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Can you really get an Audi under 10k in 2021

Can you really get an Audi under 10k in 2021?

When we talk about the giants or the major car producers, Audi is considered one of them. However, affordability restricts the purchasing power of consumers.

Can you imagine buying an Audi under 10k? Well, there is a possibility that you might find one but a used version. You will be concerned about the condition but if you’re fortunate enough, you might find the ideal vehicle for yourself.

This article will feature the top 5 Audi under 10k which are some of the best models ever produced by Audi. Read on, maybe your dream to drive an Audi might come true.

What are the top 5 Audi under 10k?

You might think that there are fewer chances of getting an Audi under such a tight budget. Nonetheless, we will try to remove all the doubts you have in your mind.

Let’s discuss the 5 best Audi under 10k;

Audi A6 – $9,999K

This vehicle is considered a stylish choice by all Audi lovers. Previously, in 2019 Audi made some updates in their variant to compete against the newly released competitors of that time. If you wish to purchase a mid-size luxury vehicle, Audi A6 can be the ideal choice for you.

When the A6 version was launched in 2019, it made sure to capture the majority of car lovers. This model is powered by a 3.0-liter V6 engine which is famous for producing up to 335 horsepower.

After the success of this model, Audi decided to produce a sportier version of it. Audi came out with the S6 sedan which was built with the same platform as the A6 but with a turbocharged engine. This powerful vehicle can produce nearly 444 horsepower.

From 2019-2020, all Audi A6 model’s engines are powered by a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission which improves the grip and performance of the car on the road.

This beautiful vehicle can easily accommodate around five passengers. Moreover, Audi A6 provides good cargo space and has a better fuel economy when compared to other cars available in the market.

Audi A3 (2014) – $9,999K

The addition of a boot and the broader body was something desirable found in the Audi A3 sedan. Many car lovers started to get attracted to it which made it included in the A3 lineup.

Whenever people purchase a car or vehicle, they also consider the cargo space. The Audi A3 provides 380L luggage volume which is considered ideal for a sedan. Well, you don’t have to worry about your bags while you travel in your car.

People count only the Mercedes Benz A-Class and CLA when it comes to importing premium sedans. However, the managing director from Audi Australia countered this statement by saying that Audi A3 was the most important sedan for the year 2014.

Along with the front-wheel drive, the 1.8 TFSi offered the brand’s trademark or signature all-wheel drive. The safety promise which is always promoted by Audi as a brand was applied to the Audi A3 sedan as well.

Audi A1 – $3,000 – $8131

If you wish to have a small compact car of premium quality, you are restricted to only a handful of options. Audi A1 is fortunate enough to lie in that category. A mini hatchback is a cool option that is also considered by many Audi enthusiasts, but that is it.

Otherwise, you have to look for bigger cars with heavy prices to attain premium quality. Well, that is not affordable by many, Either you can opt for Mercedes Benz or a less glamorous badge which is Volkswagen.

The Audi A1 is available in a range of engines and all of them are run on petrol. Some of them can provide you with great fuel efficiency and some can prove to be a burden on your wallet. You need to choose wisely. The least is a three-cylinder engine and the premium one is a top-notch 2.0-liter power component.

Surely, it is hard for Audi A1 to compete against the German rivals in the same price bracket. Nevertheless, it is somewhat justifying the price tag attached to it.

Audi TT 1.8t 2004 – $7,500 – $9800

Extraordinary is the only word that can be used for the Audi TT 1.8t. Being released in 1999, the car had a beautiful outlook which was one of the significant reasons for grasping the attention of all Audi lovers.

Audi made sure to design the interior and exterior in supreme quality while using top-notch materials. When compared to other car manufacturers’ coupes, this vehicle stands out. This car has ample space to fit two people at once. On the other hand, the TT roadster has seats at the back as well but they are too cramped to accommodate more passengers.

Moreover, the performance of the TT is quite exquisite and better than its competitors. You would not feel like losing the grip of the car while you drive it. According to the experts, if you go at a slow pace, the grip is even tighter on the road.

This mini-size coupe is a great addition to the Audi family and is quite popular in the coupe world.

Audi Q3 2.0 TDi Quattro – $9.573

As all the car enthusiasts are aware of the fact that the modern culture is taken over by the SUVs and crossovers – replacing the typical sedans or four-door cars. The Audi Q3 was designed subtly and the look of it wasn’t that much alluring – catering to the people who like simple cars.

The Audi Q3 came out with a range of three engines – a 1.4-liter engine, a 2.0-liter engine, and a 2.0-liter diesel engine. Audi kept the trim levels quite simple with the variants of Audi Q3. However, the features such as – xenon headlights, aluminum roof rails, adjustable front seats, and a 6.5inch screen were some of the highlights for this crossover.

Due to the squat stance, the Audi Q3 has a firm grip on the road and there are fewer chances of it slipping away from your control. You can cover long trips in this vehicle because of comfortable seating and ample space.


Everyone wishes to drive a luxury vehicle and Audi is truly one of them. If you are stuck with a limited budget of $10,000, you don’t need to worry. Maybe a used version but an Audi can be bought for this much money. Let’s hope this article helps you to decide which Audi will fit your taste and bank balance.

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