Best 6.5 component speakers for the money with excellent features

Deciding speakers for your car’s sound isn’t an easy task especially when you have to choose from the best 6.5 component speakers for the money. You may have to consider many factors to look for when having a high-quality sound with durable features is all your concern.

Undoubtedly, there are multiple high-quality speakers for your vehicle out there but today you will get to know some of the best of them according to the features and qualities that they offer to their users.

Firstly, it is essential to know that there are two types of speakers, coaxial speakers, and component speakers. In simpler terms, coaxial speakers feature tweeters and a mid-range compactly at one place, and in a component speaker your tweeter, woofer, and crossover are all separate pieces. So it becomes easy to control separate pieces of a speaker to filter out the undesired frequencies.

Component speakers are relatively more common among audiophiles than coaxial speakers due to better control of the sound frequencies as well as it gives you a tailored listening experience. But that doesn’t make the coaxial speakers bad enough not to give them a try.

In today’s comparison, we will stick to some of the best 6.5 component speakers for the money. You may already have come across some of them but you will get to know some other options as well. So, without wasting a second more, let’s jump right into the comparison.

What are some of the best 6.5 component speakers for the money?

Morel Maximo Ultra 

When someone talks about the long-standing reputation of speakers, Morel takes the first place. These are high-fidelity speakers that offer high-quality sound and those ultra-Maximo line range is an amazing entry-level component speaker. The device with double-way component drivers brings two crossovers, two mids, two woofers, and two tweeters.

Morel’s one-inch tweeter has EVC (external voice coil) technology which offers the ability to lower the distortion and contains crisp and beautiful mids. People often love the signature sound of Morel which is more of a warmer tone without being tinny.

Morel’s woofer contains a high-grade magnet motor that provides magnetic energy for better and high power efficiency.

The crossovers are built to handle the power that the speaker needs which eventually helps the speakers to minimize distortion and saturation of a particular sound.

If you are willing to pay $250 for having ultra 2-way component driver speakers, then we must tell you, it’s a safe option to go with.

  • Even on the full blast of volume, they deliver crystal-clear sound
  • Hard to blow out and extremely durable
  • Mids are clean and smooth
  • Good for large vehicles, takes extra space
  • Expensive
  • The tweeter attenuation option is missing, the only way to filter tweeting settings is to alter the head unit set.

Infinity Reference 6530 CX

Looking for high-quality component speakers at an affordable price? These 2-way component speakers provide extraordinary sound quality with a reasonable price tag. These 6.5 speakers impressed the users when it first launched in 2019 back then with its edge-driven tweeters that offer high and smooth sounds.

Infinity Reference speakers are incredibly powerful speakers with 90W that could be impossible to imagine from a speaker that doesn’t have an external amplifier. Its frequency range of 53 Hz-21 kHz is quite a limited range as compared with some other speakers mentioned in the list.

To enlarge the midrange performance, the speakers come with an Infinity’s Plus One woofer which also helps in producing the greater base output and makes sure that the sound spreads evenly throughout the vehicle.

With this, one can say that these 6.5 speakers are not meant to deliver high-quality bass. This is why if someone desires to have high bass speakers they must have a full system setup along with these speakers.

With a perfectly upgraded equalizer, they can be the best option at many sought-after prices.

  • Works well with factory units
  • High clear sounds without harsh and prevalent midrange
  • Works great than the OEM speakers
  • Expecting to get a 12inch woofer sound bass from these speakers is not a good option
  • Provides average pitch range
  • Smaller crossovers

Focal PS165F Flax

If you can afford to spend approx $500 on a speaker, then Focal PS165F Flax is a perfect 6.5 component speaker for your vehicle. This is not a small amount for a speaker, but to have something unbeatable and high-quality sound you will have to lose some bucks from your pocket.

You are going to love the high-quality sound of these 6.5 premium component speakers regardless if your windows are down or you are driving with an open roof. Try any genre of music and you will have the same crystal clear sound without distortion or any other flaw.

The manufacturing of These speakers is made from glass fiber and flax woofer, s butyl rubber aluminum frame basket, external woofers, and  2 inch processed magnesium tweeters on 2 positions with level control (-3 dB or 0 dB) to produce beautiful and clear midbass.

The RMS rating of these 6.5 component speakers mentions that they can handle 70-watt power, but they can go further easily. With the right amplifier, audiophiles can have them with 100 watts and that’s amazing. People often claim that they have a problem installing these speakers. So, if you are ready to experience the supersonic component speakers in your vehicle, then you may need a professional to install them.

  • Beautifully imaging crystal clear sound
  • Well built
  • Short crossover wires
  • Needs a professional to install


Another affordable and one of the best 6.5 component speakers to replace your car’s factory-installed speakers is on the list now. JBL model speakers are a good deal for under $100, which can be operated at lower ohm levels. So if you are conscious that your factory-installed speakers take too much battery to be operated, then JBL speakers can be a nice switch that can be operated with just an OEM radio.

