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Are cheap sports cars more reliable than used cars

Are cheap sports cars more reliable than used cars?

This article will discuss why sports cars are so reliable even if they are second hands. It will be then pointed out, which are the best used sports cars and the least reliable used sports cars to note for buying. Used sports cars are nothing but cheap sports cars that have not really lost their appeal. Only a few years of guarantee for their power might have been lost.

Why are they more reliable than other auto motors?

 Almost 79 to 80 percent of sports cars resold are much more reliable than normal cars. This has been noted since 1993. This has been recorded by the Long-Term Reliability Index. Manufacturers developed these cars with the best materials. They also factored in the economically easy to maintain aspects, which made it easy for owners to keep their sports cars in good conditions.

Sports cars are usually not driven that much. They are not like ordinary cars that are used to do all sorts of work like going to work, going for shopping etc. Definitely they are not used as fleet cars.

Sports cars are usually driven carefully. Yes, they are driven faster than the ordinary cars but not that frequently. They are also maintained well. They are repaired by good mechanics and get good repair parts fitted when needed. Sports cars are bought by medium to well off people who can afford to spend the necessary amounts to maintain their sports cars. After all, they usually pay a lot to buy these sports cars. These people usually have other cars for business use and family outings.

Where power is concern, sports cars have strong powertrain and transmission system with a longevity level that’s very impressive. The machines inside are designed to deal with heavy stress, that’s comparative to heavy duty engines in trucks.

It should be clear now why used sports cars can be very reliable and a good purchase. People can get cheap sports cars, if they could not afford new ones, but these sports cars still could be just like the same thing and if they could fix up any short comings in the vehicle they would practically have cars that are like the new ones, minus a few years.

The best used sports cars are:

Mercedes-Benz CL 2010

The large, spacious and comfortable Mercedes-Benz CL is what you would go for if you want a big, practical and still sporty enough to spot a mile away. You spot it with a dealer if it’s the 2006/2014 CL. There are a few varieties to pick from. THE CL- 63- AMG has a 518-HP engine. The CL-65 is stronger with a 604HP engine. Of course the bigger and stronger they are, the pricier they are too. Value: Around $18,000.

The Chevrolet Corvette 2010

Sleek as they come. No one can mistake this one for anything but a sports car. It has a high quality interior finish to match the outside super sporty appearance. This car packs a 430HP engine it set the road on fire. Very close to $20,000.

2010 Ford Mustang

The very intellectual looking sports car is out for fun. This sports car is very affordable. How to pass it as a sports car? It also packs a 412HP engine that has quite an economical fuel consumption level. Don’t let this one slip out of your hands. Look for the 5th generation one. This one is under $8,000.

There are other sports cars that you might find on the net. Do some researching and you will find one that’s fits your dream or need. Now let’s tell you about the sports cars that you should think twice before buying:

Used sports cars that might not be worth it

The Ferrari F430 model

This is a super sports car which is famous around the world. It comes with the standard v8 engine with a nearly 500HP force. Now that’s going to burn the road. But wait. When it was brand new it had these problems: its engine mounts fail often, the exhaust doubles and its brackets crack a lot. There is always something wrong with the transmission and the gears.  And guess what? Parts are expensive to replace.

The Dodge Challenger 2013

This one is a classic with great transmission controls. This car carries a V-6- 305HP engine for serious fast driving. It’s a two door car. And that’s sporty. It has a good fuel consumption rate that’s affordable. But now the negative aspects: the interior does not match the exterior look and it has two doors, definitely not a family car. It has exhaust problems and transmission although very good tends to malfunction due to breakages. Give out strange sounds at low speeds. What do you think? Can you afford the repairs to this expensive piece of machine that might keep on having problems?

The Mercedes-Benz/SL 600

This one is a beauty and a classic German sports car. Mercedes-Benz is famous all over the world. But this model has some issues. This car is a superb convertible, featuring a hard top. A great performer and has an exquisitely designed body frame. After these great qualities it’s all downhill, you never know what will suddenly go wrong with the powertrain or transmission section.

Please note this. These cars had flaw when they were all brand new. It’s just not worth the money going for these beauties especially now that they are second hand.

Final words

The best affordable sports cars are the Ford Mustang, the Subaru WRX and the Subaru BRZ. They are worth the money. They will not force you to start spending cash for expensive repairs as you get them. Race them as much as you want after a short check up by a good mechanic.

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