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How to save costs in car air conditioning repair

How to save costs in car air conditioning repair

Car maintenance can get expensive in today’s time, especially if it’s an additional issue on top of regular maintenance. AC is a vital part of a car, considering the heat and rise in temperature outdoors in summers. Some days you just cannot go without air conditioning in your car, so if it’s broken, you’ve got a big problem for two reasons now. First, the unbearable heat and second car air conditioning repair cost. Although it could be a trivial problem that can be solved easily, it can also be a complicated issue that takes money and a professional mechanic to fix.

However, before you decide whether the issue is serious enough to take the car to a mechanic, it might be wise to get your hands dirty yourself. The internet is an open space for you to do some digging about what might be causing your AC to act up. We’re here as your internet saviors to help you avoid expenses on additional car maintenance. Here are a few steps to take and questions to ask before you look for air conditioning car repair near me.

Issues behind your car AC not working properly

Refrigerant issue

Refrigerant is a fluid that works with the AC’s compressor, keeping it lubricated enough to work accurately. When there’s an issue with the refrigerant, the compressor gets affected, and gradually transfers the issue to other areas of your car. The direct effect of your refrigerant getting affected leads to a broken AC, or warm air coming out instead of the cool AC air.

This can be caused due to leakage in the refrigerant, which is pressurized from liquid to gas. Sometimes, the gas from the refrigerant can leak, causing your AC to stop working. Usually, you cannot detect the leakage of refrigerant itself, unless you get a leakage detection kit, because it is odorless and colorless. What you can do to solve this is to find a refrigerant solution and replace it within your car to address the car air conditioning repair issue directly.

It is quite easy to find the one you require, by looking at your car’s manufacturing year. There are types of refrigerants used in cars, and older versions require special assistance from a mechanic to ensure that it is transferred properly. A refrigerant refill kit usually comes with a hose that makes it easy for you to transfer the product from the refill can to your compressor.

Compressor issue

The compressor issue in your car’s AC can be related to the leaked refrigerant, but that’s not the only issue that it faces. A way to check if your AC is being hindered by your compressor is to check the compressor directly. Checking the compressor first also helps you determine which direction you should take in solving the issue. Around the main engine of your car, you can locate the pulley that makes the AC compressor work.

The main clutch along the compressor indicates whether the AC not working is due to the faulty compressor. If the compressor pulley does not rotate around itself, your compressor might be broken. It will need to be replaced. To make sure you have identified the problem right, go to the connector between the compressor and its clutch and unplug it. Check the working of your compressor by connecting a wide to the compressor’s extended wire to the battery in your car. If it makes a loud noise, your clutch is working fine, otherwise, that needs replacing.

In either of these cases, the replacement will have to be done by a specialist, because they know the inner workings of the compressor and car in general. Identifying the issue will help you assess if it’s solvable by you or not. Make sure you don’t waste any more time before taking it to fix car air condition.

Fan issue

The fan motor within your engine can also be the cause behind the AC putting out warm air. Check your vehicle’s front motor fan, if it’s in good condition and working properly, that is not the issue. In another case, it might’ve tired out or had a problem, making the fan work less than favorable for your car’s cooling system.

A few common issues can cause your AC to not work properly, but they’re more temporary and fixable. You can also detect the problem early in case you have weak airflow from your vents instead of outright warm air.

  • The air from your compressor can have trouble reaching the vents clearly if there are particles of mold or dirt in the evaporator core.
  • There are different seals within the evaporator core, core case, and blower house that might be open or loose, causing the air to not reach your vents properly. The ventilation for your AC system needs to be airtight to be able to function at its best.
  • Another problem can be with the blower hose that supplies air to the blower unit within your car. If it has come loose, you might want to check the issue and fix it for the cool air to resume at its previous limit.

Considering these are all car air conditioning repair issues that you can diagnose on your own with a little help from us, you might still need to get your car checked. Not everything technical is easy enough to be done by any of us, which is why you have the professionals. Make sure you know how your car works and what is within your reach to fix, and what might be reasonable to get a mechanic’s help in. We hope this guide helped in identifying your issues and finding a solution.

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