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The best double din head unit for the money that are just perfect for your ride

The best double din head unit for the money that are just perfect for your ride

Modify your infotainment model and make place for an audio and video quality head unit on your dashboard.

Whether your old double DIN head unit is wearing out or you want to install one to play your favorite music while driving – you surely need to find the best double DIN head units for the money available in the market that offer all the features you desire. It certainly is not an easy job especially when you have a lot of options to choose from. Just a simple search on Amazon would put hundreds of results in front of your screen.

Even though the most current double DIN spare parts systems might be relatively costly, the advantages offered will ensure bang for the buck. They may also be utilized for travel, networking, infotainment, and much more apart from the apparent visual as well as auditory improvement. If you are seeking to make your journeys more pleasurable with the finest double DIN audio system, but you get confused with the huge amount of choices out there in the market, don’t worry we have your back. Here, our experts have listed the best double din head unit for the money. We have also answered some of your most asked questions so, make sure to read it all out.

The reasons why you should buy a double din head unit?

Easily manageable – As the double DIN head device might well be connected through Bluetooth, you can easily answer and make calls without touching your head unit. Moreover, a traveler in the rear seat may use a tablet or smartphone to adjust the playlists.

Compatibility with bluetooth – You may pair your double DIN unit with the cellphone, laptop, as well as various Bluetooth-enabled devices. This means you can broadcast it into the double-DIN audio system if you have got a collection of tunes or audiobooks.

Improved audio quality – The quality of the sound requires more than simply updating the audio equipment. In reality, sophisticated software in a double-DIN audio system makes audio modifications that enhance the overall sound quality.

Easy monitoring  A double DIN head unit is equipped with a wider touchscreen, making it simple to interact or choose features versus a single DIN header device. In addition, the UI for visuals is improved for superior user engagement.

Different media links – You have the choice of accessing several media inputs including a USB connection, microSD card, radios, music player, smartphones as well as CD/DVD player with a double DIN input unit. Double-DIN stereo systems may also be used for charging your smartphone.

Types of the best double din head units

No display double din head units

This sort of double DIN audio system does not mimic any smartphone or tablet applications. Most of these do not even have a touch-screen panel. They are still capable of connecting to a connector like the microSD, Bluetooth, audio cable, stereo, and USB. Non-integration head components have the main goal to keep things simple as well as prevent the drivers from being interrupted by other external factors.

Smartphone enabled double din head units

Recent technological advancement allows double DIN units to have software that integrates seamlessly with your smartphone. This type of unit is equipped with a touch-sensitive panel that makes it possible to control various functions of the unit using your smartphone. Apparently, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity is available in this class.

Top brands of the best double din head unit for the money

Alpine – Since 1967, Alpine Electrics’ division is committed to the launch of the greatest automobile stereo plus communication systems. The head office of the corporation is located in Tokyo. The iLX-W650 is one of their famous double DIN head units.

Boss Audio System – Boss Audio is a US corporation based in Oxnard, California. For the past thirty years, it has innovated audio gadgets as well as exported them to 130 nations worldwide. The BVB9358RC Car Stereo has been its flagship double-DIN unit.

JVC Kenwood – JVC Kenwood is indeed a good old Japanese Yokohama-based corporation. JVC and Kenwood are known for inventing and producing advanced technology products for over 50 years before the merging that established the JVC Kenwood Trademark in 2008. The Excelon DMX706S Multimedia Tuner seems to be one of the most successful double DIN head units.

Pioneer – The company is recognized as a major developer of head units and the name suits the company as it is credited for manufacturing the world’s original automobile CD player around 1984. The firm is headquartered in Tokyo. AVH-X390BS Car Stereo has been one of the top-selling dual DIN head systems.

Sony – Sony over the years has established its reputation as a reliable global electronics brand. The company’s main office is in Tokyo, Japan. Its XAV-AX5000 7-inch Multimedia Transmitter has become one of the greatest renowned double-DIN stereo systems.

What should be the pricing of the double din head systems?

More than 300 bucks: A handful of DIN head devices are offered for greater than 300 dollars. You will certainly discover a few gadgets of the highest quality with additional functionality including a double OS, standby cameras, and smart navigation systems.

$100 to $300: Many double din audio systems throughout this price bracket have a graphical touch interface as well as a UI that also syncs seamlessly with your smartphone.

100 bucks or less: Every audio system with the double head unit throughout this price bracket will probably include an inner system not compatible with mobile apps.

Main features to look for in the best double din head unit for the money

Dimension and screen type – Having twice the dimensions of just a standard DIN audio system, a widescreen display can improve your UX, however other aspects must be considered too. For example, a touch-sensitive display that adapts throughout the day and nighttime would be much less bothersome with an automated light screen, right? Moreover, it’s indeed simple to see and pick the items from navigating through a big nice display.

