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Our exclusive list of the best oil filters for you!

Our exclusive list of the best oil filters for you!

Oil filters: An overview

When the oil is a motorcar’s lifeblood, then we believe that the oil filter is the car’s liver. The contrast between a hundred thousand miles of clean motor and a slotted bag full of bent metal can be seen if you do not constantly change your car oil and filters. And believe us, it’s much faster and cheaper than liver transplant surgery.

Many of today’s automobiles use an oil filter cartridge. You can easily measure the status of a cartridge filter; when you open the cartridge, you can see the filter element, and that element is the replaceable component.

The traditional spin-on oil filter is more popular. However, it is also simple to uninstall, and substitution is merely a matter of spinning on a new one. But the filter is concealed in an external steel canister, meaning most of us never saw the inside of one.

How we tested oil filter

It’s not the first time that people on the internet had spin-on oil filters cut and diced. Opening the steel case tins, at the very least, will end your gruesome curiosities.

Pro mechanics, racers, and pilots constantly break open oil filters to get a better understanding of what is happening inside an automobile’s engine. Jet black sludge is an indication that your car’s engine is in the best condition. Flaps or milky crud means humidity or a bad head gasket. Metal stains normally signify that something is eating up inside of the car’s engine.

Whereas the diagnostic advantages are pretty obvious of one filter working better than another, there is no way to say how it works better by just looking transparently at it. Also, we have no superpowers that can calculate oil flow and productivity at 20microns. Therefore, here we didn’t just base our choices on what we found inside the oil canisters.

To see what was inside each filter was pretty awesome. But here, based on a mix of consistency, features, and real-world brand experience, we selected our best oil filters for you!

What are the benefits of oil filters?

Your car life gets longer: Nowadays, automobiles work more smoothly and longer between oil replacements, so it’s more necessary than ever to use a better oil filter. The trick to trouble-free driving is to cling to the prescribed oil and filter replacement plan.

You can avoid the warranty woes: Failing to use appropriate oil and filter or never changing your oil will and can give rise to a denial of warranty claims. It is against the law to refuse guarantee requests if you change your oil and filter, thanks to the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. However, you must still change it.

What do the oil prices tell us?

Around $15: This price range covers high performance, luxury, longer life, and giant oil filters. Extra-large oil filters are simply costlier to produce.

From $5 to $15: the sweet position for aftermarket, OEM, and luxury petroleum filters. Size is essential for automotive parts; more steel, more rubber, and more filter components are more expensive.

Less than 5$: In the 99-cent shop you might look like a bad idea by collecting 2-for-1 oil filters, and normally that is. However, in the sub-five-dollar range, there are some respectable after-market oil filters.

Wanna save yourself some bucks? Learn to change the oil yourself!

Do you want to change your car’s oil yourself but all the various oil filters available in the market confuse you? Oil filters don’t seem so critical for the efficiency of your car’s engine because of their expensive cost and all, but it is not farther away from the fact. Though small and inexpensive, fuel filters play a vital role in the performance and life of your engine. A low-quality oil filter can destroy your engine and you certainly don’t want to experience it – at all.

Here, you will find out about the best oil filters you can purchase, and why it’s critical to have a high-quality oil filter. Make sure that you get the correct oil filter for your car by looking at the testing and fitting before you click on the “Add to cart” button of every such product from any website. Oil filters are not standardized for all vehicles, so you must buy the one that best suits your vehicle’s engine.

The 5 best oil filters for your car

Bosch premium oil filter

Bosch is one of the leading car components suppliers and their oil filters are particularly, highly advisable. Our top choice is Bosch’s premium oil filter that fulfills all OEM specifications by preventing premature motor wear and loss by holding dangerous particles and dirt – out of the engine. This filter has an exclusive combination of natural and synthetic particles to provide optimal oil filtration and improved motor safety. Bosch claims that these filters can retain up to 14 grams of dirt and dust at 99 percent efficiency.

These filters have a metal-wound spiral center, along with its premium media mix, which helps increase longevity by increasing internal resistance. The layout of the finishing caps keeps trapped dust particles from entering the motor, whilst a silicone back valve stops your motor from a dry start. To allow an optimal flow of liquid, there is also a relief valve. Finally, a nitrile sealing gasket is internally lubricated for a long period – thankfully it never gets dry.

Much like the filter that came with your car after it rolled off the assembly line, the oil filters will give an OE match as you might expect from a Bosch product.


  •  Can hold up to 14 grams of dirt and particles
  •  Exclusive blend of natural and synthetic materials in the media provides superior oil filtration and increased engine protection
  •  Internally lubricated nitrile sealing gasket
  •  Keeps out harmful particles and dirt
  •  Meets all OEM requirements
  •  Metal spiral-wound center tube
  •  Reputable manufacturer
  •  Silicone anti-drain back valve

Fram extra guard oil filter

You must have heard of FRAM if you have ever visited a car parts store or watched TV during the last decade. With its emblematic orange coating, the oil filters of this company are among the most famous with their price/performance balance. Thanks to its proprietary filter media, the FRAM Extra Guard Oil Filter offers an ideal mixture of dirt capture and dirt-keeping capability. These filters are designed for motor safety up to 5,000 miles and are designed for traditional motor oil applications. FRAM provides a separate filter if you run synthetic oil.

