Facts about BMW maintenance cost: What you expect to pay in 2021

The sleek and elegant BMW has been one of the most popular luxury vehicles for decades, but enthusiasts need to know how much maintenance will cost. If you’re considering buying a new or used car from this brand in particular – which can get expensive with repairs over time- be aware that your outgoings might not align exactly as expected!

BMW is one of the top ten most expensive brands to own, maintain and repair.

A 2015 survey revealed that the average annual maintenance cost for a BMW was much higher than other automobiles in its class. According to Edmunds, BMW’s are among the “most expensive luxury models to maintain over five years.”

We have come up with this post to present a profound information on average annual costs for BMW maintenance. Moreover, what measures can be performed in order to lower the overall costs including extended warranty, etc.

Key points about BMW maintenance cost

Remember these major points with respect to the maintenance cost of a BMW:

  • BMW maintenance cost is high per year due to its engines and transmissions being hand-built. 
  • The maintenance costs average $1,831 according to the 2015 survey.
  • The annual cost for BMWs varies from as low as $2,019 up to as much as $3,213.

The annual average cost to maintain a BMW is $1,831. Another survey revealed that this number may be as high as $2,287 if the vehicle is three years old or newer.

The most expensive BMW is the 7 Series, which costs an average of $3,213 a year. The least expensive model is the X5 at $2,019 a year.

What is the average maintenance cost for a BMW?

RepairPal says that on average, BMW owners pay $968 per year for maintenance and repairs. This is higher than the industry average of $652 but still not as expensive when compared to other luxury brands such as Audi which costs around 1897 annually or Mercedes with an expense price tag reaching up past 10 grand each 12 months (depending what model car you own).

Maintaining your vehicle can be costly; however this varies depending on the make/model of your ride! If it’s a high-performance sports coupe-like Maserati or Porsche 911 then expect these things cost more attention from technicians due to their increased power requirements.

There are many services included in the maintenance and repair package. Some of which are engine filter, spark plugs, oil change, turbocharger assembly replacement, wheel hub and windshield wiper motor replacements, etc.

Regular oil changes are a great way to keep your car running smoothly. When you go in for service, they will probably perform an inspection, and adding on top of that can really add up so why not do it yourself? That being said if at any point during maintenance work I am unsure about doing something myself under warranty then consult with someone who knows what their doing or just don’t risk breaking anything.

The perfect plan for you will depend on your needs. If free maintenance periods are important, make sure to look at the models available in BMWs with this option before buying one – model year 2015 or later cars come equipped with three years of care under “Ultimate Care” while older vehicles have only two years covered by their basic package (BMW Ultimate Service).

Maintaining an automobile can be costly without coverage from afar; but if there’s no annual fee attached then these plans may just help keep cost down when it comes time to purchase a new vehicle again after owning several over some period.

What factors determine BMW maintenance cost?

There are many factors that play their parts in the BMW annual maintenance cost. BMW maintenance can be expensive, depending on the needed routine services and unexpected repairs. Oil changes every 10k miles cost around $80-$100; fuel filter replacement at 60k costs about $200 with other less- pricey alternatives available as well (e.g., sensor replacements). Spark plug service intervals will also vary: 90K is typically affordable but 120+ may become excessive because these cars require frequent adjustments to keep them running smoothly which would add to your car payment each month.

Maintenance schedules for a car can be tricky to keep up with, but it’s easy if you have your owner’s manual or BMW website handy. In addition to regular service intervals that vary depending on the type of vehicle (e.g., M4, M5), drivers should also pay attention when their spark plugs need replacing at 30k miles since these are typically replaced every other changeover point instead!

To help ensure all necessary work gets done without fail – even during unexpected emergencies like engine troubleshooting outside an auto shop- most new models include monitoring systems that alert owners via text message whenever maintenance services become due; think about how valuable this feature will be after dealing with any setbacks yourself while trying fix what seems like insurmountable damage.

Is there any effect on BMW maintenance cost with a warranty?

An extended warranty is a great way to lower your BMW ownership costs over time. It pays for mechanical breakdowns after the factory’s limited coverage expires, meaning only an additional deductible and monthly payment may be required in order for you to have access to repairs or replacements on these items from our company that offer maintenance plans too!

A car’s extended protection plan will help keep those pesky mechanics away with all-around comprehensive service which can include minor tune-ups as well major engine work such as rebuild kits if anything goes wrong during any stage of the life cycle.

With luxury vehicles’ expensive specialty components, a single BMW repair can cost thousands of dollars. An extended warranty may cover your repairs and reduce the likelihood you pay for any out-of-pocket expenses altogether.

What is an extended warranty?

Many people don’t know that an extended vehicle service contract is a type of warranty plan you can purchase to cover repair costs. It usually starts once your manufacturer’s warranty expires, but in some cases, they overlap each other and help protect against potential issues with repairs down the line or expensive damages caused by neglect at home on our own cars too.

