Can I use Shampoo to wash my Car? Quick Tips to wash your Car with a Shampoo

Whether it’s your home or vehicle, cleaning is an integral part of maintenance. It can surely increase the life of some components of your car. But when it comes to cleaning a vehicle, many of us get confused and ask, ‘can I use shampoo to wash my car?’

Well, just like shampoo is essential for washing hair, it is equally important for cleaning your car. But, hello? that doesn’t mean to use the same shampoo for your car as the one you use for your hair. Car shampoos are slightly different and easily available in auto shops or even grocery stores.

Using shampoo helps remove stubborn stains and gunk from your car. Also, it is gentle on the car’s body as well as your hands, so you don’t have to worry about getting rash or your hands stained. Oh, you must be wondering what this guide is about, right? Well, we are here to help you with how to use shampoo for car maintenance and which is the best shampoo for vehicles.

Can you wash your Car with Shampoo?

Just as internal component maintenance is essential, outer parts cleaning is critical. It reduces maintenance expenses and keeps your car’s shining like new-like.

Some like to get their cars cleaned professionally, while others prefer to do the deed themselves at home. We definitely belong to the latter clan. However, we believe in the fact that the care you can provide to your car, nobody can provide. And for that, you need to have the right shampoo with the essential equipment required to wash a vehicle.

Numerous over-the-shelf shampoos come on the market that claims to provide a luscious shine to your vehicle. But you better not fall into that trap. Carefully read the ingredients of that shampoo to determine if it’s safe for your car.

Is Wiping with a Damp Cloth enough for a Vehicle?

Wiping is not prohibited unless it is done after proper washing. However, just wiping with a dry or damp cloth is not enough. It won’t remove tough stains and gunk from your vehicle. You may see a mild shine after it, but over time it will surface its consequences. If you want outstanding results, car shampoo must be added to your car care routine. In fact, if you follow complete car care, you may be able to remove scratches from your car paint as well.

Things you need to wash your Car with a Shampoo

Check out the list of items you will need to wash your car with shampoo:

  • Clean water
  • A car shampoo
  • Wash Bucket
  • Soft bristle brush and clean rugs
  • Microfiber towel

A Step-by-Step Guide to Cleaning your Car with a Shampoo

Follow this step-by-step guide to clean and bring a smooth finish to your car:

  • Make a Solution

The first thing you need to do is make a solution from water and shampoo into the bucket. Pour 2 cups of shampoo into the bucket full of water and create a lather. If you have a hosepipe, set it on the narrow stream and directly spray it into the shampoo to make foam instantly. Once the foam has formed, dip your rugs and brush and you are set to start cleaning.

Note: We would suggest getting Adam’s car shampoo as it is one of our trusted brands for car washing. It is safe for ceramic, rubber, metal, and vinyl surfaces.

  • Clean the Stubborn Dirt First

After preparing the foam, you can now start cleaning. Instead of washing the entire car, first, clean the stubborn dirt from the car’s surface. This hack helps clean the dirtiest parts first, which otherwise will spread to the clean areas. For example, most people start with the wheel first and then come to the other parts. For the wheel, a hosepipe would be easier to use as it will remove the mud via the pressure of the hose spray. Now pick up your brush and start cleaning the rims and tires in detail to remove the stubborn gunk from hard-to-reach areas. Once done, rinse it with water.

  • Clean the Body

This part is where your most efforts are going to be required. You can go all comprehensive and clean the interior of the car by removing the car mats and scrubbing the seats with the foamy solution. On the exteriors, start from top to bottom to make the process easier. Start pouring the water from the roof and let it flow freely towards the down covering maximum areas. While water flows from top to bottom, start using the rugs dipped in foam solution and gently scrub the car’s surface. Pay extra attention to the windows as they often remain some uncleaned dirt that appears after washing.

  • Rinse the Car

Once you have checked that all the parts are properly cleaned, you may proceed to rinse your car. While it can be done manually, using a hosepipe will do the job perfectly. Throw at the moderate jet to the foamy areas and again pay extra attention to the windows. Next, rinse the entire exterior surface leaving no area with the soap on.

  • Drying the Car

Now take a microfiber towel and start drying the car. We suggest using a microfiber towel because it is gentle on your car paint and does not leave any swirl marks on your car’s surface.

Disadvantages of Using a Car Shampoo

While car shampoo is an essential cleaning product for car maintenance, it has some cons as well. Let’s discuss a few cons that we discovered about car shampoo.

  • Can Damage Car Wax

Car wax forms a protective layer on the car paints and prevents them from damaging. Shampoos that contain harsh ingredients and chemicals can damage the car paint and completely remove it with time.

  • Strong Scent

Some car shampoos have strong scents that can be pretty nauseating for most people. If you clean your car’s interior with the same shampoo, the scent can become extremely strong and unbearable.

  • Cost

Car shampoos are typically more expensive than other cleaning products. However, the good thing is that you get value for the price.

  • Hard to wash off

Rinsing a car shampoo can be difficult when you have used too much of it. In fact, it gets tougher when you use to wash your car seats, mats, or other fabric.

Benefits of Washing your Car with a Shampoo

  • Car shampoos are designed to provide the shine to your car that is otherwise difficult to achieve. In addition, using car shampoo makes the job easier for the owner.
  • Car shampoos minimize the need for car maintenance.
  • Using shampoo to wash your car increase the life span of some car components.
  • Car shampoos are quite user-friendly. All you need to do is just mix them into the water, and the solution is ready.
  • It cleans the stubborn dirt that doesn’t go away by simply wiping.


For sure! Car shampoo is one of the most selling car cleaning products on the market. It gives your car the shine it promises at an affordable price. You can check this informative guide to learn how to wash your car using car shampoo and avoid water spot formation.

Lastly, after washing your car with shampoo, seal that shine by applying car wax. It will prevent your car from scratches and protect your car’s paint.

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