What are the different types of best jack stands? Which one is the best jack stand?

Many car owners and mechanics firmly rely on scissors and floor jacks. However, in some situations, these components have failed to result in drastic and unfortunate events. Instead of investing in unreliable sources, try to look for the best jack stands. One way to go about is reading jack stand reviews online and finding the one that suits your needs. For instance, if you want a jack with built in jack stands then jack stand reviews will help you find the pros and cons associated with different brands.

Whenever something requires fixing under your car, you will surely need the support of a jack stand. Moreover, if you want to lift your car for some purpose, whether you’re changing a burst tire or just doing regular maintenance of the engine, this item is essential for you.

Best jack stands are significantly designed to keep you lifted off the ground and you don’t have to solely rely on the floor jack. Once the car is properly settled on the jack stand, it cannot slide as the car is secured.

According to specialists, this equipment is not designed to carry or lift heavyweight for a longer period. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter whether you’re using a normal jack stand or the hydraulic ones, they might be unable to carry the burden. However, investing in a safe one can help you.

Well, there are plenty or dozens of options available in the market which makes it tough for you to decide. Nevertheless, this article will highlight the best jack stands available in the market, what are the benefits of it, the different types of jack stands, and what top brands are manufacturing them.

What are the benefits of a jack stand?

Just imagine your car’s tire burst on a remote road, so what will you do? You will surely require a good-quality jack stand to change the tire and move forward. Instead of calling for help, you can make things easier for yourself.

Let’s learn the benefits of the best jack stands we have identified after reading hundreds of jack stand reviews:

Easier maintenance

Instead of driving your vehicle to the workshop for petty issues; try to solve them in your garage. Sometimes, even for changing the tube of our car’s tire, we have to approach the mechanic. However, with the help of a good quality jack stand, you can change the tire on your own.

This way you don’t need to travel and spend long hours waiting for your turn to arrive at the repair shop. Moreover, it will save you a good amount of dollars also.

Tire preservation

Sometimes, we tend to travel for a longer period and our car is sitting idle in our garages. Vehicles that are parked for a good time can drive all of their weight on smaller parts of each tire. When you arrive back, you’ll notice flat tires and dry spotting.

So, to be careful it would be a wise step to undo all four tires in terms of keeping them secured. Moreover, instead of tires, your car can stand a good quality jack stand for the time being.

Increased safety

Some car owners blindly trust hydraulic jacks for uplifting their cars while in an emergency. Yes, surely, they are a good component to uplift your car; however, you cannot solely rely on them.

There’s a risk involved while your car is uplifted for a longer period with the aid of a hydraulic jack. A good quality jack stand is necessary for these kinds of situations. They will prove to be a good source of support to hydraulic jacks. Once you have both, you can easily work underneath your car.

What are the different types of jack stands?

Several types of jack stands are available in the market. You can choose according to your preference and budget. However, having one in the trunk of your car is essential or vital; emergencies can happen anywhere and anytime. Whether you want a jack with a built-in jack stand or some other type of jack, you can easily find what you are looking for from the following list:

Ratchet lock

Due to its automatic locking system, it is considered the best by the majority of car owners. Once the support bar is rightly placed at the required height, the ratchet system locks it automatically.

This way good flexibility is given to the person who is willing to work underneath the car. When compared to pin lock design, ratchet lock is considered better for height increments.

However, with quality comes equal risk too. According to experts, if you wish to purchase a Ratchet lock, try to get it from a trusted and well-reputed manufacturer. No one wishes to risk their lives, so it is important for everyone. Moreover, make sure through the guide or mechanic that whether a specific ratchet lock is good enough to carry the load of your vehicle.


Most commonly found jack stands, usually, in every car’s trunk. The pin lock jack stand is designed in the shape of a pyramid where you manually set the height and lock it in one of the holes available.

It consists of good quality and strong pins, on which the entire weight of your car is dependent.

It might take you some time to correctly heighten your car; however, it is considered one of the most reliable and durable sources.

Screw lock

This type of lock is not a preference of many and that is the reason it is quite rare in the market. Not many car owners are interested in purchasing one.

When compared to the Ratchet lock, a screw lock is considered a better option. However, when we talk about quality it is nowhere near the pin lock system.

One of the major setbacks of this lock is time-consuming. It usually takes longer to set it up and place your car at the right height. Besides, it being time-consuming, it gives you the leverage of more custom heights.

What are the top brands of best jack stands?

Instead of saving money and investing in a low-quality jack stand, try to look for reputed and trusted manufacturers of the market. Trust us, it would save you loads of dollars in the future.

Let’s discuss the top-notch brands that are available in the market providing the best quality jack stands;

Torin automotive equipment

If you are in search of a trusted and good quality equipment, the Big Red Torin Steel Jack Stand is the ideal choice for you. Rather than spending on cheap alternatives, try to invest in something worthy enough.

Torin has built its name in the American and Canadian market  for selling supreme quality items or components for cars. The equipment line includes – valves, engines, jacks, wheels, and whatnot. If you need a solution for your car, Torin Automotive is the right place.

Founded back in 1993, and since then it is ruling the automotive industry.

Pro-lift products

The Pro-Lift Double Pin Jack Stand is considered for every car owner in the United States. When it comes to reliability and durability, Pro-Lift is the right choice.

This company was built back in 1978 in Kansas City, and since then it has tried to play around with its products. Seeing the demand of its consumers, Pro-Lift has always tried to innovate the equipment they have been producing over the years.


When we talk about consistency, one name clicks everyone’s mind and that is PowerBuilt. This company has been producing top-notch equipment for more than 40 years.

If you wish to operate or do any automotive-related work, PowerBuilt has every component related to that work. The PowerBuilt Uni jack with a 6,000-pound capacity is perfect for uplifting your car to your desired height.


Just like every component of the car is serving some purpose, so is the jack stand. No one wants to compromise on their well-being and to keep yourself secured while working underneath your vehicle, you require the best jack stand.

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