Apple’s Watch executive Kevin Lynch takes charge of Secretive Self-Driving Car Project: Is Apple’s big move saved now?

After Ford recruited Apple’s self-driving car project head, Doug Field, the tech giant brought Apple Watch executive, who is also a former Chief Technology Officer of Adobe Kevin Lynch, onboard to take over the project – as per reports received from Bloomberg.

It is the latest alterations of the project head, made in the secret car project being run by the name of Project Titan. This sole project has rotated project leads as much as it has noted shifted focus. 

To wit, Apple, the tech giant, will no longer be seen dealing with other automakers to bring life to their upcoming self-driving car – reports received earlier in this week from Mail Economic Daily, Korea. It further states that Apple rather prefers to go on its own. 

Kevin Lynch, the current project lead of the Project Titan, had worked for Adobe as a Chief Technology Officer. However, later in 2013, he joined Apple from Adobe, and in the previous years, he had brought on board for vehicles’ software development. During Lynch’s time at Adobe, he wrote a so-called Adobe’s Official Response to the giant tech firm’s decision to exclude flash from the IOS.

Curiously, reports from Bloomberg say Lynch reports to Jeff Williams, Chief Operating Officer, on the project-related matters instead of the AI head, John Giannandrea, who the company tapped the previous year, to oversee the performance of the project.

Dough Field, meanwhile, operated the Project Titan from the year 2018 until the day Ford approached him. Before working for Apple, he had spent years with Tesla and helped them on a successful project like Model 3 to bring it to market. However, before working at Tesla, he was employed at Apple.

Began in 2014, reportedly as collective efforts to develop an electric vehicle, Apple ultimately shifted the project to center on self-driving technology. However, in recent years, the focus has shifted back, making potential deals with Asia car manufacturers along the road and also making considerations for taking over EV startup Canoo

Dough Field’s departure was viewed as an indication that Apple’s EV car was not coming any sooner. Even the employees working on the project anticipate that the company won’t launch the vehicle for many years. It is still uncertain whether the company will carry on with Lynch, the Apple Watch executive being the project leader, or will look out for a new head – only if it progresses far enough to launch a self-driving vehicle in the market, with confidence.  

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