The Burning Smell from Car can be a ticking time bomb!

Though we are all prone to notice that the burning odor inside our automobile is probably pointing towards danger, we may be unaware of the specific area from where the burning stench comes. Most drivers detect a bad smell and instantly believe it is caused by a fault involving their oil storing parts, while in fact, this unusual stench might be caused by a variety of factors. Is the odor emanating from the car’s interior? Can you tell what kind of odor it is? Can you see any smoke? All these are crucial things to address, therefore, let’s go over what they signify for your car. But one thing is for sure; the burning smell from the car is never a good thing to have!

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The burning smell from the cars isn’t always something serious, it could be due to environmental factors too! But still, we at the car expert group always advise our readers to understand and figure out immediately whenever they experience something ‘off’ about their beloved automobiles.

If you spill something in your car, like coffee or soup, you’ll be able to figure out the foul smell, similarly, if there is a burning smell coming from under the hood of your car, you will be able to notice it immediately. Instead of ignoring that smell, you should find out what’s the real problem behind it.

So, all in all, there are a total of five common zones from where the burning smell can rise to haunt you while you are commuting via your car. We are going to tell you briefly about these zones or areas so the next time you experience the annoying burning smell, you’ll know exactly where to look!

5 Typical Areas which can cause a Burning Smell from the Car

  • An electrical short
  • Burning oil.
  • Burning smell from the brakes
  • Burning smell from the clutch
  • Burning smell from car heater

Also, before we go deep into the details, always remember that whenever you encounter a burning smell, like a burning smell coming from an engine or your car smells like burning rubber, you should always stop driving your car immediately. Just turn the engine off and wait for the towing truck to come and assist you because it’s better to be safe than to be sorry.

Burning Smell from Clutch

Your car’s clutch will frequently emit a burning stench. When shifting gears, this might happen a lot. This is a unique form of burning, similar to that of a smoldering newspaper. When the clutch slides, the surface of the clutch burns away. It has a papery scent since the clutch’s exterior is made of a paper-like material. To avoid doing this, people must first master how to operate the clutch correctly. It’s not a good idea to abuse your clutch. When you repeat this too frequently, the clutch and gearbox might have to be replaced.

Burning Smell from Brakes

Your car brakes might also give off a burning stench. When you are abusing the brakes and braking extremely hard, this will happen. When you’re breaking down a particularly steep incline, the friction might build-up to the point where your brakes will produce smoke. This isn’t a big deal if it happens now and again. But, if you detect a burned-up smell coming from your brakes while driving normally, there is indeed an issue. A caliper piston inside the brakes may have frozen, causing the car brakes to slide. You have to get this repaired if that’s the case. People who drive with the hand brake and parking brake engaged are yet another typical source of burned brakes.

Electrical Short

Whenever there’s an electrical short circuit, this can cause a burning smell too. This odor is caused by the plastics wrapped over the wires, connections, or fuses melting or burning. If you don’t get your vehicle’s electrical gear repaired, you might have significant issues while driving it. It’s preferable to get it fixed by a technician because they can connect your automobile to a system that can immediately inform the technician wherever the electrical fault is.

Burning Smell from Car Heater

If you detect a burning smell, you should try inspecting the car’s heater outlet. If you haven’t utilized the heater for some time, there might be some dust and debris in the unit. If you’re using it frequently and the odor continues to haunt your car, pine particles and perhaps other material may have been clogged in the vents. Many individuals report that a plastic sack caught in the car’s engine emits a foul odor. The car’s heater may be damaged, resulting in a smoldering odor from antifreeze flowing through into heating ducts. It also is possible for sections of the radiator core to melt, resulting in a burning stench. This is most commonly found inside the heating motor. When you notice a bad odor coming from your heater and there is no dirt in the motor, you should have a professional inspect the heater.

Burning Oil

You may smell smoke once you’re out of your vehicle when you possess an oil spill and it drips into the heated exhaust while traveling. While going up against huge ridges, you’ll detect this happening since your tailpipe will get quite hot. While you’re in the vehicle, you might not detect this burning smell, however, it is quite obvious once you’re out of your car. There might still be occasional fumes because of the burning oil. So, the best thing one could do is get it fixed immediately!

Last Thoughts

Some smells are just unpleasant to a human’s nose and they might be a clear signal that something is wrong in your vehicle. Instead of ignoring that smell, always do an in-depth analysis to solve the problem. We hope that the next time you experience any kind of burning smell from the car, you won’t get all panicky because now you know where to look for it!

Drive Safe!

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