6 best car subwoofer for deep bass. Choosing the right subwoofer for your vehicle

Do you want your car to flex so strong that you fear your vehicle’s windshield will crack? Well, that is the quality of a good subwoofer.

There is no doubt in saying that cars are incomplete without a good stereo system. However, the addition of a subwoofer can make things even more pretty. The level of sound and power to your music increases massively with a subwoofer which a normal speaker cannot produce.

Subwoofers are not a new phenomenon. They were invented back in the 60s where they were mightily used in cinemas to greatly impact the audience. Later on, subwoofers were utilized to create low-frequency sounds such as an earthquake in various movies and shows. However, a quality singer of the 70s, Steely Dan produced an album in which he featured subwoofers in a car.

Factory-made speakers or car-audio systems are not of supreme quality and are of very little bass. This one thing shows what asset a subwoofer is to your vehicle.

6 best car subwoofers for deep bass
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Whenever you purchase a normal car stereo or audio system, you need to find small spaces in your vehicle to fit them. On the other hand, today’s modern subwoofer can easily be adjusted into the boot or trunk of the car.

This article will highlight the best car subwoofer for deep bass, and what are the criteria for choosing the right subwoofer for your vehicle.

How to choose the right subwoofer for your car?

Just like you’re confused while choosing other components of your car, this task might also get complicated for you. According to experts, a subwoofer should be the last thing to set up, while you’re in the process of building your car’s stereo system.

An audio system is incomplete without a good amplifier, great quality band-pass boxes, and an impressive head unit. When you are 100% sure that these components are placed perfectly and into the right position, you should choose the subwoofer which would complement them.

There are multiple factors to look into while you select your ideal subwoofer. Let’s discuss the features to consider during the selection process;

Source: crutchfield

Power rating

Without a good power system, a subwoofer would not survive in the long term. There are two power ratings in a great quality subwoofer;

  1. RMS
  2. Peak

Other than these, there are no sufficient power systems for a subwoofer. If you find any, you should be aware that it is not of good quality.

Sound quality

Sound is the basic or you can say the main purpose of a subwoofer. If the quality of sound is being compromised in any addition of a subwoofer, it would be a waste of investment.

For example, if you are listening to a song with deep bass and the sound is distorting at every beat, so the subwoofer is not efficient. You need to make sure to check the sound before you make the purchase.

Manufacturing quality

A subwoofer of good quality would never be produced with cheap raw materials. Whenever you are opting for a cheap or low-priced subwoofer, always make sure to check its durability and reliability.

In case, the material used in your subwoofer is of low quality, so the equipment surely would not last for a longer period. With the passing of time, the sound quality would deteriorate as well.

Source: greatestspeakers


Everyone wants to buy something which has good quality but looks and style also matter. Instead of placing a piece of wood and sound in your trunk, make sure your subwoofer is beautifully crafted. Well, it would be an additional feature to it.


No one other than a significant car lover would invest a big amount in a subwoofer. Yes, if you want to hear the quality sound, you must invest in something great. However, price doesn’t mean quality.

Price range would vary on certain factors such as – sound quality, manufacturing quality, and the model data and number.

Online reviews

Whenever you are all set to buy your favorite subwoofer, make sure to read online reviews regarding it. There is no chance that people are not aware of the equipment you are about to purchase. So, it is a better option to learn about the component before you make a mistake and regret it later on.

6 best car subwoofer for deep bass

After thorough research, we have listed down the best car subwoofer for deep bass. Before you make your choice, consider going through the list to know which option stands out for you.

Without wasting any time, let’s discuss the 6 best car subwoofer for deep bass for your vehicle;

JL Audio W7AE-3 Series subwoofers

JL has been exquisite in designing the best subwoofers since 2001. Do you know why their W-7 series has been massively successful over the years? It is due to JL’s innovation technique. The JL engineers are smart enough to produce every variant, every year with some innovation and updates.

JL Audio W7AE-3 Series subwoofers
Source: crutchfield

Previously and even today subwoofers are used for home theatres as well. Whenever an individual wanted to create a sound quality or environment in their comfort zone, the JL Audio W7AE-3 subwoofer was one of the supreme choices.

The manufacturing company highly concentrates on the quality of subwoofers they are producing. Instead of just lending it out to the customers, they make sure that every nut, screw, and connector is rightly placed and tight. This is one of the essential reasons why the JL W7 series has survived for over two decades in the subwoofer field.

The W7’s authentic or original version has been discontinued in the market. However, JL has been smart enough to produce for selective people while naming it ‘Anniversary Edition.’

The W7 series is available in four sizes in the market 8”, 10”, 12”, and 13.5”. Moreover, the features attached to this machine makes it exclusive;

  • Elevated design for good ventilation. So that the subwoofer isn’t heated with its usage.
  • Surround sound system: It helps in improving sound efficiency.
  • Dynamic Motor Analysis (DMA) is installed in the subwoofer. This way the equipment is secured from any kind of distortion.
  • The W-Cone assembly makes it rough and tough for every condition. The high-quality raw material is used in the production of this subwoofer.

According to specialists, JL Audio systems never compromise on the quality of their goods. This is the reason they are successful in the market. Furthermore, long life, incredible sound quality, and low distortion rank up the W7 series.

Hertz Mille Pro Series subwoofers

This subwoofer company was quite famous for producing the equipment with the Hi-energy series. However, with evolution, Hi-energy has phased out. In response, they started manufacturing the Milli Pro series.

Hertz Mille Pro Series subwoofers
Source: crutchfield

Hertz has been quite innovative and competitive in recent years. Most importantly, Hertz produced subwoofers with the lowest octaves. Nevertheless, the audio impact, precision, and power have been top-notched since the beginning.

