The best fuel transfer pump in the market

A fuel transfer pump is used to transfer fuels such as gasoline, diesel or petrol from the storage tank to the engine of a car.

In this article, we will inform you about the best fuel transfer pump that’s available on the marketplace. We will also let you know about the factors that can affect its performance.

Specifics of a fuel transfer pump

The fuel transfer pump is used for transferring fuel from a fuel tank to a demand source, i.e., car engine. The performance of a fuel transfer pump is measured according to certain metrics that are mentioned below:

The power of the pump

The power of the pump is referred to as the amount of energy that is required for the pump to work. This energy is measured in Hp (horse power). The type of engine must first be determined before the right type of transfer pump is used. if the transfer pump uses less energy, it will not be able to supply the engine with the right amount of fuel – fast enough and – with the required force.

The pump with the right flowing rate

The rate at which the fuel from the storage tank is transferred to the engine must be determined. The engine must receive a specific amount of fuel within a specific time period. And this must remain constant. The flowing rate is measured in gallons per minute (GPM). If the engine is not getting the required GPM, it may get damaged.

The pressure factor

Every engine requires a specific level of fuel pressure to work properly.

The two major types of fuel transfer pumps

There are two major types of fuel transfer pumps: fixed transfer pumps and mobile fuel transfer pumps. The mobile fuel transfer pumps work on DC current. They are not used for common cars.

The power source for fixed fuel transfer pumps

The fixed fuel transfer pump is powered via 12V, 18V or 48V battery.

External factors that affect a pump

There are some external factors that can negatively affect the performance of the fuel pump. These factors include:  the distance of the storage tank from the engine, the further the storage tank is, the more the pump must work. The longer the power cord is from the battery to the pump, the more power is used up by the battery. The longer the fuel supply line/hose pipeline is, the more the pump has to work.

The environmental factors calculated in

The environmental conditions tend to affect the performance of the car’s engine and the fuel pump. You must take humidity and dryness into consideration before selecting a pump.

Which is the best pump

Mentioned above are some factors that must be considered before selecting the best fuel transfer pump for a car. Of course, it depends on what type of engine the car has. What kind of fuel does the engine need to function properly. What is the best fuel pump for your car?

There are two companies that are trusted by drivers to make the best fuel transfer pumps for specific car engines.

The original manufacturer of the car

To get the best fuel transfer pump for your car, you must would contact with the car manufacturer. They will provide you with all the information as to from where you may get the best fuel pump.

Metex corporation limited

This company offers you with the G8P fuel transfer pump. It is a DC powered pump. It is suitable for gasoline-powered cars. You can have it in replacement of your car’s original pump, or have it as a back-up.


Enquire for mechanic facilities for the best fuel transfer pumps in the market. Ask other famous automakers or their dealers and for sure you can get the best pump that is the most suitable one for your car.

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