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Looking for the best car battery Here are the top 10 Best Car Batteries

Looking for the best car battery? Here are the top 10 Best Car Batteries

Looking for the best car battery? Here are the top 10 Best Car Batteries.

Sick of getting stuck unexpectedly on the road? Here are our recommended best car batteries for you.


Imagine waking up one fine morning, getting ready for a new day, all plans are a go – you get in your car and try to start it – but the engine doesn’t start. How annoying it would be to find yourself in such a situation. Even more annoying is the fact that you could have gone to the mechanic in time to get your car battery replaced – but, you didn’t, and how your day is messed up. So, to avoid this annoying hassle it is recommended that you start searching for the best car battery from today. It ain’t such a hard task because the Car Expert Group has already picked the best car battery for you.

To put it simply, there are two kinds of car batteries: the first is the standard lead-acid batteries and the second is the Absorbed Glass Mat batteries (AGM). Lead-acid batteries are less expensive than AGM batteries, but they do not carry a long-lasting life. While the AGM batteries are made to survive repeated draining and charging processes. Since most new vehicles with fancy high-tech components like start-stop systems now come standard with AGM batteries, the majority of our recommendations in this article are AGM batteries. Yes, you will have to add some bucks for the cost, but they have improved long-term efficiency by withstanding deep discharges and are more likely to be retrieved if unexpectedly drained.

Batteries are often available in a variety of types and terminal forms, so consult the car owner’s manual before shopping to ensure you have the correct one. Any of the battery models in our article can look identical but have distinct top terminals — make sure you choose the right one for your car.

When you skim through the batteries, you’ll notice that we have outlined a lot of features for the majority of the car batteries. Cold-cranking amps (CCA) is one of them, and it tests how well a battery can turn on the engine in cold temperatures. Another attribute is the reserve capacity, and that’s the amount of time a battery will operate if some component of your vehicle’s charging system fails.

Editor’s choice: Optima batteries RedTop 35

It is a little surprising that 3 of the batteries that are mentioned as the best ones are by Optima. The redtop35 is one of the most popular brands in the battery market while the other two by the optima are the same – the only difference is in the terminals. The redtop35 is our highest recommendation. It offers a fair combination between price and output, with 720 CCA and C20 power of 44 Ah, along with 90 minutes of reserve capacity for continuous performance. The battery dimension ranges from 7.69′′ to 9.38′′ x 6.75′′ and the weight is 31.7pounds respectively.

The RedTop 35 is made of polypropylene and features SAE posts. Optima states that this battery will have more than fifteen times a normal battery’s vibration tolerance and also is maintenance-free with up to three times more life.


  •  15 times more vibration resistant
  •  720 CCA
  •  C20 capacity: 44 Ah
  •  Faster recharging
  •  Maintenance-free
  •  Mountable in virtually any position
  •  Polypropylene case
  •  Reserve capacity of 90 minutes for constant performance
  •  SAE posts
  •  Spill-proof
  •  Strong starting burst
  •  Up to 3 times longer life

Optima YellowTop D34/78: Best for cars with a lot of accessories

If your vehicle seems to have a lot of fancy gadgets, such as an aftermarket audio system or perhaps a neon light setup, you should consider investing in a high-performance car battery. We have several high-performance batteries across our list, however, our preferred choice would be from Optima again – Its YellowTop models. The YellowTop D34/78 has a power of 55 Ah and a capacity of 750 CCA. This battery weighs 43.5 lbs. and measures 10′′ by 6-7/8′′ by 7-13/16′′. It has dual SAE and GM panels. If you are looking for a different type of terminal, be ready to skim along with other variants of Optima’s YellowTop battery.

The YellowTop D34/78 has a reserve power of 120 minutes along with a polypropylene case just like the RedTop 35. This battery is also 15 times vibration-resistant for an improved lifetime. The YellowTop also boasts deep cycle and cranking capacity and more than 300 discharge/reload cycles before it has to be changed again. This one also has a spill-proof feature and can be installed in almost all positions, just like other Optima batteries.


  •  15 times more vibration resistant
  •  750 CCA
  •  C20 capacity: 55 Ah
  •  Deep-cycle and cranking power
  •  Dual SAE/GM posts
  •  Faster recharging
  •  Mountable in virtually any position
  •  Over 300 discharge/recharge cycles
  •  Polypropylene case
  •  Reserve capacity of 120 minutes for constant performance
  •  Spill-proof
  •  Up to 3 times longer life

ACDelco 94RAGM Professional Automotive Battery

The 94R Professional AGM battery comes from the renowned ACDelco brand. A pressurized valve mechanism designed to avoid dry-out and acute damage of the terminals is provided in this car battery. This valve ensures long life and protects the battery. The 94R is very capable of cycling at high rates and is very loud-responsive so that vehicles with start-stop systems have an excellent amount of power.

The use of a high-density negative paste, which enhances capacity and battery life represents an outstanding attribute of this battery. Enhanced life alloy or Silver Calcium-stamped alloy also enhances battery capacity and its life span. A precision ribbed case, 100 percent checked for a strain to prevent potential leakage – adds resilience and stiffness.

