5 Ways to Play Amazon Music in the Car

Many people like to listen to music when they drive especially when they go for a long trip. You can connect your mobile phone with the speaker of your car and enjoy your favorite songs. You can also watch a movie in your car if there is the best car subwoofer for deep bass. It is because they provide the best quality of sound.

In this guide, we will explain to you different ways that will be helpful for you to connect your smart device with your car and listen to Amazon Music. No doubt, we all enjoy the streaming of Amazon Music. Let’s have a look at these ways to play Amazon Music in your car:

1. Use A Cable

The best and easiest way to play Amazon Music in your car is to use a cable wire. If you have the best car subwoofer for deep bass that comes with a USB or AUX socket, you can connect your phone using a cable and play Amazon Music in your car.

Before connecting the cable, you need to make sure that you are using the correct cable. For this purpose, you need to check the instructions of the manufacturer.

2. Connect With Bluetooth

Most modern cars are enriched with technological features that could allow you to connect your phone with your car’s speaker so that you could enjoy a movie or music in your car. For this purpose, you need to turn on the Bluetooth of your device as well as the Bluetooth of your car’s speaker.

You will see there is a list of Bluetooth devices provided at the bottom of your phone’s screen. You can select the device of your car’s stereo and pair your phone with it. Next, you have to open the Amazon Music app on your phone, turn on the Car Mode and play any music you want.

3. Use Apple CarPlay

You can use Apple CarPlay for playing songs in your car on Amazon Music. Let us tell you that you need to log in to your Amazon Music account first. Then, you need to connect your Apple device i.e. your iPhone with the speaker that is compatible with CarPlay. You can connect it through Bluetooth or use a USB cable.

Next, you need to go to the Settings section, select General, and then the CarPlay option on your iPhone. Then, select the Car Stereo option. In this way, you can play your favorite song on Amazon Music in your car.

4. Play Songs Through USB Drive

Let us tell you that you are allowed to play Amazon Music in your car through a USB drive. For your information, you can download the tracks offline using Amazon Music so that user data could be saved.

You should know that it is a tricky task to perform as it is not an easy task to download the tracks from Amazon Music and transfer them to a USB drive so that you could play them later in your car or any other vehicle.

As you know the files of Amazon Music are encoded that’s why you need to record your Amazon Music library completely as the plain music formats before transferring them to your USB drive. Thus, it allows you to play songs in your car offline.

5. Use Alexa Built-in Device

You can play Amazon Music in your car with the help of Alexa app. If there is no built-in dash in your car, Alexa built-in is best for you. To take advantage of this feature, you first needed to install the Alexa app on your Android or iPhone device.

After downloading it, you need to set it up in your car and connect it with your Alexa app. Pair your car’s speaker with your Alexa-enabled devices using an auxiliary input or Bluetooth and play the songs you want to enjoy.


What is the easiest way to play Amazon Music in your car?

Connecting your phone with your car’s speaker using a cable is the easiest way to play Amazon Music.

Can you listen to Amazon Music offline?

Yes, if you have downloaded your Amazon Music library and stored on a USB, you can listen to the songs offline.


There are many ways to play Amazon Music in your car. Some require you to have an active internet whereas some save user data. Make sure you know about different methods so that you could use any of them to enjoy your favorite songs in your car.

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