Arizona to be the new hub for the latest automotive technology – Lucid, Rivian, and Polestar set up manufacturing plants in Scottsdale

Here comes great news for Arizonians!

Lucid, Rivian, and Polestar, with their presence, are all set to make Arizona a growing hub for the latest automotive technology. However, will their newly launched affordable electric vehicles save the environment?

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — the soaring demand for electric vehicles has compelled other automotive companies to introduce cheaper and efficient models to compete in the market. But the question remains there, will electric vehicles be the environment saviors?

Arizona has become the hub of the latest car technology as the state enjoys ties with many popular electric car companies in both sales and manufacturing.

Recently, a Volvo-funded car manufacturer, Polestar, offered a test drive to 12 NEWS for their new all-electric sedan. The four-door vehicle gives a 260 miles range, depending on the car model you get.

Apart from an impressive glass roof, the four-door sedan possesses Google smart assistant and several different belts and whistles.

However, according to the Polestar Forum, the EV sedan seems to face a plunge in sales, with only 259 units sold in the first quarter of 2021. On the flip side, the Tesla Model 3, being a successful electric vehicle, saw 87,911 units being sold in 2021.

If we compare the interior of the two electric vehicles, Tesla redesigned its gauges placement and has moved it to the center while Polestar kept theirs in the conventional style.

According to Andrew Caron, the sales manager at Polestar’s Scottsdale, the gauges are placed to assist the drivers in getting accustomed to the newly designed EV models.

“This is definitely a head-turner out on the streets,”  said Caron.

Even though Polestar Electric vehicles are available worldwide, its showroom called “Spaces” is present in a handful of cities. Arizona, Scottsdale is among the few states that have Polestar showrooms available.

On the other hand, Lucid Motors is attempting to set up its first-ever manufacturing plant for electric cars in  Casa Grande.

Their upcoming electric vehicle, Lucid Air, will give a 520- miles range and be costlier than other entry-level EV vehicles on the market, with starting price of $77,400.

On the contrary, Rivia has already set up its electric vehicle manufacturing plant in Arizona and is about to begin sales for its all-electric SUV and truck in the near future.

“Electric cars are the future, I think we all can agree on that,” said Caron. However, they have yet to do a lot of work.

“In the near term, it’s challenging because of the dependence on rare earth materials, particularly for the batteries,” said  Dr. Steve Polzin, professor at  Arizona State University.

Polzin is of the opinion that electric vehicles are expensive to produce. Mining rare elements of earth and procuring them for manufacturing still need fossil fuels.

“Lots of researchers and engineers are working on ways to offset and mitigate those impacts,” said Polzin.

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