Guide About Pass Through Socket Set

You can see there are different types of sockets available in the market among which pass through the socket is the one. You can perform different types of tasks with the help of a pass through socket set such as removing, tightening, and loosening the bolts or nuts that are present in different kinds of machines and vehicles.

A pass-through socket set comes with the interchangeable design of a socket wrench or a socket tool that lets you handle different tasks related to sockets and attachments. You must know about the tools that are included in this set and their purpose. This guide provides you with detailed information about the best pass through socket set and the working of the tools included in this set.

What is a Pass-Through Socket Set?

A pass-through socket set is the one that helps you remove or install studs, nuts, or bolts that are too deep for a standard socket set. The design of this socket set allows the socket to sit on the fastener when the ratchet is grasping the outside of the socket. The major features of this socket set include versatility and being easy to handle.

It is important to consider your budget and needs before buying the pass through socket set. If your needs can be fulfilled using a standard socket set then it would be a waste of money for you to buy a pass through socket set, because it is a little bit more expensive than the standard one.

You will find it easy to access the hidden nuts in the transmission cases, suspension components, and engine block with the help of the best pass through socket set. You are also provided with a more ergonomic solution if you do not want to turn or twist deep sockets using your hand.

So, find the best socket set for yourself as there is a great variety of socket sets available in the market depending upon their function and size. When you identify your needs and requirements, it would not be difficult to find a suitable socket set for you.

Types of Sockets

A socket can work with breaker bars and torque wrenches. You can get it in different sizes and colors. There are different types of sockets available in the market, so you will have to find the best one for yourself. Following are some of these sockets:

  • Driver Socket

We can also call driver sockets bit sockets. This type of socket is majorly used for loosening or tightening the fasteners for example hex, Philips, flathead, or star-head screws. You can also get the driver socket with the standard sockets.

  • Pass-Through Socket

A pass through the socket is used for turning a nut, bolt, or screw on a long and threaded bolt. It allows the bolt to get extended with the help of a ratchet and socket. This type of socket comes with a low-profile design. It also reduces the need for deep and low-profile sockets. You can pass through sockets only with specially designed ratchets.

  • Spark Plug Socket

The spark plug socket comes with a deep socket design. It can easily fit over the body of a spark plug. You can see this type of socket is remarkably lined with a rubber insert that grips the plug and helps you to pull it out when it is loosened.

  • Impact Socket

Impact socket is a type of socket that is specially designed to work with cordless or pneumatic impact wrenches. It is made up of a reliable material that can easily handle the impact action without breaking. The darker finish of the impact socket distinguishes it from standard chrome sockets. You can see this type of socket is available in deep designs and low-profile. It also comes with a thicker wall as compared to a standard socket.

Pass-Through Socket Accessories

You can have a look at the pass-through socket set to know what accessories are included in it. Most socket sets come with ratchet handles and accessories like drive adapters, universal joints, and extensions. For your information, a professional socket set may include 300 pieces which may include a plier, spanner, hammer, and many other tools that make such sets perfect.

If your socket does not have extensions and ratchets, it is not worth it. It is highly recommended to buy a socket set that comes with an extension so that you could easily reach the bolts and nuts that are impossible to get with your hand. Following are some of the accessories included in a pass through socket set:

Breaker bar

A breaker bar is included in pass-through socket accessories that play a vital role in loosening the bolts and bits. It does not consist of a ratcheting mechanism. It has been specially designed for breaking stuck bolts and nuts.

After loosening them using a breaker bar, you can remove them with the help of a ratchet. The extended handle of the breaker bar provides greater torque as compared to the shorter ratchet handle. The breaker bar also comes with a jointed drive end that allows it to work at different angles.

Socket Tool Set

The socket toolset includes ratchets and many sockets in different sizes. The mechanism toolset provides ratchet and socket sets along with pliers and wrenches. It is enriched with more than 300 pieces that could fulfill your requirements.

Torque Wrench

The torque wrench is also included in a pass-through socket set that helps in tightening the bolts and nuts. You can set this wrench to a specific amount of torque. The torque is indicated when you are tightening a bolt or nut.

The torque wrench can help in preventing over-tightening the bolts or nuts. You can see there are different models of these wrenches having different torque wrenches available in the market.

Socket Extension Bar

The pass-through socket set also comes with a ratchet or socket extension bar that is attached between a ratchet and a socket. Its purpose is to increase the reach of the socket and turn the recessed fasteners. You can see the extension bars are available in different sizes.

