Build a car and race it: 101 tips by the experts

O.K. Now you want to build a car and race it. Well, building your own car is absolutely legal. But you will need a foundry for this purpose. You can assemble your car, but it’s a tiresome and lengthy process.

How do kits work

Building a kit car is the real deal. The kits come with all the parts of a car of your choice (if the model is available). The automobile manufacturers sell these sets to car enthusiasts who love to build them up themselves and to drive and race them. To drive these kit cars, you will need a license and all the legalities that go with having a car.

As mentioned above, if you want to build a car and race it yourself, you must assemble the parts. You can even make some modifications, depending on your knowledge about the mechanics of a car.

The details

A kit car comes with all the parts of a car. But there are exceptions. It does not come with an engine. You will have to get the right transmission system that matches the engine’s power output. You must also get the fuel pump, battery, rear end, wheels and tires that are suitable for the car you want to build.

Building a car and racing it requires you to put in time and effort. If you have got the right parts, it will be easy to fit them.


Depending on the model and the engine you have got, you can expect it to attain the speed it is supposed to go. If it does not, that is because you have not built it properly. This is a real vehicle.

Instructions with the kit

All kit cars come with instructions. All the instructions are included in the manual. All the famous automobile manufacturers provide a manual that contains all the information on how to assemble the kit, and other parts of your car. For instance, the manual will tell you which type of engine is required for the kit car. Even the information about how to get the paint job done, is also included in the manual.

More than this all kits come with nuts, bolts, and washers, and more. Almost everything is already there in the kit. If there is something in manual mentioned but not in the kit, just get in touch with the manufacturer. If there is any confusion with the instruction again get in touch with the manufacturer.

The level of difficult in building the kit

Properly building up the car sometimes takes months. Sometimes, fitting in the engine is a challenge. Getting rubber trims to fit in and setting up the weather gear can be tough.

Once you have built up the car, getting it to work is another challenge. If you find any fault while driving your car, you must fix it yourself. Otherwise, you must consult a qualified and experienced mechanic.

If the manufacturer has not explicitly stated his/her assistance to test drive the kit car, just get in touch with the manufacturer.

Consider these factors before going for a kit

  • If you have a kit car, you need to assemble it yourself. If there occurs any problem, don’t hesitate to seek help from the manufacturer or mechanic
  • Getting the right kit from the manufacturer is very important. Make sure you opt for the kit that is the most suitable for your car. Check if the kit contains all the parts or not.
  • You must decide what car model you want to build. You must have thorough knowledge about the minute details of the parts that you want to use to build your car. You must also test-drive your car to know if it’s fit enough to run on the road

Are kit cars legal

They are 100% legal according to the law. You have the right to build a kit car or build your own car to your liking. It is acceptable, but there are certain legal requirements that you must abide by, that include, but are not limited to, usage of front and back lights, greenhouse gas emission regulations, and more.

Other legalities

Getting your assembled car registered is all the more important. You must also get a license, liability insurance policy for your car, just like you would do for any other car.

According to the law, you can transform or modify your kit car, as or when the need arises.

How durable are these kit cars

Well, the durability of an assembled car depends on how you maintain it. If you maintain it well, it will last about seven to eight years, or for 150,000 miles.


For many people the chance to build a car and race is a dream. If you want to build and drive your car, it’s absolutely possible and legal.

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