The 36-month free replacement span for ACDelco’s Professional Automotive AGM batteries will be provided to the customers too.


  •  100% pressure tested, precision manufactured ribbed case
  •  Enhanced life alloy/Silver Calcium stamped alloy
  •  Great for vehicles with start/stop systems
  •  High cycling capabilities, remarkably charge-receptive
  •  High-density negative paste
  •  A leak-proof pressurized valve system

Optima Battery RedTop 75/25

The company’s RedTop 75/25 battery is our third and final Optima battery included in this list. It has 720 CCA and a C20 power of 44 Ah, much like the RedTop 35, except it has a dual SAE/GM panel rather than only the SAE panel as seen on the RedTop 35. This car battery weighs 33.1 lbs. and measures 9.38′′ by 7.75′′ by 6.81′′.

You should expect the same results as the RedTop 35, with a powerful starting push and up to three times the longer battery life. Also, it is 15 times better vibration tolerant and has a 90-minute reserve potential for consistent efficiency. The RedTop 75/25 is designed to be maintenance-free and spill-proof, and it can be mounted in almost any spot. Also, if you need GM panels we would recommend you to buy the redtop 75/25.


  •  15 times more vibration resistant
  •  720 CCA
  •  C20 capacity: 44 Ah
  •  Dual SAE/GM posts
  •  Faster recharging
  •  Maintenance-free
  •  Mountable in virtually any position
  •  Polypropylene case
  •  Reserve capacity of 90 minutes for constant performance
  •  Spill-proof
  •  Strong starting burst
  •  Up to 3 times longer life

XS Power D3400 High Output Battery

The D3400 is another high-performance car battery, manufactured by XS Power, which you can replace your old one with. This battery is spill-free, insulated, valve-controlled, and vibration resistant, with a power of 65 Ah, 3,300 maximum amperes, and 1,000 cranking amps (not CCA). It is made for heavy-duty vehicles with ultralow internal resistance and is best suited for automobiles with high-power stereo systems.

XS Power promises to use the highest energy efficiency chemistry of AGM batteries, and the company has rapidly become the preferred battery for the competition of automotive audio enthusiasts. So, if you’re looking for a battery that is long-lasting with loads of strength, consider XS Power.


  •  1,000 cranking amps
  •  3,000 max amps
  •  65 Ah
  •  Ideal for competition car audio
  •  Spill-proof, sealed, valve regulated, and vibration resistant
  •  Ultra-low internal resistance

DieHard Advanced Gold Battery

DieHard is the brand that usually comes to mind whenever we talk about batteries in general. The company has a large selection of substitute car batteries, and we prefer the Advanced Gold models. Many models are available based on the vehicle you own, so make sure you choose the correct one for your vehicle before ordering. The CCA and Ah ratings of these batteries vary from 650 to 850 and 50 to 92 Ah.

These batteries are maintenance-free and spill-proof and are designed to withstand high temperatures and increased accessory power demands. They can even be installed in almost any position. DieHard batteries are Heat-sealed and tamper-resistant. The structure protects sensitive electrical devices of your car, and an improved electronic suspension mechanism protects the internal components of these batteries.

According to DieHard, these car batteries provide twenty times more vibration protection and double the lifespan of standard batteries. They even come with a free replacement warranty for up to three years.


  •  Backed by a 3-year free replacement warranty
  •  Can be mounted in practically any position
  •  Heat-sealed and a tamper-resistant design
  •  Maintenance-free
  •  Offers 20 times more vibration protection
  •  Spill-proof design
  •  Twice the life cycle of regular batteries
  •  Wide range of options

Kinetik 2400 Watt Battery

If your vehicle has seriously badass audio equipment and you’ve had trouble with headlight fluctuation, we recommend you to go for a Kinetik car battery. This car battery company focuses on high-performance batteries, mostly for car lovers who love to show off their audio equipment. This battery ensures that they can have more than enough power for a standard car. A brief look at the customer feedback for this battery demonstrates that it addresses multiple users’ problems with the dimming of headlights.

This battery is a 2400-watt box with a spill-proof, sealed configuration that can be installed in whatever position you want. Ultra-low ESR with even more panels provides higher energy density, while densely packed cells provide higher voltage under load. This battery is designed to last, thanks to its superior heat and vibration tolerance.


  •  2400-watt battery
  •  Ideal for car audio enthusiasts
  •  Mountable in any position
  •  Spill-proof, sealed design
  •  Superior heat and vibration resistance
  •  Tightly packed cells for higher voltage under load
  •  Ultra-low ESR with more plates provide stronger energy density

AutoCraft Platinum Battery

If you want a new car battery while you are reading this, here we have got 2 alternatives that you can buy online and shop locally. AutoCraft car batteries are available at Advance Auto Parts, and two of them are present in this list. One being the Platinum AGM battery, which is designed to last up to twice as long as a normal flooded battery. AutoCraft’s AGM batteries utilize the PowerFrame grid system, which is a more robust and long-lasting positive grid infrastructure. According to AutoCraft, PowerFrame has up to 70% improved flow of electricity than many other grid technologies. Furthermore, PowerFrame virtually prevents premature loss and is up to 66% more stable and corrosion-resistant than other grid projects.