The socket extension bar helps in preventing the socket from getting dropped off. It is enriched with a wobble feature and a socket-end shape that provides you the option to pivot the ratchet handle into different angles. The crosshatch or knurled pattern of the socket extension bar allows you to loosen or tighten the nuts or bolts easily with your hand.

U-Joint Adapter

You will also see a U-joint adapter in the pass through socket set whose purpose is to connect the socket with the ratchet. You can use the ratchet at different angles using the U-joint adapter. It also provides you flexibility for turning fasteners to a level that cannot be reached by the standard socket or ratchet set.

There are many other tools available in a pass through socket set such as a great variety of wrenches, sockets, extensions, etc. You can use its tools for fixing different issues related to your machines. All these tools are very easy to use and handle. You can use them without getting the help of any professional.

Best Pass-Through Socket Sets

When you want to buy a pass-through socket set, it would be best if you have a look at the different types of pass-through socket sets available in the market. It would be best to review them in detail considering their features, sizes, colors, and more importantly, your needs. Make sure you buy the one that could meet your requirements and expectations.

Following are some of the best pass-through socket sets that are worth buying in 2022:

GEARWRENCH 46-Piece Pass-Through Socket Set

It is one of the best pass through socket sets that include a great number of useful and reliable socket sizes in both ¼ drives and 3/8 drives. It means it comes with two extensions that make it more versatile. Its accessories can easily fit in different types of fasteners with different styles and colors.

The handles of the sockets are well-designed and built remarkably for handling a load of abuse. You are also provided with a lifetime warranty if you buy GEARWRENCH 46-piece pass through socket set. So, you do not have to stress about anything if any of the tools breaks.

This socket set comes in a blow-mold case and also consists of two ratchet handles.  There are 46 pieces in total included in this pass through socket set. It is also available at affordable prices.

Channellock Pass-Through Socket Set

The design and shape of this pass-through rocket set make it unique among other socket sets. It is considered ideal and perfect for almost all kinds of tasks and projects. Moreover, it can also fit in your hands easily making it versatile.

This pass-through socket set allows you to install or remove 42 different types and sizes of fasteners with the help of only thirteen sockets. It consists of sixteen pieces in total. It also comes in a blow-mold storage case. This socket set is best for your car so you can use it whenever you encounter any problem on the road.

If you face any critical problem and do not know how to use the tools of a pass-through socket set, it would be best to hire a mechanic to get professional assistance in no time. It would be great if you learn about the purpose of all the tools and their work so that you could fix minor issues with your machines yourself without getting any professional assistance.

Stanley Drive Socket Set – 99 Pcs Set

STANLEY is one of the best companies that offer you quality socket sets. This socket set has a total of 99 pieces that let you complete any of your projects whether it is a simple project or a complex one. This socket set has been made up of high-quality vanadium steel.

It is a durable socket set that lasts for a long period. It is available in black color. For your information, this socket set provides 15% more torque as compared to standard socket sets due to its max-drive design.

The finishing of black chrome makes this pass-through socket set attractive and anti-corrosive. It comes with a reversible mechanism that makes it easy to operate and use. The purpose of knurled handle finish is for slip resistance. STANLEY has taken extensive measures to make sure that this socket set meets the highest standards.

GEARWRENCH Pass-Through Socket Set

GERAWRENCH pass-through socket set is known as one of the high-quality models that have been well-designed and easy to operate. It comes with an extra-long ratchet handle that provides you with efficient torque when needed. This socket set consists of a total of twenty-three pieces where the size of all the accessories or tools is standard.

You can see there are two extensions included in this socket set. The ratchet is considered the star of this socket set as it is enriched with the micro-click movement of five degrees. Thus, it allows you to remove the frustrating bolts or nuts in the tightest spaces.

This socket set comes with a 50% thinner body as compared to a standard ratchet. Moreover, it is 40% stronger than the standard ones. You can get into the tough spots with the help of a 3/8” drive adapter due to its lower profile feature. Thus, this pass through socket set is best for the home mechanic.

BOSTITCH Pass-Through Socket Set

This pass-through socket set is coated with chrome making it rust-resistant and durable. It also comes with a textured grip that lets you hold it firmly and comfortably when you are working. The purpose of this socket set is to provide you with trouble-free services so that you could undergo your projects without any difficulty.

