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5 best Cold Air Intakes to buy before 2020

5 best Cold Air Intakes to buy before 2020

What is cold air intake?

The cold air intake is a system that helps the air-fuel mixture to enter into internal combustion engines. It consists of an air filter, housing, and duct hose to carry forward the process. Moreover, these systems also include a few sensors for airflow optimization in the engine.

If you wish to increase your car’s horsepower, improve its throttle, and want better gas mileage, then you must opt for this aftermarket product. Apart from that, it is a very inexpensive modification for an engine that will not only increase the performance of your vehicle but will also increase the life of your engine.

What does cold air intake do?

The cold air intake system increases the volume of air in the engine through a wide, large, and higher-flowing air filter and a straighter intake tube. Not only it boosts engine performance with higher volume and increased velocity of air, but it also cools down the air, which adds efficiency in the combustion process due to high density.

Moreover, if you wish to boost your car’s performance then check out the list of top five cold air intake systems that you must get for your vehicle before the year ends.

Top 5 cold air intake systems you must get your hands on before 2020 ends

AEM 21-478WR wrinkle red cold air Intake system

AEM 21-478WR is one of our shortlisted top 5 cold air intake systems. It has been selected because of its excellent performance and extraordinary design that boost the engine life. Dyno-tested AEM 21-478WR has a specially designed air filter that sieves macro and microparticles while allowing maximum airflow into the engine. However, its design is made for specific models, so before you invest in it, make sure that your car model is right for the product.

Spec-D Tuning AFC CAI

This brand is not new for those car enthusiasts who love DIY modification in their cars. It not only gives you the best quality, but its reliability is also worth your money. Moreover, if you are a proud owner of Honda Accord, you must surely go for this brand, as it will increase airflow up to 50% in your engine, which will increase 15 to 20 horsepower. However, if you have any other car or model, you can choose cold air intake according to your vehicle.

Spectre performance cold air intake kit

This amazingly designed CIA by Spectre is truly a power booster for your engine. Not only does it enhance horsepower of your engine, but it also boosts torque. It is made from high-quality materials that are sure to serve you for a longer period. Moreover, all the essential hardware comes with the kit, and it is easily installable. Apart from that, it comes with a powerful filter that prevents dust and micro particles from entering your engine, and the kit includes a powder-coated heat shield as well.

K&N performance CAI kit

Gain 15.66 horsepower with K&N Performance cold air intake kit. Its special design is perfect to remove air obstruction and increase airflow. Moreover, its washable, high-flow filter fits perfectly due to its conical shape, which also increases service life as well.

Apart from this, the kit also improves engine sound by clearing the air pathways between the filter and the engine. Its large size and airy design increase the airflow and provide a high-power to the engine. Nonetheless, it is a perfect fit if you want to install CAI on your own, because you can do that easily and with a few handy tools.

Volant 152536 powercore cool air intake

If you are looking for a high-performance cold air intake, then Volant is what you need. It is not only compatible with most of the vehicles, but it also boosts maximum horsepower on the engine. You can truly unleash the hidden potential of your vehicle after installing this amazing CAI.

Moreover, the airflow box of this high-performance system is also an air filter that prevents dirt particles from entering your system. It also has high-performing durable silicone connectors that keep it strong and increases its reliability. Furthermore, these silicone connectors also keep the airflow from cracking and breaking, and the optimal exhaust system keeps the air cool.


Above we have mentioned our top five choices for a cool air intake system. If you are wondering who installs cold air intakes, then the answer to this is; if you have good knowledge about the technicalities of this system, you can do it yourself. However, if you are not sure about doing it by yourself, then you can get it done from any nearby mechanic.



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