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Best car for old people How to make the right selection

Best car for old people: How to make the right selection?

Is the car well-equipped? Is the infotainment system simple? Is it easy to sit in the car? There are several factors to focus upon whenever an elderly decides to purchase a vehicle. After you have pondered upon all the features, you can have the best car for old people.

Every elderly driver has different needs and preferences in regards to their vehicle. Some prefer a small car which they can run around the town with good fuel economy and some elderly people decide to have a strong car which they can drive under extreme conditions. Old people are fortunate enough to have multiple vehicle options.

Well, we have cut the struggle part of yours as we have compiled the best cars for old people. Vehicles with user-friendly features, good cargo space, and better visibility.

This article will highlight what features to notice while you decide to have the best cars for old people. Moreover, we will also discuss multiple cars available for you in the market.

Read on to have the best car for yourself.

What vehicle to choose: Sedan OR SUV?

Just like homes, cars are also considered a long-term investment. You cannot throw away your valuable money. Before you make a choice between a sedan and an SUV, it is important to understand the real difference between these two.


A four-door vehicle with a boot trunk attached at the end of the car. The sedans are usually smaller than the size of a SUV but are considered for the daily commute. According to experts, sedans are generally more stable on the roadways and have a better driving experience.

When compared to SUVs for fuel efficiency, sedans are promoted for better fuel economy. However, sedans are normally closer to the ground which makes it difficult for elderly people to get off of the car. Secondly, sedans don’t have ample cargo space and interiors are quite basic as well.


Elderly people who are interested in vehicles for tough weather conditions should always opt for SUVs. Due to their better traction control and various gear options, SUVs are recommended for wet and snowy weather conditions.

Typically, the SUVs are higher from the ground which makes it easier for the old people to get in and out of the car. Furthermore, due to its higher position, you can have a better vision of the road. You do not have to worry about the cargo space if you wish to travel with your family because SUVs are considered ideal for it.

Nevertheless, if you are planning to save on fuel with an SUV, that is not possible. Due to heavy engines, the SUV consumes a good amount of fuel.

What are the key features to consider when choosing the best car for old people?

Anyone would be pondering upon the features or factors while they buy their dream car, it is the same case for the older generation. Yes, factors to consider might be different but no one wishes to invest such a big amount of money without a basic understanding.

Let’s discuss the attributes of the best cars for old people;

Accessibility to the car

It is difficult for the elderly to get in and out of the car like a normal person. It becomes hard for old people to squat and get inside sideways. In this scenario, old people will search for a vehicle with a low step-in height and a higher roof.

Secondly, old people who cannot walk or use a wheelchair will never opt for cars with higher step-in height. For example, most of the SUVs have this issue for the old people.

On the other hand, SUVs work best with the process of in and out. Sedans are typically lower to the ground so the roof height can be a significant problem for elderly people.

Visibility issue

As a driver, if you do not have a clear vision, definitely you will bump your car into another vehicle or anything on the road. You should have crystal clear visibility throughout the car – front, back, and sides. In regards to this, rear-view mirrors, and back cameras help a lot. You would surely find back cameras in most of the SUVs.

According to car specialists, Chevrolet Spark, and Honda Clarity are not the go-to cars when we discuss blind spots or clear vision. On the other hand, Honda Pilot and Subaru Forester are great in this regard.

Moreover, there are people of short height. Major car manufacturers have been critical about this issue and have tried to solve it. Significant brands such as – Toyota and Hyundai have produced cars that make a good room for the visibility of short-height people.

Easy infotainment system

Significant car manufacturers should take this into notice and provide less complicated infotainment systems or interiors for elderly people. Recently, all the modern cars are manufactured with complicated features such as – touchscreens, sound pads, and many other things.

However, old people would be more comfortable with large fonts, simple graphics, and high-contrast displays. The voice control thing is great for elderly people and humans who have dexterity problems.

Other safety features

No matter if you are young or old, safety is a matter of concern for everyone. Nevertheless, older people are more concerned about it due to being more prone to injuries.

Major car producers have taken this into notice and developed their vehicles with top safety features. For example, cars such as – Hyundai Sonata and Subaru Legacy are considered great when we discuss safety concerns.

Let’s discuss what other safety features should be included in the car to keep everyone safe or protected;

Back up camera

Generally, all modern cars include one. However, it would ease the issues of watching back continuously for the elderly people.

In May 2018, the United States government declared that every vehicle produced after that time should have a back camera.

Automatic emergency braking

With the growing age, our reflexes become weak. We are unable to respond to various things in a flash. In this case, automatic emergency braking would work great for elderly people.

Crashes can take place anytime and anywhere. With the help of automatic emergency braking, cars can respond in time and can sense the danger ahead or behind.

Cruise control

This feature is also being included in most modern cars. It helps to maintain the right distance between your car and the vehicle in front of you. If the elderly person is not that conscious enough to maintain the right distance, cruise control is essential for them.

Attention warning

As you get older, your attention starts lacking and you are unable to focus entirely on one thing. Driver attention warning helps you to maintain the right focus on the roadway. If the car senses any danger, it will alert you.

Moreover, if the vehicle senses that you are drowsy or sleepy, it will set off the alarm.

Rear cross traffic-alert

It is essential when you are parking your vehicle in a busy parking lot. Moreover, there are occasions, when a driveway is filled with hurdles, cross traffic-alert works the best in these scenarios as well.

5 best cars for old people

To name a few, we have listed the top 5 cars that are the perfect choice for old people. However, the choices are not limited to these, as there are many other options available in the market.

  1. Honda Fit
  2. Kia Forte
  3. Toyota Camry
  4. Subaru Legacy
  5. Lincoln Continental


Even the older people are quite passionate about having a good ride but there are certain things one must consider before making the purchase. Let’s hope this article helps you to find the right vehicle for yourself and the features you should take into consideration.

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