).

However, just like other car companies, like Porsche and GM, Toyota has not yet revealed when it’s going to make its big 5g plans real.

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