An extended car warranty works as follows:

Select a repair facility – The durability and longevity of your car may depend on how well you take care of it. Automakers prefer that their customers keep only to a network of dealers, but if there’s anything wrong with the engine or transmission then going anywhere else is better than not being able to drive at all. With a third-party provider like Endurance though – just show up any certified mechanic or repair shop they trust will do fine as long as it’s close by since this company works nationwide offering free service for life after purchase.

Get car inspection – Your mechanics will run a series of diagnostics on your vehicle to pinpoint the issue and help you with coverage.

Show your coverage membership card – All Endurance members are issued a membership card. They can use this to show the mechanic that their car needs repairs and it will help them get back on track with submitting claims for reimbursement, all through contacting our office.

Pay Deductible – The contract may or may not have a deductible, which is paid at the end of the repair after your car is back in possession. So, if applicable then you have to pay deductible after the repair.

What is BMW extended warranty?

BMW’s factory warranty lasts four years or 50,000 miles and it’s transferable. If you buy another car after your original purchase has expired with BMW Extended Warranty coverage plan options available from the manufacturer but only at dealerships as well because this is what they require for acceptance into their extended services program- not sure why though? You’ll need to contact them directly about that before anything else.

If your car is more than a few years old and you want to be sure it stays in good shape, consider purchasing an extended maintenance plan from BMW. These can cover things like oil changes or another routine service up until seven years after purchase with no mileage limit! They’re only valid at dealerships though so make sure if this option works for what you need before going through their policy instead of independent mechanics who might charge less but may not offer these benefits.

what will be the BMW maintenance cost after the warranty?

What will be the BMW Maintenance Cost after Warranty

Always remember that BMW maintenance cost after the warranty period varies with respect to models. In general, you can expect to pay more for a 5 or 7 series out of warranty as compared to the payment you would be giving to series 3 outside the warranty. There is an exception though: V8 engines in the later models such as that found on many luxury sedans and SUVs require far less maintenance than their turbocharged counterparts since they offer so much power.

If you’re looking to buy a new BMW, Edmunds is the place for information. The website offers detailed surveys about all makes and models of cars with pricing data compiled from their survey database as well.

Their “cost to own index” puts higher prices on maintenance costs than consumer reports does so be aware that it will cost more if your car has an extended warranty or other service plans like roadside assistance coverage which might reduce overall ownership expenses over time because these services often have distinct premiums attached.


  • Which BMW is the cheapest to maintain?

The 3 Series is one of the cheapest BMWs to maintain, and drivers pay about $748 per year. Vintage models can also be cheap to service like in this case with an E28 from 1990 that only costs around 100 bucks.

  • What will be my BMW’s maintenance schedule?

To know when your next scheduled service is, just check under “vehicle status” and then choose “service required.” The information you’ll find there will help keep track of what needs repair or replacement in order to ensure that everything stays running smoothly.

The BMW Service Plan includes a number of services for both preventive maintenance as well as addressing issues before they arise so nothing can bring down this great car’s performance!  Whether it be oil changes every 5k miles (5K), replacing filters at 10K intervals; brake pad wear indicators which tell us if we need new pads after approximately 100-150 miles – all these vital checks happen automatically without informing our mechanic ever again.

  • How can I reduce the maintenance cost of BMW after the warranty expires?

It is evident that it’s quite expensive to maintain a BMW which is out of the warranty period. So, there may be different options to reduce the BMW maintenance cost after the warranty expires.

One way is to get an extended warranty plan for your BMW model. There are three different plans of extended warranties that BMW offers: Powertrain Plus, Gold, and Platinum.

Third-party extended warranties are an excellent alternative to the BMW warranty. They often offer more protection for less money, which saves you in this day and age where it feels like everything costs extra.

  • How much oil change for a BMW costs in average?

The average oil change on a BMW 328i can cost between $183 and $205. This range provides you with your base service costs, so it’s important not only for repairs but also other services like tire rotation or an alignment checkup in order to avoid any unnecessary expenses at the mechanic shop.

  • Why are BMWs quite expensive to maintain?

Maintaining a BMW is expensive because the car’s parts are made of high-quality materials and have specially designed features to keep them running smoothly. This means that if anything goes wrong with your engine, you’ll need an expert for repairs – not just any mechanic will do!

Maintenance on cars from brands like Mercedes can be cheaper due in part by using less specialty supplies which makes it easier for other mechanics who may not have as much experience working on these types vehicles but they still should know enough about basic preventative maintenance so there isn’t downtime while waiting around.

  • What is included in a full BMW service?

The full-service plan of BMW exceeds most of the manufacturers’ service plans. A full-service plan of BMW includes 77 checks and adjustments that incorporate oil filter change, engine oil change as well as brake fluid, coolant, and power fluid are topped up.


BMW maintenance is expensive though, but maintaining it within a warranty coverage will help you a lot. Keeping the above information in mind as well as following the mentioned strategies will help you reduce the BMW maintenance cost. What are your thoughts on this information? Leave your comments below and share your feedback with us.

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