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Navigate routes easier with the best car compass

Navigate routes easier with the best car compass

The modern alternatives to many things around us keep things convenient and problem-free. A digital compass on your phone can only help you long as your phone is appropriately charged and functioning well. A car compass, however, is there to help you navigate your route around any new place you go. Digital compasses for cars are ever-better because they have more updated features and options for you.

If you are a travel enthusiast, you might have gone on long and short road trips that require you to drive and navigate as you go. And as you discover new roads and paths you have not surfed before, you need some sense of direction to not get lost. A compass here can be your best friend. Especially a digital compass will make you feel regular even in the new area with all its additional features.

Functionality is the top requirement that makes a compass worth it. Let’s look at some of the features, benefits, and the best digital compasses for cars:


These are some features expected from the best car compasses:

Display and size

Everyone has made the mistake of buying the wrong size of something every once in a while. But it is worse when you buy something and are unaware that a different size might improve your experience with the product. While buying a compass, you need to make sure you pick the right and appropriate size for your vision. It will be a problem when you are unable to accurately read the compass while driving. Similarly, a larger than necessary size might also hinder your dashboard.

Moreover, in the case of a digital compass, the display type matters a lot, you do not know where you’ll end up putting up the screen. It should be visible from your area of seating, therefore transparent display and LED lights are necessary.

Calibrate and navigate

We praise digital compasses for making our lives easier by bringing in added features, but the truth is the traditional magnetic compass is much better at calibration. This is because they do not require electricity/power to run and just immediately know which direction to take you. Therefore make sure you know what you are getting yourself into when you buy either, practice will help you get used to how both of them work.


Just as most mechanical works have had digital updates, so have compasses. There are traditional compasses and digital compasses for cars that you can use and install.

Traditional compass

The earliest form of compass, still found around you, is the traditional compass that people often carried around using a chain and pocket watch dial. It comes with a pointer facing the magnetic north for the navigation ordeal. It is also known as a magnetic compass because they work with the magnetic pointer, attached with a magnet to your car’s dashboard. They easily direct you using the true north scale to navigate the route. If there is a magnetic material in the car, it could misdirect and affect the compass, so it’s recommended to keep them away. The compass is securely attached to the car’s surface where it is most conveniently seen, the dashboard. It has the traditional and only feature of telling you where you are in terms of direction.

Digital compass

Sensing the problem with traditional magnetic compasses, inventors gave us the digital compass. It does not rely on magnetic fields or get affected by them as a traditional compass would. No other kinds of metals can affect this compass either, including iron or nickel, etc. The technology behind them is not obvious, but they work the same, and in an even lighter body. They are compact in their body and size, which makes them even easier to go around. There are also a few display types of digital compasses that showcase the speed and time in your vehicle.


In terms of benefits, navigation is not the only thing these car compasses are good for. Let’s look at some other added benefits:


Depending on what compass you choose, some of them include additional navigation-related features along with showing direction. The distance, latitude, longitude, and even your car’s speed are included in the list of things an advanced compass can do for you. The multifunctional abilities also go till informing the driver regarding speed limits when one is crossed.


If you have ever used your phone or other digital gadgets to navigate a map/route towards somewhere, you can understand how distracting it can get. Some states even prohibit phone use during driving, due to high cases of car accidents. A car compass however eradicates that need when it directs you throughout the entire route without any distractions.


Again depending on which brand and type you choose, it can be easily used in any other instance and situation where navigation is required. Boats are another major vehicle that requires quite strict navigation, and you can easily use a compass from any car in that situation. It can even work for motorcycles, granted you know how to manage that vehicle and do give your attention to the compass simultaneously.


The pricing of compasses can vary from under $25 to $100 and above too. It all depends on how willing you are to invest in it. In case you have an open budget, your next worry is to make sure you know what you want out of your compass. If all you want is for it to show you the way, a regular magnetic compass will do the job and be extremely reasonable too. Most traditional magnetic compasses are under $25. While on the other hand if you want more features and abilities within your compass, you can go for a higher-priced compass. This will be the best compass among the lot, with great overall ability and durability.

Top brands


Suunto might be one of the most beloved names due to its continued encouragement of finding and making our adventures. Ever since their inception in 1936, they pioneered the way towards finding an alternative to manufacturing liquid‐filled compasses innovatively. Their product portfolio includes compasses, sports watches, and dive computers that are all away to pursue more adventurous paths. One of their best compasses is the Suunto Clipper Car Compass.

Ritchie Navigation

Created under Edward Samuel Ritchie, the then-owner, Ritchie Navigation has led the small corner of compasses in the gadget market for a long time. Currently, the firm is privately owned and run by the Sherman Family in Pembroke. Their expertise lies in making recreational and commercial magnetic compasses that are some of the highest-selling in the marine industry. Their products are available in 5 countries worldwide. Their experience in high-precision products since 1850 gives them such a good name in the market. Ritchie Navigation Compass and Ritchie Navigation Explorer Compass are two of their highest-selling compasses.

HR Imotion

The German company Herbert Richter GmbH & Co. KG is also known as HR Imotion. They are one of the leading manufacturers of car accessories worldwide. They are internationally known for their reliable products. Founded in Germany in 1956, the company has held high standards for all its products. The owner and founder Herbert Richter first started the company in Pforzheim with the same goal of making the highest standard of products. After a continued perusal of perfection in their products, their HR 10310601 Self-Adhesive Automobile Dashboard Compass has made the most sales among all their products.


Pyle Universal’s Head-Up Display (HUD) Screen is known as one of the best digital compass for car around for many reasons. People are still skeptical about relying on screens to tell you your direction, but it’s all a matter of time until you realize how much potential digital screens hold. Founded in the 1960s, Pyle has focused on making products more technologically advanced for its customers. Ever since their formation, they have made and perfected several car accessories. Heads Up Display HUD Screen – Vehicle Speed & GPS Compass HUD Monitor System is their best selling product.

These were our top brands for compasses that you can look into and their best-selling products too. There are still more brands that make some top-quality products you can use if you search the market. A car compass is supposed to be your way through a journey, regardless of its type. It helps to know the options you have, but ultimately there is one job. Make sure your key features are covered when you are making a choice on which one to choose.

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