Convenient installation  – The majority of double DIN head units are delivered with a handbook to help you through the setup procedure. Typically, the simplest vehicle stereo systems to be installed are those having an easy-to-identify correctly labeled cable connection. In addition to connecting the steering buttons, a wire loom adapter might be necessary.

Outputs from pre-amplifiers – Any improved audio system for your automobile should receive a transmission from a decent double-DIN system. In a nutshell, you must carefully examine the pre-amp outlets because they establish essential signals that impact the audio system. The finest double DIN head units for audio performance should generally include several pre-amp ports having maximum signal strength, so that your audio system may be enhanced.

Power – A decent vehicle radio should be able to play strong or gentle tunes without compromising the audio. So how would we make the decision on whether the power of such an audio system is acceptable or not? Well, all you need to do is start looking at the RMS Power output; the greater the RMS Power output, the better the vehicle can retain its audio quality as well as stability. But also, keep in mind that you must stop looking for maximum output head units because they are frequently misleading.

Other stuff you should consider

Easy accessibility The majority of cars require a Bluetooth double DIN stereo to answer and make calls as well as listen to music without a wire. Note that several devices should also be able to get connected simultaneously through Bluetooth with the top-of-the-line double-DIN head unit.

Navigation system – There are double DIN head systems available, which are equipped with an integrated GPS mapping system. This is particularly good for people who drive automobiles without built-in GPS devices. Nevertheless, on its touchscreen, a head unit that replicates the display screen of a smartphone may mimic GPS programs.

Network connectivity The latest double DIN devices may be used either with Apple CarPlay as well as Android Auto with personal mobile applications. It’s preferred when you can link to the Web through the touch screen on the radio to use iTunes, Spotify, and even Netflix.

Our recommendations for the best double din head unit for the money

Let’s see if you can find the best double din head units from our favorite and top recommended ones.

Atoto A6 Double-DIN Car Stereo

The Atoto A6 Double-DIN audio system with a big seven-inch display as well as responsive touch screen should be on top of your list when you are making a purchase decision. The device is operated by an Android Marshmallow OS and also has fast-booting functionality.

It offers a host of integrated capabilities, along with an integrated Bluetooth double connectivity to link up to a controller or a smartphone. An integrated microphone allows you to make crisp, hands-free conversations whereas an integrated Google Maps GPS receptor allows you to find the best route for your journey. It is equipped with an additional Wi-Fi transmitter to increase connectivity.

The finest element is that it has been engineered to engage with the machine without immediate direct contact. This recognizes 7 different hand movements, such as up, down, forward as well as backward. Furthermore, additional 23 hand movements may be programmed.

Sadly, it has no CD or DVD player thus you just have the AM and FM audio, AUX, USB, and microSD ports to choose from entertainment alternatives.

Boss Audio Systems BVB9358RC Car Stereo

Discover a major automotive audio boost with the Boss BVB9358RC speaker system without worrying about putting a dent on your pocket. It has a 6.2-inch LCD display with a dynamic UI, integrated Bluetooth, as well as built-in mic. Bluetooth allows you to connect your smartphone so that hands-free conversations may very well be pleasant.

You can also manage your smartphone applications, like Pandora and iTunes, via Bluetooth. The integrated GPS connectivity mapping for any and all 50 countries uses text-to-speech technology. This means that the device can receive  audio instructions as well. Moreover, there are several important features that are pre-installed and configured.

A CD and DVD player have been featured too, so you may view clips on it using a video streaming feature. Connections of AM/FM, USB, AUX, memory stick, and so on allow users to broaden their functions. The system outputs feature preamp connections to improve the speakers as well as display feed, so that you can hook them up to the rear display which would be of great help in enhancing your driving experience.

The programmed equalization settings may not provide a powerful, thumping bass for your factory-fitted speakers, therefore you should try to utilize an alternative subwoofer.

Kenwood Excelon DMX706S Multimedia Receiver

The Excelon DMX706S Multimedia Transmitter from Kenwood makes connecting your smartphone with your double DIN head unit seamless and secure. Both the Apple CarPlay or Android Auto are available – so it doesn’t matter which device you are using. You may link your iPhone with Apple CarPlay, allowing you to activate applications such as iTunes, Apple Maps, iMessage, and much more.

Android Auto allows users who use Android to link up their smartphones to the multimedia recipient, so that they can utilize Google Assistant to acquire directions while driving. Moreover, you can also send text messages or answer/make calls while driving without touching your phone. Google Map, as well as Waze, are also compatible. Integrated Bluetooth allows you as well as the companions to link up to 5 smartphones to manage the entertainment within the automobile.

This radio additionally allows you to stream global broadcasts and songs through USB devices in addition to the AM/FM broadcasters. Audio playback with excellent quality, a visual 13-band equalization, along with a 3-way intersection allow you to obtain the highest frequency from all the songs you play. It has a big, configurable 6.95-inch touch-sensitive display featuring an electrifying color to complement it all.

