4 Best aftermarket auto parts brands in the US

What are the aftermarket auto parts?

When you purchase a new car, it is going to get old one day. As it gets old and warranties expire, you’ll need sustainable auto parts that can be replaced if anything gets worn off over time. Worry not, because only CAPA (Certified Automobile Parts Association) certified manufacturers can manufacture these aftermarket auto parts.

Moreover, if you want to upgrade your car’s system, you’ll need to know the best aftermarket auto part brands. Only they can provide you with suitable parts that will be useful and will last longer.

Why choose aftermarket car parts over the original equipment manufacturer?

There are various reasons to use aftermarket auto parts, then going to the original manufacturer. One of the biggest reasons is that aftermarket auto parts are cheaper than the original ones, but in terms of performance they are highly competitive. If your car gets into an accident, most insurers advise you to get your car repaired with aftermarket parts rather than the original ones.

Moreover, aftermarket car parts have longer warranties than the original ones. It gives you leverage to claim in case if anything goes wrong.

However, you must always get your aftermarket auto parts from a verified and reliable brand. If you are not aware of them, fret not, as we have done the deed for you by listing them here.

Best Aftermarket Auto Parts Brands

best aftermarket auto parts brands

AC Delco

Being one of the pioneers of aftermarket car components producers, AC Delco is one of the oldest brands in the US that has been in the industry for over a century. Originally, it is owned by General Motors and is specialized to produce original car components for the brand, but they manufacture aftermarket auto parts for other vehicles as well.

A wide variety of products by AC Delco includes spark plugs, air filters, car batteries, chassis, radiators, heating and cooling systems, and more.

Magna International Inc

Ruling the aftermarket car parts industry for over three decades, Magna International has become one of the most prominent brands in the US. Its headquarter is located in California. Over the years, this market-dominant company has built its reputation by producing high-quality stainless steel parts that stop rusts and leakages to give the car owner a long term solution.

They are known to produce different catalytic converters including manifold catalytic converters and exhaust products like the cat-black exhaust system, etc. They have parts available for various kinds of vehicles including, SUVs, Ford, Toyota, Cadillac, etc.


Located in Van Buren Township, in the state of Michigan, Visteon has a diverse portfolio in terms of aftermarket car parts production. General Motors, Ford, BMW, and many more get their auto parts made from them. Even Asian vehicles like Nissan and Hyundai also use their manufactured parts.

Visteon products can be divided into three major categories. These are defined as electric parts for cars needing electric components; climate-saving parts like cooling systems, compressors, and more; and interior car components. Interior car parts include cockpits, instruments, door panels, etc.

Lear Corp

Lear Corporation, with its headquarter in Michigan, has a versatile history. Initially, the company specialized in producing tubular, welded, and stamped steel components for cars and airplanes. However, in 1996 when Lear turned into Lear Corporation, it became a manufacturer for aftermarket auto parts. It majors in manufacturing electric systems and automobile interiors.

Operating in more than 39 countries around the globe, this multi-national produces electrical distribution systems, seating, and software for the pioneer automobile producers. The wide range of its manufacturing includes seat covers, seat headrests, seat structures, and much more.


All in all, these top best aftermarket auto parts brands in the US must be your go-to brands if your car starts showing any problem. We have made sure to give you a variety of options from which you can make your choice. From these aftermarket car parts producers, you can get any accessory or replacement parts according to your need.

Moreover, getting your desired parts from these brands would ensure that it is not much heavy on your pocket while you enjoy top quality services. Apart from that, many other companies provide these parts, but above mentioned are among the top four and are the most reliable companies.

Going to an original equipment manufacturer will drive you crazy. Be smart, get it from the third party, and save both – your time and money.

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