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What are the best used car for college student and how to find them

What are the best used car for college student and how to find them?

Finding the best-used cars for a college student is no less than a daunting task – one that would require careful analysis of various factors. Students normally don’t have very high budgets, thus they need to find something that checks all the right boxes. Students often look for used cars for a variety of reasons. Some students are just car enthusiasts while others only need a vehicle to commute from point A to point B. Moreover, if you wish to save your time and not wait for long hours for other means of commute, you need to have wheels of your own.

Not every student requires a vehicle, but if you wish to have one, make sure it is worth it. Say goodbye to no-vehicle-to-call-your-own days and have a vehicle of your own. It is highly likely that your pocket money might not be enough to afford a brand-new car. However, you can surely search for the best used car for college students and get yourself a valuable vehicle.

What features make for a good car for a student?

Let’s understand what things can a student consider while he/she is all set to purchase a car of their own:


It is really difficult for students to get high paying jobs. Due to this, many students want to cater to their college expenses by working part-time jobs. As mentioned above, your pocket money wouldn’t be enough to get you a car, but the additional income you’ll generate through part-time jobs can help you buy one.

An affordable car doesn’t mean the car is bad or not up to the mark. Whenever a student would consider buying any vehicle, he/she would surely research the maintenance cost, fuel economy, insurance costs, and many other factors.


When you move to a college, it is considered the life-changing point for many students. So, instead of using your vehicle just to reach college and part-time jobs on time, use it for your freedom and enjoyment as well.

You can leave for a road trip with your friends on the weekends or go meet your parents back home. This way the car wouldn’t just be restricted to college and job.

Top 3 best used car for college student?

Let’s find out which car will be best for you.

Mazda 3

This vehicle is considered versatile when compared to other cars, due to its hatchback model. Recently, Toyota and Honda launched hatchback variants as well, however, they are expensive in comparison to Mazda 3.

You might have never desired to own a Mazda 3 but surely it is a great choice for a college student. The Japanese manufacturer has made sure to install top-notch components in the car for its reliability.

The sporty look attached to it gives a student a youthful feel. Mazda makes sure to not charge the same premium like other major car manufacturers are doing. This makes their vehicle an affordable option.

BMW Mini Cooper

If you wish to get away from the mainstream cars and want a joyful ride, you should get yourself a Mini Cooper.

This car carries a good reputation in the market due to its reliability and features. The average price for a used Mini Cooper is quite low in the market, which again makes this car an affordable option. Moreover, the hatchback look makes more room for cargo to fit in.

If you’re attending a busy or crowded college, you might have to face parking issues. However, that is not the case with the Mini Cooper. This car can easily make its room in the parking lot due to its compact size.

Although, Mini Cooper is a small car, it still fits four passengers comfortably.

Ford Mustang

Everyone wants all the attention in college that they can get and a cool car is surely going to make it happen. Well, a Ford Mustang might not be approved by your parents due to its high speed but has an immense reputation in the market.

Your parents might see this vehicle as an extravagant sports car, but this is not the case. However, you should look for a V6 Mustang instead of burdening yourself with a GT Mustang. As the maintenance and fuel cost will be unbearable for you as a student.

Furthermore, the trunk space available in the car makes enough room for your items to fit in whenever you wish to go for a holiday.


Although there are a lot of best-used cars for students, we have only listed three options that as a student would give you the feel as well as fuel economy. If you don’t have any budgetary constraints, then you can also opt for other high-end vehicles. Certainly, you do have to consider the overall cost that you have to bear in terms of insurance, maintenance and fuel.

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