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Is it Safe to Sleep in Car with Car AC on

Is it Safe to Sleep in Car with Car AC on?

Many people sleep in their car in summer by leaving their car AC on because it is too hot outside. Some people do it because they have no other place to sleep or are in the middle of their journey. Such people should know that they should not sleep in their car like this. Now different questions will arise in your mind, like can I sleep in my car with the ac running? If not, why? What are the risks associated with this act? Is it safe or not? For how long can a person sleep in his car?

This guide provides detailed information about how safe or dangerous it is to sleep in your car when AC is running. As we know, many truck drivers sleep in their cars for about eight hours daily. No doubt, you can sleep in your car with AC running, but it is not recommended and advisable.

Can I Sleep In My Car With Car AC On?

Yes, you can sleep in your car by turning on the AC, but you need to consider some essential things for this purpose. First, you should make sure that you have enough electricity or gas to power the car for as long as you want.

You should also take care of the available oxygen. It is because R-134a refrigerant is used in the car AC. The excess of gas produced by the car AC can reduce the oxygen level in the car, which can also result in causing severe health problems or even death. So, you should make sure that it is safe to sleep inside your car when the AC is running. 

Why Is It Dangerous?

When people ask can I sleep in my car with the AC running? And receive the answer that it is unsafe, then ask why this answer. It is because everyone is curious to know the hazards behind this act. People do not act upon severe conditions without getting accurate and detailed information.

You should know that carbon monoxide is produced by your car AC which is very poisonous. It is a gas that cannot be smelled, stopped, heard, and seen; that’s why it isn’t easy to detect its presence in your car. Due to this gas, you feel like you are sleepy, but you are going towards death instead. You should know that carbon monoxide seeps into the cabin through the car’s engine cracks in the windows and vents.

This gas does not have any color; that’s why it is not visible, and no one can tell that there is CO in your car. It can only be tested with the help of a unique device specially designed for detecting CO. If the cars are closed for a very long time, and there is no ventilation system, this gas can build up in the car and kill you.

CO is very dangerous for people who are intoxicated or sleeping in the car with all the doors and windows closed. Such events can result in damaging your brain and can also cause death if it is not caught soon. Thus, it is recommended to the car users to keep a CO detector with them so that the presence of this gas could be detected and the car could be kept safe from CO.

Health Risks Associated with This Act

Your health is greatly affected by the gas released by the car AC. This gas can cause headaches, confusion, and nausea. If it is ignored, it can also result in affecting your body organs which can be more dangerous. CO extensively attacks your brain and can damage all the nerves and cells. In other words, CO can cause oxidative damage.

The risks of CO are reduced if your car has a proper ventilation system. When there is no proper ventilation in the car, it can cause suffocation as the same air is recycled within your car. Due to suffocation, people can also meet death.

You should know that exhaust fumes from your car can enter your car and can suffocate you. If there is a significant leak in the car, there is an excellent possibility that the sleeping person can die due to a low level of oxygen.

If your car AC is old, it is 100% that you will get sick and face different health problems. It is because an old AC is not able to refresh the air inside the car and can result in increasing the level of carbon monoxide. As a result, the ability of the body to carry oxygen to our cells is reduced.

Effects on Car

Not only your health but your car is also affected when you leave your car AC running. For example, when you are in a parking lot, and you have left the car AC on, it will result in causing your car’s battery to lose power slowly over time. Leaving the car AC running for a long time can also drain a fully charged car battery to its point of failure.

The engine of the car can also get damaged and overheated if the car’s AC is left on for too long. It is a request not to sleep in your car by leaving the car AC on. By this act, you put your life in danger and ruin your car at the same time.

Sleep in Car When Necessary

Usually, it is not advisable to sleep in your car when your car’s AC is running, but some researchers and doctors have advised the drivers to sleep in the car only in case of an emergency. For example, when the driver awakens from a  very long time, he needs to take some rest. For this purpose, he can sleep in the car for some time.

You can also sleep in your car when you are tired. Instead of sleeping on a bench, sleeping in your own car is safer. Sleeping in your car can keep you safe from mosquitoes. But you should make sure that your car has a proper ventilation system to sleep safely and do not let CO affect you at any cost.

Yes, you can sleep in your car with the AC running only if your car has proper ventilation systems. But it is not advisable to sleep in the car with the AC running because it can be harmful to your health.

It is dangerous because it can cause nausea, confusion, fatigue, headaches, dizziness, and many other mental diseases. It can damage your brain cells and cause death if CO is not detected at an early stage. Plus, it also damages your car’s engine and battery.

The primary reason behind this happening is carbon monoxide. When it is produced in closed spaces, it can be deadly. It gets replaced with the oxygen in your blood and leads to slow asphyxiation. When you inhale CO in large quantities, it can lead to rapid death because your red blood cells get drained of oxygen in no time.

If you are worried regarding the CO level being produced in your car, you can minimize your time on the road. You can also try to drive through heavy traffic intersections to reduce CO levels. Plus, you can travel at night when there are very few cars on the road.

The purpose of a CO detector is to detect the presence of carbon monoxide in a closed space, especially your car. It warns you about the unusual build-up of carbon monoxide. Thus, you can save yourself from this hazardous gas with the help of a CO detector.

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People concerned about knowing the answer to the question “Can I sleep in my car with the AC running?” should know that the doctors do not recommend sleeping in the car when the AC is running until there is an emergency. No doubt, you can sleep in your car for about eight hours or more, but you should make sure that you will be safe in your car.

In other words, you should make sure that there is a proper ventilation system in the car. A closed car can cause suffocation in the car that can lead to death. Plus, the release of CO in the car can also affect your health badly and can also even cause death.