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Best tow strap- The top 10 towing straps for 2021

Best tow strap- The top 10 towing straps for 2021

In this article, we will provide a brief account of the top 10 towing straps for the year 2021. Finding the best tow strap is quite a tedious task. Why? Because there are many specifications that you need to consider before you select the best towing straps.

To select the best tow strap, you must consider multiple factors. For instance, the weight of the towing vehicle. You will have to decide which tow strap is right for your car. This article will cover 10 of the best towing straps that are available in the market.

The top 10 towing straps

Rhino car towing strap

Rhino USA is famous for manufacturing one of the best towing straps. This company offers a 3’’x8’ strap for towing. This towing strap has 31,518-pound pulling strength.

The strap has three reinforce-loops at the ends to make any fastening 100% guaranteed. This polyester-silk webbed belt is exclusively made to ensure the strength of the strap. Rhino USA tow straps are available in a black drawstring bag that can hold up to 9 pounds of accessories. Buyers will receive a lifetime warranty with a Rhino USA tow scrap.

Smittybilt recovery strap

Smittybilt recovery straps come in different sizes, including 2”x 20’ straps, 2”x 30’ straps, and 4”x 8’ straps.

The two-inch straps can pull 20,000 pounds of weight. The three-inch straps can tow 30,000 pounds of weight. The four-inch can tow 40,000 pounds of weight.

All the recovery tow straps by Smittybilt are double stitched and webbed. They are double looped to ensure strength and durability. The straps are even waterproof. With these straps, you can tow, pull vehicles, equipment, or debris.

Neiko tow straps

Neiko tow straps are made up of exceptionally strong polyester webbed straps. These heavy towing straps measure 2” by 20’. These towing straps have the capacity to pull 10,000 pounds of weight. These straps come in bright colors for high visibility, making them the go-to choice for drivers in stormy weather conditions.

These towing straps are fungus resistant, water-resistant, ultraviolet ray resistant and snow/cold water-resistant. They do not break under pressure.

These straps are classically woven in a specific pattern that ensures durability. All the hooks are hammer forged and ultra-high temperature treated to ensure the metal is exceptionally strong. These straps come with safety buckles for extra security and easy hooking up.

Heavy-duty towing strap by grip

The heavy-duty towing straps by Grip can tow up to 6,666-pound weight. it has a breaking point of 20,000 pounds.  These straps have 4”x30’ dimensions. These towing straps are ideal for towing or recovering ATVs or SUVs.

The straps can be used to pull/towboats or small trucks that are close to 6,600 pounds. These straps are weather and abrasion-resistant and come with polyester web-constructed belts. Each end of the strap has a reinforced loop to handle heavy-duty vehicles.

HFS towing straps

HFS towing straps are the most affordable straps for drivers. These straps come in 2”x 30’ dimensions. They are made up of very strong polyester. These straps can handle 3,300 pounds, with a 5,000-pound vehicle weight rating. The strap has a breaking point of 10,000 pounds.

HFS towing straps have snap-on closing hooks on both ends. One of the major drawbacks with HFS towing straps is that they can only handle 3,300 pounds of weight.

USWAY GEAR towing straps

USWAY GEAR towing straps are available in three-inch-wide straps of 20 and 30 feet lengths. It can tow a 10,000-pound vehicle and has a 30,000-pound rate capacity. The straps are made up of polyester, woven with loops for maximum strength. It is moisture-resistant and waterproof. These straps can be washed to prolong their life spans.

These heavy-duty straps come with a two-year warranty. You can use these straps in emergency situations as well. USWAY GEAR claims to be the best off-road tow strap too because of its elasticity and durability.

Sunferno tow recovery straps

Sunferno tow/recovery straps are available in 3”x20’length. These straps have a maximum 10% stretching margin, with a 35,000-pound breaking point. These tow straps are manufactured with a single ply web, boosting strengthened loops, sleeves for protection.

The straps can also be used to lift tree logs, small boulders, stumps, and other heavy objects. The straps are water-resistant. The tow straps came with sleeves, a wrapping tie, and a bag.

Presa Heavy Duty Polyester-woven tow strap

It is a very affordable tow strap. It comes in 2”x20’ in length. The strap can pull up to 10,000 pounds of weight.

GearAmerica’s recovery tow strap

These particular straps are available in different sizes, measuring from 3”x8’, 3”x20’ and 4”x30’ in length. These straps can handle weight ranging from 35,000 to 41,000 pounds. The company also offers customized strap bundles to meet customers’ needs. These straps also have a lifetime guarantee

These straps are weather resistant. They can handle extreme temperatures with military-grade webbing, and strengthened loops to bear abrasions.

Rocket straps

The towing straps offered by Rocket Straps are made up of 100% polyester. These straps are weather-resistant but surprisingly flexible. The 3”x30’ strap has a breaking point of 30,000 pounds and can pull 10,000 pounds of weight. The ends have strong loops that withstand extreme pressures.

An important consideration

Generally, a car used in America weighs about 4,000 pounds. Therefore, opting for the best tow strap depends on whether you are buying the strap for your own car, or you will be using the strap to tow different vehicles.

Tow or recovery straps

Tow straps have hooks. Recovery straps do not have hooks. Tow straps are usually not flexible, while recovery straps are flexible or have the elasticity to a certain extent.

To tow, another vehicle is supposed to be easy. The straps are hooked to hooking points and the car is simply pulled.

Recovery straps have loops at the ends. These straps are used for off-road work, where the vehicle needs to be lifted.


This article provides you with detailed information about some of the best tow straps available in the market. You now know that tow straps and recovery straps are quite different. You can now use any of the best tow straps for your car, if you know the weight of your car.

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