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5 best Radar Detector that actually works

5 best Radar Detector that actually works

What is a radar detector?

A radar detector is a vital component to own if you have a history of speeding and getting multiple speeding tickets. This tech-savvy machine detects the police radar guns waves and warns you before it’s too late. Its main purpose is to save you from getting a speeding ticket. Moreover, if you were wondering, what would be the cost of the best radar detector? Worry not, because it is not that expensive.

In this comprehensive guide of what is the best radar detector to buy, we will give you all the essential information that you would want to know before you purchase one for your car. Before we give you the list of five best radar detectors, let us tell you how it works, its types and whether is it legal to own it in the United States or not.

How does a radar detector work?

You can install a radar detector in both commercial and personal cars. When the cops are on round, they use a radar gun to catch the speeding vehicle on the road. This radar gun emits three bands of radar signals as following: X band, K band, and Ka-band. With the help of these waves, the gun will detect a speeding vehicle and notify the police.

However, if there is a radar detector in your car, it will catch these waves and warn you of potential trouble beforehand, so that you can slow down in time.

Types of radar detectors

There are two major categories of a radar detector. One is dash/window-mounted radar detectors, and the other one is custom-installed or remote radar detectors.

Dash or window radar detectors are the most common and widely used detector. It is directly attached to the dashboard of the car or on a windshield via a suction cup. It is very easy to install and remove. Moreover, these are compatible with almost every car, and every model that has a windshield.

On the contrary, there are custom-installed radar detectors. These are not as common as its counter type. The major difference between the two detectors is that the dash radar detector has all the components, for example, antenna, control circuitry, etc. in one box. Whereas, these traditional detectors are installed and integrated with the vehicle.

Is the use of radar detectors legal in the United States?

There are around 50 states in the US, and each state has its laws. As far as the federal law is concerned, there are no prohibiting rules passed as of yet. However, as much a state law is concerned, there are different rules for each state.

For example, it is illegal to own or have a radar detector in Washington DC. On the contrary, you can own a radar detector in Virginia, but its installation is illegal. Apart from that, you can use a radar detector without any worry if you reside in states like California, Utah, New York, New Jersey, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Colorado, Tennessee, South Carolina, etc.

Which radar detector is the best?

Cobra RAD 250

Cobra RAD 250 is one of the phenomenal radar detectors that let you drive with ease. It not only detects radar signals, but it also detects laser signals as well. It is surely a quick and reliable machine that detects the X band, K band, and Ka-band signals from long distances.

Escort Max 360

Even though there is a newer version of Escort Max 360 in the market with the name Escort Max 360c, the reason we chose the older version is because of its accuracy and amazing features at very affordable rates. The package is complete with dual antennas, threat warning directional arrows, smartphone compatibility, and more.

Valentine V1 Gen2

Valentine V1 Gen 2 has become a dream radar detector from the day of its launch. Its best features include military chirp radar technology, which not only picks weak signals, but also makes the radar nearly undetectable. Moreover, if you have Venerable V1 already installed in your car, you can get an upgrade with Valentine V1 Gen2.

Beltronics Pro RX65 Red

If you want extra security, you need Beltronics Pro RX65 Red. One of the main reasons for this recommendation is that it has pop detection. Pop signals are customized for law enforcement agencies to detect a speeding vehicle. Pop signals are out for a fraction of seconds making it nearly impossible for traditional detectors to pick the signals. However, this beast has changed the game.

Uniden R7

Uniden R7 is another amazing radar detector that provides 360 degrees of safety. Its dual-antenna function can easily detect the signals from all the sides while showing the strength of the signals on the screen. Moreover, it also has false alarm cancelation features, which makes it much more reliable and trustworthy.


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