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Cleaning your car has become simpler with the best foam cannons

Cleaning your car has become simpler with the best foam cannons

Imagine you take years to save up for your dream car…and you’re finally able to make the desired purchase. You enthusiastically invite your friends over to show off the vehicle. However, as soon as the lot enters your garage, they are welcomed by a car that is covered in layers of dust and further embellished by dried water spots and bird droppings.

Your friends may buy the justification that you procrastinated the cleaning because you were too busy but your embarrassed self won’t be able to stop feeling guilty about purposely avoiding the car wash. Given that, washing your car exterior with a bucket and cloth can be quite a laborious task, the delay is understandable. Therefore, every car owner must possess the best foam cannon or at least, the best car wash foam gun available in their budget.

What is the difference between a foam gun and a foam cannon?

To begin with, both of these are car cleaning devices that mix water, air, and soap to create suds that help clean the exterior of your car. The mixture can then be removed along with the grime, by running water over it at considerably high pressure.

The only difference between the gun and the cannon is in terms of the method by which water is added to the foam container. Whereas the former can work reasonably well with a garden hose, the latter needs to be attached to a pressure washer. The need for a hose with extremely high pressure makes the use of even the best foam cannons a bit complicated. Furthermore, a cannon also requires good quality brass connectors to get properly attached to the pressure washer.

However, along with these cons, foam cannons have significant pros that make them much more efficient than foam guns. The first being that the solution, consisting of water and one of the best car wash soaps for foam cannon, is released at very high pressure, thus washing off all the grime. Hence, it allows exceptional cleaning of the car: the results are quite similar to a professional cleaning service.

Secondly, a foam cannon makes less use of water as compared to a foam gun. This is not only good in terms of preserving natural resources but also beneficial for car owners who live in areas where restricted use of water is allowed.

Thus, we can conclude that foam cannons are the better and more efficient car cleaning tool. Keeping that in mind, let’s have a look at some of the best foam cannon options that one should consider purchasing.

Our picks for the best foam cannons

DUSICHIN SFL-001 Foam Cannon

The DUSICHIN SFL-001 Foam Cannon tops our list for 2 reasons; the first being that it comes with brass connectors which make it easy for this tool to connect to the pressure washer. This, in turn, allows the cannon to operate at high pressure and deliver exceptional results. The second reason why DUSICHIN SFL-001 is our favorite is that it has a sufficiently large bottle (33-ounce) for carrying the liquid foam mix. Thus, the container does not have to be refilled in between the cleaning sessions. If filled to its full capacity, the bottle would last quite a few cleaning sessions.

The only drawback is that the bottle is not transparent which makes it difficult to keep a check on the quantity remaining. Other than this, there are no disadvantages to this product. It seems to be a very attractive option if one is considering the purchase of a foam cannon, given the fact that it is available at a reasonable price.

MATCC Adjustable Foam Cannon

With brass connectors, a 33-ounce bottle containing foam-liquid mix, and a classic design: the MATCH Adjustable Foam Cannon seems to have features similar to the DUSICHIN SFL-001 Foam Cannon. However, it is a bit more expensive than the latter because of the reason that it offers one additional benefit; its foam lance core is more adjustable. This allows creating liquid-foam solutions of varying concentrations. As a result, the foam cannon’s usability is no longer restricted to cleaning cars, but it can also become a handy tool for household chores such as cleaning windows and driveways.

With an opaque container for the liquid solution, its drawback is similar to that of DUSICHIN SFL-001. However, its benefits far exceed its only shortcoming.

Chemical Guys EQP_313 TORQ

Manufacturers of this product seem to be well aware of the importance of complementary products. Therefore, they offer one of the best car wash soap for foam cannon, high-gloss car shampoo, and the foam cannon itself, all together as a set.

Two bottles of car wash soap come in the form of a foaming solution along with one bottle of a high-gloss shampoo. These cleaning products may be used in combination or alternatively. This is a great trick by manufacturers to increase repeat purchases because buyers of Chemical Guys foam cannon would most likely continue purchasing cleaning solutions from the same brand if those are the ones they initially become used to.

Also, the cannon itself performs pretty

well. It has the much-needed brass connectors but what makes it stand out is that, unlike the other two options we discussed above, this one has a transparent bottle! Furthermore, the spray is released very forcefully from the cannon due to its unique design which features an air injection system. This system also allows the formula to mix exceptionally well.

The only drawback is that this set is a bit expensive. However, it is worth the price.

DUSICHIN DUS-003 High-Pressure Snow Foam Cannon

Residents of areas that host frequent sandstorms, or are otherwise dusty and windy face the challenge of having to clean excessive dirt and grime from their car frequently. For such people, in particular, the DUSICHIN DUS-003 High-Pressure Snow Foam Cannon is a reasonable investment.

Reason being that this product has an in-built pressure washer trigger, robust connectors; and a user-friendly handle that makes the cannon comfortable to hold and operate.

DUSICHIN DUS-003 can handle high pressures (up to 3000 psi). This benefit along with the easy-to-use handle makes the product a bliss to use for longer durations. The unbelievable force with which foam and water are released from this device makes the hardest grimes come off easily.


There are numerous other foam cannon options available in the market. The product is gaining increasing popularity due to ease and performance. Therefore, it is no surprise that even those who own one of the best car wash foam guns have been considering updating to the cannon.

However, we recommend that before you make a purchase decision, you should carry out thorough research and see which model aligns with your needs and preferences.

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