What are the best passenger van for large family?

There are only a handful of manufacturers who produce the best passenger van for large families. Many people find the seven or eight-seater SUVs as a perfect vehicle in terms of space and traveling to other places with ease. However, some of the road trips or adventures might be incomplete in a three-row SUV or minivan.

In such scenarios, only full-size vans can cater to the needs of the consumer. According to experts, a full-size van can fit approximately 12 people at a time. Isn’t that commendable? Well, it is, but people are willing to adjust even more passengers in their vans. How do you do that?

There are manufacturers in the market who design customizable and luxurious full-size vans, accompanying them with many configurations. Do you know the interesting part of the customizable full-size van? It has a great aftermarket.

People act smartly and turn those huge caravans and vans into something even more luxurious. Whoever wants to go camping or travel through highways can surely opt for such vehicles.

This article will highlight various options for your use. Moreover, while mentioning every model, we will try to place the number of passengers that a specific van can adjust with ease. Let’s discuss the various packages and versatility each vehicle has to offer.

5 best passenger vans for large family

After doing thorough research, we have listed down the top 5 passenger vans for a large family. See the complete specification each model has to offer while keeping the budget in mind, make your choice.

RAM ProMaster Passenger

Whenever you own such a vehicle for traveling, one of the essential elements of it is safety precautions. Various safety measures have been included in RAM ProMaster Passenger. From side-to-side curtain airbags, hill start assists, antilock disc brakes, traction control, and stability control.

ProMaster Cargo was the one that was famous for carrying heavy loads. However, the manufacturing company saw a loophole and wanted to counter it with its 2018 RAM ProMaster Passenger. This vehicle or van is available in two different variants of CC. One comes in 2500 CC and another is in 3500 CC.

Do you know what’s the good part about this van? An individual or multiple can easily stand inside the vehicle due to a high roof. Isn’t it cool? Moreover, the 3500 CC variant comes with an extended body length.

RAM ProMaster Passenger is designed with only front seats. The entire back section is empty as the company believes that the owner would design the vehicle according to his/her needs.

This vehicle comes with a strong V6 engine, generating 280 horsepower. This van is a front-wheel drive with 6-speed automatic transmission. Moreover, there are other multiple features in the van that make it a complete package.

For example, alloy wheels are installed in the van from the factory only, day-running lights, fog lights to increase the night vision, sliding doors, cruise control, cargo partition, and whatnot.

GMC Savana Passenger

When we discuss a great reputation and reliable vehicle, GMC is one of the names which will always click our heads. In the race of producing vans, GMC is not left behind. Chevrolet Passenger Express was produced in two variants of 2500CC and 3500CC.

GMC has been smart enough to manufacture two different kinds of trims in their van – LT and LS.

LS – This variant has a V6 engine, accompanied by vinyl seats. Moreover, an option for diesel is also available, it entirely depends on you whether you want to run a car on gas or diesel. There are additional features such as Cloth seats, auxiliary rear heat AC, and carpeted floor but all of them are optional.

LT – If you want to go more extravagant and willing to spend more, you can surely fall for the LT trim. This variant is keyless, possessing cloth seats with full carpeting at your feet. The additional features of the rear AC are also available.

In comparison to other vans, Savana Passenger is considered more spacious. According to experts, around 12 passengers can easily be accommodated in the van while being comfortable. Moreover, the manufacturing company has made sure to follow all the safety guidelines.

The 3500CC variant comes with StabiliTrak, 4-wheel disc brakes, curtain side-to-side airbags, and whatnot. This front-wheel drive is accompanied by an 8-speed automatic transmission.

However, if you are not satisfied with this model, you can opt for the bigger engine. GMC Savana Passenger is also available in the V8 engine and specialists recommend that variant more.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Passenger Van

When you talk about luxury, there is no way that you wouldn’t include Mercedes in the list. This Mercedes Sprinter is designed to carry people and cargo both.

Mercedes has been creative with the wide variety of its models. No matter whatever consumer or commercial demand stands, Mercedes variants are surely satisfying. In this van, two engines are being offered officially by the company. One is a 2.1L turbo-diesel 4-cylinder and the other one is a 3.0L turbodiesel V6 engine. According to experts, a 4-cylinder is the favorite one to enjoy a family trip while you cover long distances.

However, drivers who believe in speeding and acceleration will surely opt for the second option.

Again, just like the GMC Savana Passenger, this model can also accommodate 12 passengers with good legroom quite easily. Additional features such as a 5.8inch touch screen, USB inputs, and much more are installed in the car to make the journey more exciting.

The manufacturers act quite responsibly while designing this 2018 Sprinter. They made sure to design a car that can have long-term benefits. Moreover, it is safe for both driver and passenger.

Nissan NV 3500 Passenger

There are very few models which Nissan produces every year. Models are less in number but high in quality. While seeing the competitors shine back in 2018, Nissan also introduced their model of 12-passenger van.

This van is considered ideal for both purposes: fleet and personal use. Just like Mercedes-Benz, Nissan is also offering two separate engines in this model. Firstly, a 5.6L Endurance V8 gasoline engine is accompanied by a seven-speed automatic transmission.

Moreover, the second engine is a V8 engine with a power pack of 4-cylinders. According to experts, the V8 engine is considered better.

Additional features such as airbags, adjustable seating arrangements, and rollover head aid make it an exclusive van for use. The technology is quite exquisite in the car which includes a Bluetooth connection, rear-view display, and much more.

Ford Transit

How can Ford be at the back, when we talk about creativity and new development? While seeing the competition increase, Ford took the initiative to launch its model of a full-size van. According to specialists, this vehicle can comfortably accommodate around 15 passengers. Isn’t it great?

The additional features offered by Ford are on another level. Ford has been sensible enough to include features that distinguish them from its competitors. For example, Ford included leather upholstery seats, an 8.0inch touch screen, an emergency braking system, high-beam headlights, and whatnot.

The power of Ford Transit is also impeccable. This van is powered by a 3.5L V6 engine with 275 horsepower. Most importantly, this van is available in rear and all-wheel drive options.


Nothing is better than traveling with your loved ones. However, to be safe, it is important to be accompanied by the best passenger van for large family. Let’s hope this article helps you to make the right choice for yourself and your big happy family.

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