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Can I buy One day car insurance- Some amazing facts

Can I buy One day car insurance?- Some amazing facts

This article will deal with this question; can you get car insurance for one day?  One-day car insurance is a myth. This article will review short term policies that offer one-day insurance coverage for your car and how you can make insurance payments at your convenience.

General discussion on short term policies

Insurance companies do not entertain one day car insurance policy. A policy is offered for at least a 6-month coverage. Just imagine a situation: if you get a one-day coverage that is for 24 hours, and after two hours, your car is damaged or you have met an accident. Who will be responsible? You. Insurance companies would only stand to lose money.

It is important to note that in general, you get a three-year policy, and after one week there is an event. The company does stand to lose, but that’s a calculated risk for them. For their coverage, they ask a non-refundable down payment, at the time of issuing a policy.

You might think that getting one day insurance policy is a good deal. No legal insurance company offers such terms. While browsing, you may come across offerings on websites of companies that are supposed to offer one-day insurance policies; usually, they just want some information on people. Or have some other illegal intentions. They might ask for a large upfront payment, and that’s all you will hear of them. They are all scams.

When would a one-day insurance policy be needed?

Let’s make it clear. You can get a one-day insurance policy, but it should be worth the cost. So let’s see when would a person need a one-day insurance policy cover? There has to be some reason you do not have a car. Perhaps you are in debt, and had to sell yours awhile back. Or you have not been driving your car for the last couple of years. It is better to avoid one-day insurance, as it will cost you a lot of money.

A need to borrow a car

You can ask your family member to get your name on their insurance policy too. This way you can save money.

If you can get a car for a day or two, and have a valid driver’s license but no insurance, then, you will need a one day insurance coverage. Maybe you want to impress someone, a family member is in the emergency ward and you have to get his or her car or have to drive to another state for a business-related matter. There could be a number of reasons.

Going for a rental car

The rental cars are all insured. But not the individual who gets to use a rental car. You can ask rental car companies for an insurance deal that they may arrange with their insurance provider.

If you are planning to commute for a day or two in a rental car, you will have to get insured for the time period, you will be using the car.

How to get that one day car insurance?

We recommend that you approach a legal insurance company that offers 6-month insurance coverage. But you must ensure that there exists no cancellation fee or any other type of extra payments involved if the policy is to be suddenly canceled.

In this case, you can get the policy; you will have to give them a down payment, and the premium for the first month. That will be the expense you will have to bear if you really need that insurance coverage for a day.

In this way, you will get insurance coverage for at least a month. Then you could cancel the policy. Use the car for one day. Then maybe later you would want to use it for 3 days. Don’t throw away your money. You might need to drive after 10 days. So keep the policy for a while, it’s not going to cost you any more, not until the month ends.

An average cost estimation

The average cost for a one-month insurance coverage amounts to $387. You will get a 6-month insurance policy. The complete deal will cost you a total of $1000.


It’s understandable that one-day car insurance coverage is not inexpensive. But you have the opportunity to use the insurance coverage for a month.

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