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Are car dealerships open on Sundays Discover the facts

Are car dealerships open on Sundays? Discover the facts

As a car buyer, you may have felt frustrated when trying to buy a vehicle on Sunday and found that all of the dealerships were closed. This is because most states don’t allow for car sales between noon Friday evening until 6 am Monday morning so it’s usually best not to buy anything during these times no matter how much money or time constraints force your decision-making process down this route.

Are car dealerships open on Sundays?

Car shoppers have to be selective about the days they can visit a dealership because of restrictive laws. The majority of Americans don’t work on Saturdays, so people without an off day will wait until Sunday morning before heading out in search for their next ride–a task made more difficult by cars not being sold at any price or with no down payment requirements (but there’s always middleman).

Sunday car sales are banned in many states because of blue laws which date back to centuries ago. These outdated customs were once employed as a way for religious leaders to regulate what people did with their time off, but now they exist only on paper without any real meaning or effect

The state restrictions against selling cars at all on Sundays can be traced back before there was a separation between church and state–when America had less freedom than it does today. The fact that some US citizens live under these rules even though society has changed around them surprises many newcomers who move up here expecting things will work differently.

The fact behind Blue Laws

The original intent behind Blue Laws was to protect the rights of religious minorities. However, in modern times they have become a burden on both businesses and consumers alike due to their prohibition against Sunday shopping which disproportionately affects low-income communities with limited availability of other options for employment.

Many people are still unhappy about this despite being aware that these laws no longer apply solely to revoke them completely so long as there is no specific mention during prayer or worship services.

  • States that ban car dealerships on Sundays

If you are finding out why aren’t car dealerships open on Sundays, you must have known about the states that currently ban car dealerships on Sundays. There are currently 13 states that have put a ban on car dealerships on Sunday. One of these is Indiana, where it’s illegal for any business to sell their product or service on Sunday unless they’re specifically exempt; the remaining twelve restrict sales only in some counties within those respective state boundaries (or during certain timeframes).

These include: Colorado (disallows all retail activities), Illinois (prohibits most retailers except gas stations); Louisiana restricts only truck yards while Maine prohibits both new and used car lots upon passage back July 1st, 2017–following more than 20 years without legislation preventing Sundays R&D.

Top reasons why car dealerships don’t operate on Sundays

It is not only the government, a lot of dealers actually want this Sunday ban. The lawmakers in New Jersey, Illinois, and Texas put the hard effort into removing this ban and dealers fought back. Here are the top reasons why aren’t the car dealerships open on Sundays:

  • Making employees happy – Sunday is a day for rest and relaxation. This means that it should be treated just like any other workday, even if the salesperson has made money from car sales throughout their shift!
  • Reducing operational costs – Having dealerships closed on Sundays, the operational costs are also reduced.
  • Having same volume of sales – The dealers believe that the ban spreads the same volume of sales over a greater period of time.
  • Increasing online purchasing – This way customers are encouraged to collect information and make online purchasing.
  • Being synchronized with banks- This is an interesting statistic. It’s true that financial institutions are closed Sundays, which makes operating on Sundays more challenging for them and their customers alike.

States that operate dealerships on Sundays

The thirteen states that have dealerships open on Sundays are:

Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, Oklahoma, New Jersey, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

These places allow car salespeople to work during their free time which is surprising considering you would think they’re not being productive enough throughout the week with no customers around?


So, you will have plenty of information related to the fact that car dealerships are closed on Sundays. Any other thing related to car dealerships that you want to share with us? Share by leaving your comments in the comment section.

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