The “Sure-Grip” coating that gives the filter a non-gloss finish is used for installation and removal. The Extra Guard filter has a lubricated internal density, as with most high-quality oil filters, and a precision spindle spring is built with a glass-fiber-reinforced nylon poppet valve.

This oil filter is perfect for daily drivers who maintain their cars regularly.


  •  “Sure-Grip” coating makes it easier to install and remove
  •  Engineered for use with conventional motor oil
  •  Ideal balance of dirt-trapping efficiency and dirt-holding capacity
  •  Internally lubricated sealing gasket
  •  Precision coil spring with glass fiber reinforced nylon poppet relief valve
  •  Proprietary filter media
  •  Protects engine for up to 5,000 miles

Mobil 1 extended performance oil filter

You can also get a compatible oil filter if you’re a fan of Mobil 1 oil. The Extended Performance Oil Filter of Mobile 1 is our recommendation – designed for the long-term performance of the vehicle. This specific model can contain up to 28 grams of pollutants and a 99.6 percent multi-pass efficiency rating and an advanced synthetic fiber blend medium. Mobil 1 says the operating pressures of the device will stand up to 9 times average and protect up to 615 Pascal per inch. A silicone reverse drain valve can help in avoiding dry startups by removing internal leaking during an engine shutdown. Also, this oil filter is compatible with every type of common vehicle.


  •  6% Multi-Pass Efficiency Rating
  •  Advanced synthetic fiber blend media
  •  Can be used with any motor oil
  •  Holds up to 28 grams of contaminants
  •  Provides long-life performance
  •  Silicone anti-drain back valve
  •  Withstands 9 times normal system operating pressure

ACDelco professional engine oil filter

You may have found that ACDelco was a company that we highlight quite a lot when you read some of our other lists of suggested brands. This is because the firm is the brand of General Motors Original Equipment, which offers more than 90.000 GM OE and other components. The ACDelco Gold oil filter is designed to collect pollutants as small as 30 microns and to maximize the overall screen by using thermal bonding methods and nonmetallic end caps. It also eliminates unnecessary media which, due to adhesives, is not effective.

A lubricated gasket helps minimize the mounting torque and the complete base plate cover makes installation in blind applications simple. ACDelco claims that the nylon core of this filter is 1.5 times stronger than the metal core filters.


  • Captures contaminants as small as 30 microns
  • Full cover baseplate
  • GM’s OE parts brand
  • Lubricated gasket
  • Nylon core
  • Thermal bonding techniques and non-metallic end caps

PurolatorONE oil filter

Purolator is also a common and famous brand, and the Purolator ONE oil filter is a perfect option for those who need up to 10,000 miles of safety. The Purolator ONE is placed in the center of the oil filter lineup of the firm and uses a synthetic high-density blend medium. Its 99% dirt-removal capacity assertion is dependent on the 20 micron ISO 4548-12. A high flow center tube is made to maximize the oil flow while wear resistance, stability, and integrity of metal-end caps contribute to the results. A silicone back valve to guard against the drying of leaks and dry starting of the engine works longer than nitrile. The seal on this filter seems to be PTFE-coated ensuring long durability and easy to add/remove.

Purolator ONE can be used for any engine oil, but the Purolator BOSS filter is to be used if you are living anywhere in harsh conditions or you are constantly towing other vehicles.



  •  99% dirt removal power
  •  Double-helix high flow center
  •  High-density synthetic blend media
  •  Metal end caps
  •  Provides up to 10,000 miles of protection
  •  PTFE gasket
  •  Silicone anti-drain back valve
  •  Works with any type of motor oil

What is the function of an oil filter?

An Oil Filter is essential to keep your motor operating safely, smartly, and efficiently despite its cost and size. Designed to clean the oil in your vehicle while trotting in the motor, a filter collects and contains all manner of pollutants that your engine produces when you are operating. It is tempting to believe that all oil filters are identical, but some are scored higher than others for a few reasons. Fine media that work best in such conditions, as harsh temperatures and stop-and-go traffic, are listed among the high-quality oil filters.

How to choose the perfect oil filter?

Many manufacturers sell out oil filters these days, but how do you pick the most suitable filter for your vehicle? To begin with, you can check the manual of your car to see if any suggestions exist. The main thing is that you have a filter that fits on your car because the incorrect filter can cause an oil spill that can cause significant harm to your car’s engine. You would also want to choose the correct filter relying on your driving behavior. If you have a lot of traffic stop-and-go? Always tow or carry? Do short trips frequently? Make sure you have a quality oil filter to cover your engine if you replied “yes” to all of the above questions.

The number of miles of coverage that the filter has to provide should also be considered. Make sure you have a filter that lasts at least those intervals if you go longer in between the oil changes. Be sure that your oil filter is consistent with the kind of oil you use, along the same lines. Lastly, not all the best oil filters with synthetic motor oil should be used.

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