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How long does vinyl wrap last on a car – All you need yo know

How long does vinyl wrap last on a car – All you need yo know

Are you tired of driving your old car and want something exciting and new? Don’t replace it, instead customize it with a vinyl wrap. In this piece, we are going to tell you how you can renew your car exterior without wasting money. Moreover, if you are a business owner, you may also use this as a part to advertise your product or service.

Let’s get started with what are vinyl wraps, the benefits, the types, and how long does vinyl wrap last on a car.

What are vinyl wraps?

Car enthusiasts try different things to keep their cars updated and to make sure their vehicles never look old. Since the past few years, vinyl wrapping has become a popular trend to renovate the old car’s exterior and customize it according to one’s liking.

You don’t have to wait for days to get your car ready. You only need sheets of vinyl film to be applied on different panels of the car. When it comes to variety, you have countless vinyl wrapping options to choose from. Keep on reading to know more about vinyl wrapping.

Why vinyl wrapping is a good option

If there is an old car in your garage and you are planning to reuse it after fixing its exterior, then don’t get it repainted. Repainting a car means that its resale value will decrease. Instead, get your car vinyl wrapped and enjoy the multiple benefits. First of all, it will protect your original paint, so if there is a scratch on your car, don’t worry because it would only be on the wrap. Secondly, vinyl film is easily removable without damaging the original paint of your car.

Moreover, getting your car repainted may make your warranties go void, but getting it wrapped will not have any effect on the lease or warranty whatsoever. Apart from all of this, if you are wondering, how long does vinyl wrap last on a car, know it is a temporary thing, which makes it ideal for those who want to upgrade the looks of their car often. For example, if you are getting it wrapped in a bright yellow color, but after some time, you want to change it and use a textured wrap instead, you can go ahead.

Vinyl wraps are not just good for personalization of cars, but it is also an amazing way to market your business. Have you seen various vehicles passing by, which are nothing short of walking advertisements? Well, you can get it done through the vinyl wrap. Get your logo design made and apply it to your car.

Various types of vinyl wrap to choose from

Vinyl wraps have changed the way we think about car exterior as they allow you to be creative when styling your car. You can choose various kinds of vinyl wraps for your vehicle. Well, if you are getting it done for marketing purposes, then get a custom design made and wrap it around your car.

However, if you wish to choose from the available wrap options, then you can select any of the three categories of car vinyl wraps. If you like the shiny surface, then you can choose gloss. But if your car’s original color is glossy and metallic, and you want something sleek and matte, then choose the color of your choice in the matte category. Similarly, there is a metallic option as well.

Another factor to consider is wrap material types. They come in many different colors and textures. Apart from metallic, gloss, and matte, you can choose brushed metal or carbon fiber as well. Moreover, if you want to go too fancy, you can also choose to get your car wrapped with 22k gold/silver sheets.

If you are excited to get your car vinyl wrapped, however, the only thing that is stopping you to get it done is an answer to the question, how long does vinyl wrap last on a car. Don’t worry, we have got you covered, read on to know an answer to your query.

How long does a vinyl wrap last on a car?

Whenever we get something new, we always determine how sustainable it is. Well, a vinyl wrap can last for over five to ten years, depending on various conditions; such as the type of wrap you choose and how well you take care of it determines the life of the wrap.

Make sure you use a top-quality wrap to ensure that it stays for a longer period. Secondly, never leave your car in the sun. The sun can damage the sheet of vinyl that may shorten the life of the wrap. Furthermore, stop going to a drive-in car wash and start washing and cleaning your car yourself.

Final Words

If you are planning to get your car vinyl wrapped, but your car has chipped paint or rust over its surface, then first get it repaired. Vinyl sheets are thin sheets that easily adjust with your car’s body to give it a no-wrap look. If your car has dents and paint chips, or rust, then know that vinyl won’t cover those marks.

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