Try out these 8 troubleshooting hacks if your Android Auto is not working

Android Auto is a useful app to control your car’s infotainment system. It helps best while driving as you can manage your infotainment system’s features via your Android smartphone. But what to do if your Android Auto is not working? 

If you find your Android Auto not working, there might be a few reasons for it. 

Reasons for Android auto not working

The following are a few things that might be causing difficulty connecting your Android Auto with your smartphone. It happens when;

  • You have a bad wireless connection.
  • You have a corrupt application
  • Your car’s Android Auto might be pairing with other cars
  • Your car or smartphone is not compatible
  • You have changed some phone settings that are causing problems in connecting

Whatever the reason you are facing, you will have to troubleshoot the problem to use your Android Auto smoothly. Below are some troubleshooting tips that will keep your Android Auto play going. 

How to fix when Android auto is not working

Music has a drastic impact on your mood, especially when you are on a long drive, and this is when the Android Auto app shines. If Android Auto is not working, that means you are missing out on a whole lot of features. However, the troubleshooting tips below will get you connected again. 

  • Check whether your car’s stereo is compatible with your Android device or not. The Android Auto Compatibility page will help you determine that. If they are not compatible, unfortunately, you cannot do anything about that. Your vehicle won’t get connected to your device.
  • Sometimes minor errors can cause Android Auto not to work correctly. By simply restarting your phone, you can solve several issues. Whenever you find your Android Auto not working, just restart your phone, and minor errors will clear out themselves, and then you can easily connect to your Android Auto. 
  • Check if your connections are working properly. Whether it is a wireless connection or cable wire that you are using, you must thoroughly check if the connection is trouble-free or not. Suppose you are using a cable wire to connect to your Android Auto. In that case, you must check the wire is damage-free. Even if it looks fine from the outside, try to connect the Android Auto with a different cable. This is how you can identify if the wire you are using is fine or not. 
  • Make sure your smartphone and Android Auto app are updated. When any of them is outdated, you find difficulty connecting Android Auto with your phone. First, download the latest version of the update to your phone and then update your phone apps. Follow this pattern if you haven’t updated your phone recently. 
  • Since you can connect your Android Auto with any Android smartphone and conversely, there could be some minor issues happening in your pairing settings. For instance, you might be connecting your smartphone with a different vehicle, turned off the optionAdd new cars to Android Auto,” or you accidentally have added your vehicle to the Rejected list. In such cases, you will find your phone charging but not connected to the Android Auto. Check for all these settings to avoid connectivity problems.
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If you are unable to set your settings, there is another option you can go for. Tap the three-dot icon in the top right. Tap Forget all cars and disconnect all the paired cars. Then try connecting again from the beginning. 

  • Preloaded files can sometimes interfere with your Android Auto connectivity. However, you can deal with this problem by clearing your Android phone and apps’ cache. To do that, head to the settings, tap Apps, find Android Auto, tap storage and finally tap Clear Cache.
  • Restart your car’s infotainment system. Restarting will make a new connection and help to make connectivity easier. 
  • Over time, phone apps become problematic, especially those you are using on a regular basis. Reinstalling them can help to deal with many problems. Try uninstalling and reinstalling your app after every few months. 

The hacks mentioned above have been helpful for several people. If you are still dealing with the same issue, go to your phone app and select Help and Support to report your problem. The app will take time to give you a response. However, eventually, your issue will get resolved. 

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