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Best touch up paint for car scratches Which one should you use

Best touch up paint for car scratches: Which one should you use?

Imagine a scenario. You’re heading towards your garage to take out your commute partner. As you put the key in the keyhole, you see a prominent scratch just under the door handle. You would think, how did that happen?

Well, whatever be the reason, a dent has blurred the appearance of an immaculate vehicle. Now, you must take your car to the mechanic to get rid of the scratch.

You might look for the best touch up paint for car scratches and everything that is possible to bring back the original state of your vehicle. To find out about the touch-up paints to fix car scratches and how to use them, sit back and read on.

How to fix scratches on your car?

Chips and scratches on your vehicle are sometimes unavoidable. You must know that the color of your car isn’t something that just gives your car a new look, but plays a major role in protecting your car’s body from rust and other environmental ramifications.

The car paint repairs begin with knowing how deep the damage has been done. It may seem that your car’s paint is a single homogenous mask on the body, but it’s not. It begins with the base and rust-preventing electro coat along with the mid coats and the color. The clear coat, providing reflective shine, is covered with UV protection.

Oftentimes when there is a scratch, it damages the clear coat. It is easy to repair the coat by following the basic steps to smooth out the imperfection and fill out the surface. You should carry out such repairs in a ventilated area or open air.

To start with your repair task, first, wash your car to eliminate any other impurity or dirt from the surface. You can use 800-grit sandpaper to scrub the scratched area.

Now, you have to wipe it out with a microfiber towel and isopropyl alcohol. Now, spray a clear coat that comes in aerosol spray paint cans.

Once the coat dries out completely, use car polish to make the repair lasting.

There are many car paints available in the marketplace. You can use any of them to repair light and deep scratches and swirl marks. For this, The Drive suggests using polish kits that often come with compounds and buffing pads. Some of the known brands that provide these polishing kits include: Chemical Guys, Automotive Touchup, 3M, and Meguiars.

Deep scratches may need additional repairs which cannot be done without visiting a professional vehicle scratch fixer. On the other hand, if scratches are smaller in size, then you can get touch-up paint brush kits or pens to repair them.

How to use touch up paint to remove a fairly small scratch

To get started with your touch-up paint pen, you have to make sure that you have the same touch up paint pen as mentioned on the car door jamb. Once you get your brush kit or pen, before applying it to the damaged area, degrease and pat dry the area to remove impurities or scum from the damaged area. After degreasing, apply the touch-up paint carefully to conceal the scratch marks completely from your car.

After the touch-up process is complete, you can apply car polish to give it a new shiny look.

Are touch up paints safe to use?

Like everything, touch up paints have some downsides too. If you have purchased a touch up pen you might not get a sprayable clear coat with it. To ensure that your car paint repair is done, you should spray a clear coat as well.

Furthermore, if you want to get your scratch concealed temporarily, then a touch-up pen can be a good option without clear coating it. Not all touch-up pens come without clear coat sprays.

Some of the best touch up paints for car scratches are mentioned below:

Best touch up paint for car scratches

Summary of touch up paint application

To get hold of the process, here is the seven-step summary for your convenience.

  • Wash the scratched surface
  • Identify the depth of the scratch
  • Sand down the damaged area
  • Clean the surface with isopropyl alcohol
  • Apply touch up paint
  • Make sure the surface is smooth
  • Spray the clear coat
  • Let the touch up paint dry
  • Polish the car

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