It can be mounted anywhere in your car as it is a spill-proof battery, while this car battery itself has a durable nature with excellent high-temperature environment stability and a stable start capacity in cold weather. The vibration tolerance is also greater in comparison with normal flooded batteries.

A rating of 60 Ah and 740 CCA for AutoCraft Platinum was achieved. It is 10.25′′ x 6.812′′ x 7.75′′ and has an overall weight of 38.7 lbs.


  •  60 Ah
  •  740 CCA
  •  Can be mounted in any location
  •  Engineered to provide up to twice the life compared to a standard flooded battery
  •  Higher level of vibration resistance
  •  Power-Frame grid technology – offers up to 70% better electrical flow and  66% more durable and more corrosion-resistant than other grid designs
  •  The robust design offers exceptional performance in extreme temperatures
  •  Spill-proof

Odyssey Extreme Series Battery

Odyssey is another brand, for which you can’t go wrong. These batteries are manufactured in the United States, and their extreme series is the 34R-PC1500 in particular. It is built for common cars and light trucks, hence, this battery ends up being popular with SUV owners. With a reserve power of 135 minutes, this particular battery provides 68 Ah and 850 CCA.

In contrast to the lead alloy used in other batteries, the battery plates of Odyssey are completely virgin lead, which means that they can pack in more plates. More plates give rise to a more flat surface, giving more power. Odyssey claims the 34R-PC1500 is two times more powerful than traditional batteries in general and offers three times more battery life, reaching up to around 400 cycles at an 80% discharge depth.

The battery is vibration resistant and has adjustable mounting options, it uses SAE terminals. The manufacturer offers a full replacement guarantee for three to four years.


  •  135 minutes of reserve capacity
  •  68 Ah
  •  850 CCA
  •  Battery plates are made of pure virgin lead
  •  Flexible mounting
  •  Ideal for light truck and SUV owners
  •  Limited 3- and 4-year full replacement warranties
  •  Made in the U.S.
  •  Three times the life of conventional batteries
  •  Twice the overall power
  •  Up to 400 cycles at 80% depth of discharge
  •  Vibration resistant

AutoCraft Automotive Battery

If you need a very cheap substitute battery, the automotive entry-level battery called AutoCraft is a wise choice. This is a typical basic car battery with 650 CCA, available at Advance Auto Parts, which means you can pick it up locally or you can buy it online. This battery has a “lasting” battery life and is intended to provide starting capacity at an economical price.

This battery is primarily a choice for maintenance-efficient cars and car owners looking for something affordable. If you need a battery to momentarily get you rolling, that is the way forward. A 90-day repair for Advance Auto Parts also is possible if the battery turns out to be faulty.

Also, AutoCraft has other battery types. Therefore, if you do not want Platinum AGM battery output earlier in our series, and you want something more durable than the regular batteries, don’t forget to skim through the Silver and Gold variants of the brand.


  •  “Durable” battery life span
  •  650 CCA
  •  90-day replacement if the battery is defective
  •  Basic battery
  •  Extremely affordable

Battery Maintenance: Need to know

Cold Weather: For lead-acid batteries and lithium-ion batteries the extreme cold weather is a no-no. A battery will freeze in extremely cold weather that shortens the plates and doesn’t charge the battery anymore. The sides of the box will bump out as a battery freezes.

Lead-acid batteries: To sustain the load, the lead-acid batteries must be charged constantly. The battery deteriorates, particularly when the cold weather gets intense, leaving the lead-acid battery on the shelf for 6 months.

Terminals and cables: the battery works perfectly when the terminals are fixed properly. Due to corrosion, cables and terminals will restrict the alternator’s battery charging and power supply to the vehicle.
You must firmly equip both terminals so you can’t wiggle them. You must pay particular attention to side-post terminals, because you may remove those strips and cut them into the case, this will cause the electrolyte to leak out.

Corrosion: Corrosion is a common battery issue. Putting a little Vaseline on the terminals is used for corrosion protection. Another option is an airtight electrical liquid tape, which must be cut off before the battery cable is removed.

Load Test: We suggest that you get a mechanic to test a load of battery yearly if you live in a warmer environment or after 4 years if you live in a colder climate, even though almost all of the car batteries are maintenance-free. This test checks the voltage holding capacity when the battery is being used, and the results let you know when the time is right to start shopping for a new one.


People tend to invest less amount of money in the major components of the car such as – battery. They plan to invest in something which is less durable and would not survive in the long term. However, according to car specialists, you should do fine research for the best place to buy a car’s battery, before you opt for it.

Well, now you do not have to worry about being stuck in the middle of the road due to battery issues as we have compiled the best car batteries for you. Let’s hope this article eases the way for you and you can find the best car battery.

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