The device has a sensitive display, unfortunately, and although that’s a standard attribute for most contemporary touchscreens, these do lag a lot. This implies that you should keep your finger around the gadget screen to make things work out and register your touch.

Sound Storm Multimedia Player

Sound Storm features an LCD touch-screen of 6.75-inch. It features both Apple CarPlay as well as Android Auto features. Both functions via voice control allow you to use your phone fully automatically while traveling. This feature allows you to not only find the path you want to embark upon through GPS but Bluetooth also gives you the option to play your favorite media.

There are also numerous integrated applications in the device like iHeartRadio, Google Play, WhatsApp, podcasts as well as Disney Radio. The option to personalize the interface may come handy if you are a tech savvy person. A range of colors may be used for lighting the buttons. You may also reorganize the applications to show them in the sequence they are most helpful to you.

Sadly, this machine lacks audio quality. It can’t even be improved as the backside of the sound input as well as output terminals are a lot less in number. Neither of the terminals on the device is labeled as well and therefore if you’d like to link something you will have to decrypt the instructional graph of the manufacturer.

Pioneer AVH-X390BS Car Stereo

The AVH-X390BS features a 6.2-inch LED panel, which is backlit. It is one of the most reliable names in the entertainment business. What’s really wonderful is that you will get customized features and even to pick between thirteen themes and 5 shades of the screen. This also features a luminosity control option so that the light doesn’t disturb you. The Bluetooth dual connectivity allows you to keep a continuous link with 2 smartphones, enabling hands-free communications from both devices.

To make your car appear as the ideal listening space, you will be able to experience a DJ-like mixture of your favorite songs with the use of pre-installed Mixtrax software. It has a CD and DVD player having tag metadata (name, singer, and record) shown on the touchscreen. You can connect your cellphone to applications like SoundCloud as well as Apple music, making it accessible for Android and iOS smartphones.

Sadly, the Bluetooth connectivity might have problems. You can link it to your smartphone but it will take some time to get connected or it might disconnect automatically after a few minutes of connectivity.

Bonus tips

If you have still not made up your mind, then here are a few tips that are surely going to get the best in-vehicle audio experience.

  • Whenever a double-DIN head system is removed or installed, please ensure that you unplug the battery pack so you do not face a live wire shock or get a fuse messed up. You will surely risk affecting the vehicle audio when the battery pack is enabled during the fitting process.
  • Many Apple CarPlay-only vehicle stereos are still linked through USB ports to an Android smartphone. Though these headers are not able to completely incorporate Android Auto, things on an Android smartphone can be accessed.
  • In order to link your automobile to a double DIN radio, you could use an additional cable connector. Many producers of head units offer separate replacement wire harnesses.
  • Assuming you do have an Apple CarPlay as well as Android Auto compatible graphical touch interface on the double-DIN audio system, you do not even actually have to pay any additional charges for the integrated GPS navigation stereo. Alternatively, you may reach your location using Google or Apple Maps directly.
  • Many car burglars prioritize automobile stereo systems because they are simpler to resell and far less hazardous to rob. However, you may get a head unit that would simply be locked away inside the glove box or perhaps at the back if you live in an area where crime rates are higher.


Will my dashboard accommodate a double head unit?

Nowadays, most newer automobiles feature a double-DIN car radio in their dash. You may purchase a faceplate, which can fit into a double DIN audio system if you have difficulties getting to install it.

Will my car’s double din stereo work if i remove the antenna?

Without the antenna, the radio reception becomes weaker. Your automobile audio will always play radio if you hook up to the station on the web. You may also power on and then link to the vehicle speakers through Bluetooth on your smartphone radio.

How does a single din vary from a double-din audio system?

The common space inside the automobile sector is now at a minimum of 7×2 inches in dimensions, in which a common vehicle radio can fit into the normal DIN. Dimensions for an area of double DIN standard is 7 x 4 inches.

Double Din and a single DIN – which one is better?

The main benefit of double DIN head units seems to be the bigger dimension that makes room for other functions like a touch interface, cam support, and much more. Although some might not include CD and DVD players, which are popular among many single-DIN headers, it’s a low cost to spend for extra features.

Double din and a single din – which one is better?

There is a possibility that a conventional double DIN head unit of 7 x 4 inches would be in there, assuming your car has a factory-fitted double-DIN device. So being on the cautious edge, determine the depth of the dashboard before you purchase the head unit and make sure the head unit is in great shape.


Following a thorough analysis, we selected Atoto A6 Double-DIN Car Stereo to be the best double-DIN head unit for money due to its big display and its wide range of intuitive functions, making it the perfect choice for travelers searching for an adjustable device. If you want to save yourself some bucks but yet want to have the amazing features of dual DIN head units, take Boss Audio Systems BVB9358RC Car Stereo into account.

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