Best aftermarket LED headlights: Powerful yet affordable beamlight!

With the passage of time, many people are shifting from simple car headlights to LED headlights. If you are one of the people, who wants to replace their normal headlights with the best aftermarket LED headlights to impart value to their car, then keep reading further.

The best part about LED headlights is that they don’t use much energy while producing better light. Moreover, these lights consist of light-effusing diodes, which help it to light brighter. Earlier these were used as interior lights, however, the time has changed.

Many people consider it to be an expensive choice, but it is way more cheaper in the long run. Similarly, it also depends on which of the best aftermarket LED headlights you prefer.

The best aftermarket LED headlights are 80% more energy-efficient halogen lights and entail healthy vehicle batteries. To be precise, they not only entail power pact strength but as compared to the regular headlights, they have 5 times longer life as well. Let’s have a look at the best aftermarket LED headlights that are available in the market.

Led headlight bulbs conversion kit by Sealight

If we compare Led Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit to halogen bulbs, then these bulbs are 1.5 times shinier and entail a decent light of white color. Now when it comes to the results – the greater light and ultra-focus results of these bulbs allow you an awesome visual experience.

Led Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit by SEALIGHT
Source: Amazon

Led Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit by SEALIGHT is formulated in a way that after looking at the lights, the drivers don’t get blind at all. In fact, these bulbs work tremendously even in weather conditions such as rain and fog. So choosing them is a good option.


Weight: 6.7 oz

Model: H11


Key features

  • Increases the visibility
  • Installation of play-and-plug for around 95 percent
  • Greater than 30000 hours’ lifetime
  • White light with bright, crisp, and clean effect


You can get these LED headlights for $54.95.

Ultra led headlight bulbs conversion kit by Hikari

If you want an excellent beam pattern and bright bulbs, then Ultra LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit by HIKARI is the perfect fit for your car. These bulbs develop a light output of 12000lm on each pair, which is 270% glaring as compared to the normal stock bulbs.

Ultra LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit by HIKARI
Source: Amazon

Due to the focused light of the LED headlights, the other drivers won’t face the problem of blurry eye vision after seeing the headlights. Likewise, while buying these lights, you will come across numerous bulb sizes in the market. But make sure to cross-check which size is the right pick for your car.


Weight: 12.8 oz

Model: V1-H11


Key features 

  • A greater level of brightness but low wattage
  • Design is quite sleek and slim
  • The high-quality performance experienced from its latest LED technology
  • Effectively suits halogen beam


Get your hands on Ultra LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit for $68.50.

Led headlight bulbs conversion kit by Cougar Motor

Cougar Motor Led Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit is a quite famous pair of headlights. In contrast to halogen designs, these LED bulbs are 200% brighter. As they use premium technology, light provision for 50,000 hours is made possible. Likewise, they light up foggy views and dark spots.

Led Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit by Cougar Motor
Source: Amazon

Moreover, if we talk about installation, it requires 20 min. You should always prefer consulting the manufacturer beforehand, this will help you decide whether or not these headlights are appropriate for your model.


Weight: 12.3 oz

Model: H11

Brand: Cougar Motor

Key features 

  • Installation is easy
  • It entails a greater speed of heat dissipation system
  • The laser is aligned to create a base for an accurate beam design


Add these LED highlights to your car for $23.58.

R2 led headlight conversion kit by Vo Rock8

This is one of the best aftermarket LED headlights, as it is well-suited with many vehicles. It caters to an ultra-level of heat transfer with the help of a cold-pressed aluminum heat sink. And its formulation is composed of two ball fans. Fundamentally, they function as an incredible upgrade to your vehicle lighting.

R2 LED Headlight Conversion Kit by VoRock8
Source: Amazon


Weight: VoRock8

Model: V8-R2 9006

Brand: VoRock8

Key features 

  • Color: 6500k white diamond
  • Entails beam technology, which is chip concentrated
  • Condense model to adjust in more than 98 percent of cars
  • An elevated level of heat dissipation


Buy R2 LED Headlight Conversion Kit by VoRock8 for $24.66.

High level of heat dissipation by Beamtech

If you are looking for a headlight that provides better light than your normal halogen bulbs, then these LED headlights by BEAMTECH are all that you need. The developer guarantees 30,000 hours of uninterrupted usage although the power of every lamp is around 25 watts only. Moreover, the dense heat of these bulbs assists to extend their life period.  

High level of heat dissipation by BEAMTECH
Source: Amazon


Weight: 8.8 oz

Model: H11 (H8, H9)


Key features 

  • Plug-and-play installation
  • The output of around 8000 lumens is formulated
  • Narrow light beam design
  • 30,000 hours’ life period


Get these LED highlights by BEAMTECH for $31.34.

H11/h8/h9/h16 led headlight kits by Lasfit

Everyone likes enjoying a smooth drive, this gets quite feasible when you entail some quality headlights, and H11/H8/H9/H16 LED Headlight Kits by LASFIT make sure you don’t get to witness any foggy views and dark spots. It has an uncomplicated installation, and there is a fixed ballast to make sure that it has a maximized space.

LED Headlight Kits by LASFIT
Source: Amazon

If compared to the normal halogen headlights, these lights are brighter to a level of 200%, and they have a life period of around 30,000 hours, which suggests that you can enjoy its benefits for several years.


Weight: 10.4 oz     

Model: LC6H11


Key features 

  • The greater output of light, and high focus
  • Plug-and-play installation is quite simple
  • For utmost heat dissipation, it is formulated with aviation aluminum
  • Crystal Light with a cool white 6000K


H11/H8/H9/H16 LED Headlight Kits by LASFIT are available for $36.99.

Led headlight bulbs f-16 series by Auxbeam

At some point in time, you might have gotten into a problem due to your headlights. And one such problem is that it usually blinds the approaching drivers on the road. But don’t you worry, the gentle white light beam of these LED Headlight Bulbs by Auxbeam will ensure that you don’t land up in such problematic situations again. 

LED Headlight Bulbs F-16 Series by Auxbeam
Source: Amazon

With the help of these headlights, you can easily see the road clearly without blinding the other drivers on the road. They should sustain for a prolonged period because of their efficient cooling designed system, dustproof, and waterproof features.


Weight: 7 oz

Model: 88621846

Brand: Auxbeam

Key features 

  • An all-rounder dense model
  • Heat protection through integrated turbo dan
  • Emits decent white light
  • Dust seal and IP68 water


You can buy LED Headlight Bulbs F-16 Series for $30.66.

Newest version g4 8000 lumens by Jdm Astar

If you are searching for fog lamps or need headlights, these Newest Version G4 8000 Lumens are an excellent choice. The light beam provides around 100% more light in contrast to normal halogen headlight bulbs.

According to your car stipulations, ensure to look into the needed bulb size. Hard-wearing and durable, these LED lights consist of IP65 waterproof rating and function among temperatures of -40 and 80-degrees Centigrade.


Weight: 8.8 oz



Key features 

  • Consists of a blade designed fan
  • effective heat dissipation
  • Easy installation method


Newest Version G4 8000 Lumens by JDM ASTAR is $23.99.

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