What are the 3 best minivans of 2019?

People are usually ashamed sitting behind the steering wheel of a minivan. They have a thought that these minivans are destroying their image in front of the general public. However, that is not the case as many significant car manufacturers in the United States have started to develop and produce SUVs and minivans for the locals.

The market for SUVs has grown over time. Instead of carrying people and cargo in two or four-door vehicles, many car lovers have switched their attention towards minivans and SUVs. The minivan culture is taking the United States market by storm.

Well, who doesn’t like a better fuel economy? This is one of the essential reasons why people have changed their taste and preference from cars to minivans.

Whether it’s Honda Odyssey’s onboard vacuum or the Stow n’ Go seats of the Chrysler Pacifica, minivans have got everything required in a touring car.

This article will highlight the best minivans 2019 who are searching for a comfortable drive to travel with their loved ones. Moreover, we will also tell why these top minivans are a better option than its competitors available in the market.

3 best minivans of 2019

Instead of planning out a vacation, people usually cancel their plans due to no proper source of traveling. Many people see normal cars as a setback in covering distance. It becomes a hurdle for them to accommodate passengers as well as cargo at the same time.

However, that is not the case with the best minivans of 2019 as you can travel to places of your choice in them. Moreover, it has ample space to accommodate passengers and cargo quite easily.

Let’s discuss the latest and the best minivans of 2019;

Chrysler Pacifica

According to specialists, Chrysler Pacifica is considered the best minivans of 2019. The best feature about this minivan is the hybrid feature. Would you expect a vehicle to give around 33 mpg with a load of passengers and cargo? Well, that is the power of the Chrysler Pacifica.

Moreover, another cool feature that distinguishes this minivan from others is the Stow n’ Go seats. These seats can be flipped and folded and can turn into a flat floor. Isn’t it exciting? Just imagine sitting on the floor in your minivan and having dinner in calm and peace. Moreover, the feature of built-in vacuum is also available but in limited models.

Honda Odyssey

This minivan gathered major interest from its customers through the technology installed in it. After Chrysler Pacifica, if any minivan is great in the market, it is Honda Odyssey.

This minivan is considered one of the best due to its spaciousness.  Just like Pacifica, it has the roomiest second and third-row seats. However, the option of flip and fold is not applicable on the second-row seats. Do you know why?

The second-row seats weigh around 68 pounds! Well, that is too much to handle. The Honda Odyssey comes with either a nine or ten-speed automatic transmission. This is the reason that this minivan is providing a great mileage of 30mpg.

Moreover, the interior features are the ones that make this minivan unique in the eyes of its customers. Factors such as – a video baby monitor, vacuum, and in-cabin intercom just drive the attention of every consumer who wishes to purchase a minivan.

Even the major minivan components such as braking system, and cruise control are also of top-notched quality.

Mercedes Benz Metris

How can the German supremacist stay behind when we talk about the revolutionary changes in the automobile industry? Mercedes Benz is considered to be the most luxurious vehicle around the globe. This variant which is known as ‘Metris’ is somewhat between the smaller version of Mercedes Benz Sprinter and Ford Transit Connect.

Just imagine, you can easily accommodate your family of eight people in this minivan. Isn’t it exciting? No member of the family has to be left out due to a shortage of space. The 126-inch wheelbase is a clear indication that this minivan can carry an ample load on its back.

This machine can go up to 208 high-speed. Moreover, it has a seven-speed transmission which turns the Mercedes Benz Metris into a road monster. Other than these engine components, the interior of the minivan is filled with high technology. Whether it’s the blind-spot monitoring, the Crosswind assist, or the stability control, the Metris has got it all.


The taste and preference of the people are changing over time. The increase rate in the production of minivans is due to the demand of the people. The major car lovers from the United States have started seeing the minivans as the ideal option for themselves.

Let’s hope these 3 best minivans of 2019 can make your choice easier.

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