It is effortless to carry this pass-through socket set. The plastic case of this socket set can get broken easily when it is dropped on the floor. There are 65 pieces included in this socket set where offers a variety of tools that can help you to complete your project efficiently.

All the ratchet handles consist of the feature of securing a rubber grip. The design of this pass-through socket set makes it easy to fasten deep. BOSTITCH pass through socket set comes with a lifetime warranty so you do not have to worry when any of the tools get damaged.

Crescent X6 Pass-Through Socket Set

Crescent X6 pass-through socket set is considered the most suitable one when you want to get a bolt or nut off that cannot be done by a standard socket or ratchet. You can grip six different types of fasteners with the help of this socket set without having different socket styles and sizes. Moreover, it also saves you money when dealing with less common drive types.

There are a total of twenty pieces in this socket set that offers you an efficient Metric or SAE socket size. The ratchet handle is made up of a black oxide finish that makes it anti-corrosive and eye-catching. This socket set is considered best for you if you want it to perform some minor tasks yourself.

The major features of this socket set include laser-etched sizes and a 3/8” square lug adapter. You should know that this socket set does not have an extension and the case is also not usable.

KING Pass-Through Socket Set

It is an affordable pass-through socket set designed and manufactured by the KING company. This set consists of ten sockets that help you handle both SAE and metric sizes. The reversible ratchet that comes with this socket set is reliable and helps you prevent accidental drops.

This socket set is enriched with a socket design that is helpful for you to tackle different types of fasteners without looking for the correct and appropriate tool. You can also see that there are 3/8” and ¼” square lug sockets present there with the set.

SATA Pass-Through Socket Set

It is one of the best pass-through socket sets that have been manufactured by Metcal. It is a remarkable company that is famous for its socket sets in the market. It has gained the attention of a large audience due to the use of high-quality material. You can easily upgrade this socket set as its SATA cables can easily be converted to pass through.

SATA pass-through socket sets that meet the standards under REACH and RoHS directives. It means it does not contain any substance that can damage your environment. This socket set consists of six pieces in different sizes that play a vital role in replacing the integrated circuits in electronic items.

You do not require any tool for installing this pass-through socket set. Thus, it is very easy to use this socket set. Plus, soldering is not required which not only saves your money but also your time. The size of its socket makes it compatible with other socket sets. You can repair the broken SATA connections or ports with the help of your desktops or laptops.

Benefits of a Pass-Through Socket Set

Following are some of the major benefits offered by a pass-through socket set

  • Space

It saves you storage space as it is not necessary to have a lot of space for placing this socket set. The pass-through socket set only consists of a cable and an outlet which do not require too much space. So it is easy to maintain.

  • Cost

The cost of passing through the socket set is affordable. It is less expensive than the extension cord. So, you can save your money by buying this type of socket set for performing different types of tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the most common size of a socket?

The most common size of a socket ranges from 10mm to 36mm.

  • Can any pass-through socket be used with any pass-through ratchet?

No, you cannot use any pass-through socket with the pass-through ratchet of any company because different companies use different drive styles. Thus, you should use a socket with the correct drive lug if you want it to last for a long time.

  • Can standard sockets be replaced by pass-through sockets?

In some cases, the standard sockets can be replaced by pass-through sockets as they can perform all the tasks that can be performed with a standard socket. But it is recommended to use a standard socket when you require something to put a lot of force

  • How pass-through socket sets useful?

The pass-through sockets are considered best to remove and install the fasteners on log studs that cannot be reached by the standard sockets.

  • In how many sizes socket drives are available?

The socket drives are available in four different sizes i.e. ¾ inches, ½ inches, 3/8 inches, and ¼ inches.

  • What are the major benefits offered by a pass-through socket set?

The major benefits offered by a pass-through socket set include cost-effectiveness and consuming less storage space.

  • What are some common types of sockets?

Some common types of sockets are driver sockets, pass through the socket, spark plug sockets, impact sockets, etc.


A pass-through socket set is used for tightening or loosening the bolts or nuts that cannot be fixed using a standard socket set. You can get this socket set at an affordable price which is easy to handle and use. Different pass-through socket sets come in different sizes and numbers of tools. It is not obligatory to disconnect them when you are roaming in your house. There are different types of pass-through socket sets available in the market. You can buy the one that is suitable for you and meets your needs and requirements.

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