To have a great experience if you’re a fan of popular music, the speakers will do them justice with the sound but if you are a high-fidelity enthusiast then it can be a bit cheesy for you. However, it is easy to expect a better performance from the midbass with fairly warm and clear vocal sounds overall.

JBL comes with two tweeters, two woofers, and an installation kit that contains everything you might need for the installation of these speakers in your vehicle such as screws and mounting brackets. Make sure that you have the correct adaptors for speaker wires to evade wiring problems that may occur later.

Moreover, They are not that powerful when it comes to RMS rating. With only 50 Watt they can provide the average volume without putting you in a less quality bass or volume distortion.

If you want to shake your vehicle practically with the ultra-base, attaching an amplifier and subwoofer connection to these speakers will make it a great deal to go along. Buyers of this speaker recommend getting a minimum of 10’ subwoofer to do so.

  • Smooth and crystal-clear sound
  • Tiny crossover
  • Gradual Bass breakthrough
  • Needs a full system upgrade for a louder sound

Rockford P165SI Punch

A much greater punch to your existing factory speakers. The benefits of the set include built-in crossovers that specifically mean that you don’t need to install those big black boxes that you usually see with many other speaker sets.

Once you purchase these speakers, you probably have 4 speakers or two tweeters and two mids. As the name suggests it will give a punch to your high pitch music with its dynamic range that would be obtained from an expander only. So once you hear the sound, you will knock off from the experience.

It contains 2-way speakers and one-inch tweeters and the mineral-filled polypropylene cone surrounded by the Santoprene rubber along with the RMS 60Watt, the speakers offer a high volume sound clarity.

These speakers do not require an amplifier or something for high-volume delivery. If you need an extra bass, just alter some bass settings and you are all set. They work best as an overall car base stereo system as they drive with an additional subwoofer and amplifier with most base built-in frequencies.

  • Stock head unit with sound clarity
  • Difficult tweeter’s mounting system

Alpine R-Series R – S65C

Alpine is one of the trusted names in the world of the vehicle audio industry. For its high-quality sound and durability, Mercedes and BMW often install Alpine speakers in most of their vehicles.

Alpine speakers 6.5 component speaker set consists of 2 woofers, 2 external crossovers, 2 tweeters, and  100W RMS rating with 4-ohm frequency. You can expect to have clear and loud music.

Type R speakers are widely known for their loud sounds and with the Alpine range, the legacy of the company has continued to rule with its R-series speakers. Buyers of these speakers and the drivers of BMW and Mercedes say that listening to the music through these speakers feels like being at a music concert.

Ultra-smooth, one-inch silk-dome tweeters are installed in the system, which tends to create high-fidelity and a voice coil for enhanced efficiency across the entire sound system.

With the additional waveguide technology, the woofer cone in Alpine speakers helps to reduce the distortion and aids in delivering the high-quality crystal-clear sound even on their high volumes

They are undoubtedly the best 6.5 component speakers for the money, and the quality they provide either the material or the sound from the speakers are overall a lasting enjoyment.

  • Comes with great sound quality
  • Have a strong mid-range
  • To control the mid-range frequencies, audiophiles need a good equalizer
  • To get the most of Alpine speakers you need to have a high-end amplifier

Kicker 46CSS654

To have a Kicker CS-Series speaker in your vehicle is like a dream come true. They are known for delivering incredible performance and high-quality clean sound that doesn’t let down the brand. With 100 watt RMS, these speakers are for those who want to drive with loud music.

The set of Kicker R series speakers include a pair of 3/4’’ tweeters, 6.5’’ woofers with attached grilles, 2 flush-mount, surface-mount, and angle-mount cups for tweeters, and a crossover pair.

Kicker speakers are manufactured with neodymium heavy-duty magnets and titanium tweeters that help in providing quality highs.

People fond of bassy music can have remarkable bass performance due to the extended voice coil technology which ensures elimination of every kind of distortion while delivering the best sound quality throughout the vehicle.

This 6.5 kicker series is so durable and affordable to replace your factory built-in speakers. No matter what type of music genre you like the most, every sound comes in a high-quality crystal clear imaging that you will fall in love with.

  • Incredible sound quality and the crisp version delivers the best out of the speakers If you attach the right amplifier, the sound will touch your soul.
  • You might need a professional to install the K-series into your vehicle as the midsize SUVs cannot be mounted in your car easily.

To find the best 6.5 component speakers for the money is not an easy task. To replace your car’s factory speakers with a new set, loaded with features may be a bit pricey. But we hope that the specifications and the reviews discussed above will help you get a nice and affordable 6.5 component speaker for your car.  If you order a speaker set online, make sure to read reviews about the online store and look for a positive rating before you pick any speaker from the collection.

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