While keeping the price competitive and reasonable, Hertz has been sensible enough to provide the customers with great quality bass because that is one major element of a subwoofer.

Let’s discuss the other factors and features which makes the Hertz Mille Pro Series exquisite for its customers;

  • Compact design: While subwoofers being somewhat difficult to be placed in the boot or the trunk. Hertz was smart enough to design something quite compact.
  • CNC machined diamond-cut basket: When we discuss precision and lower tolerances, so CNC machine works the best.

If we compare the price and quality being provided in this subwoofer, it would surely outperform its competitors. Moreover, the Hertz Mille Pro series is engineered or designed in such a way that it is quite flexible during the fixing process. The whole subwoofer system can easily make its place in your vehicle’s trunk.

Focal Flex Evo Series subwoofers

When we talk about exclusive design and impeccable quality, there is no chance that the Focal Flex Evo Series will be left behind. These subwoofers are engineered and designed by the most reputable sound manufacturers around the globe. Isn’t it cool?

JL Audio W7AE-3 Series subwoofers
Source: crutchfield

Sound lovers who are interested in low-frequency audio reproduction and bass enthusiasts, the Focal Flex Evo series is considered ideal for them. Instead of wasting their money on any other kinds of subwoofers, this brand is recommended to them.

Unlike the JL Audio W7 series, the Focal Flex Evo series is only available in three sizes – 8”, 10”, and 12” subwoofers. These subwoofers are designed in such a way that they can only operate in specific size speaker boxes.

If you wish to hear crystal-clear audio with your favorite low-bass frequency, the Focal Flex Evo series is a perfect choice. Unlike other audio systems, Focal Flex is only recommended for cars. The most interesting part of this subwoofer is the power consumption. You can throw around 1600 watts at it and still the quality would remain the same. You can listen to your most liked songs without any distortions.

JL Audio W6V3 Series subwoofers

Every sound lover would be aware of this reputable brand around the globe. This manufacturing company has been known for producing top-notched subwoofers and other audio speaker components. If you are searching for something to perform in tight quarters, JL Audio W6V3 will suit those conditions.

JL Audio W6V3 Series subwoofers
Source: crutchfield

This subwoofer is available in two sizes – 10”, and 12”. The rigid cast-alloy basket makes sure no kind of distortion or flex is involved while you listen to your songs. It can perform under 600 watts, which is quite significant for any audio speaker system.

Just like the JL Audio W7AE-3 series, this subwoofer also shares the same major characteristics. For example, both the subwoofers apply Dynamic Motor Analysis for eliminating any kind of distortion and disturbance from the surrounding. Moreover, JL Audio W6V3 is also designed in an elevated shape. This way it pushes the heat out and makes room for ventilation.

If you’re in search of a subwoofer that can survive for a longer period, JL Audio W6V3 should be your only choice. Its durability makes it stand out against its competitors.

Polk Audio MM Series subwoofers

If you are looking for a subwoofer for a harsh environment, there is none better than the Polk Audio MM series. Engineers of this subwoofer have made sure to include a rigid poly cone, excursion bump motors, and Santoprene, to make sure that you have the impact of every sound you listen to. Does it get better than this?

Polk Audio MM Series subwoofers
Source: crutchfield

Polk is available in both; dual and single coil. The engineers have protected each speaker with salt, fog, and UV to attain the IP56 ultra-marine rating. You can carry them on your boat ride, or place them on the back of your truck, they will outperform any subwoofer in harsh weather conditions.

When you consider budget and quality both at the same time, the Polk Audio MM series is the ideal choice for you. These subwoofers are available in three different sizes – 8”, 10”, and 12”.

MTX 55 Series subwoofers

Having a Rockford Fosgate and Hertz subwoofers is like a dream for many sound enthusiasts. Every sound lover wants to have a subwoofer of great quality but something which doesn’t exceed their credit card limit or budget.

MTX 55 Series subwoofers
Source: crutchfield

However, to fulfill all your demands, MTX 55 Series subwoofers have the best offering. Every technology required is placed in this subwoofer and relatively it doesn’t have a bigger market price. Even this variant ‘55’ offers more or less the same sound quality just like the supreme quality subwoofers from the MTX category.

They can be easily adjusted in most vehicles around the world because of their compact design and size. It can be run with 400 watts of power and can produce impeccable sound quality.

How to choose the right subwoofer?

It is important to understand your need – whether what kind of bass quality you are searching for? Well, it might be a tough choice for you to make to choose between the multiple great quality subwoofers available in the market. However, you need to understand that different sizes produce different sound quality.

Let’s discuss various subwoofer sizes and their sounds;

8” subwoofer

The more compact it is, it would have a punchier feel to it. If you are interested in listening to fast-paced songs, this size should be your ideal choice. Moreover, it is recommended for individuals who are interested in soft and light bass music.

Source: greatestspeakers

10” subwoofer

This size is quite common in the market due to its demand. In every other vehicle, you would find a 10” subwoofer when compared to other sizes. Again, it is also a good size to listen to fast-paced music, and provides a good quality bass for your music. Whether it’s rap, club, or soft music, a 10” subwoofer covers everything.

12” subwoofer

Some people are interested in heavy bass, so a 12” subwoofer is going to work for them. Due to it being universal, it is also quite common in the market. This size covers a deeper range of frequencies and can work with every song of heavy bass.


You need to understand your needs before you make your decision of purchasing a subwoofer. Various qualities and sizes are available in the market, you need to purchase the best one while seeing your budget. Let’s hope the list makes your decision-making easier and you may find the ideal choice subwoofer for your vehicle.

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