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All you need to know about Endurance Auto Warranty

All you need to know about Endurance Auto Warranty

What is Endurance Car Warranty?

Endurance is the largest and third-party extended warranty provider in the US. It was established in 1988 and has given comprehensive warranty plans to numerous car owners. In 2008 INC named it the most customer-driven company, and a gold certification accreditation from Vehicle Protection Association proved its reliability and authenticity. You can find a list of full-scale warranty plans available and choose any to cater to your needs. Moreover, you can also access its 24/7 customer support if you face any problem or wish to get further information regarding the deals.

Why choose Endurance auto warranty?

When your warranty from the manufacturers or dealers is about to expire, you need another plan to keep yourself secured. Car repairs can be immensely expensive in case of car breakdowns. But, you can make it affordable by getting an endurance auto warranty. If you opt to choose to get an extension from the manufacturer or a dealer from whom you purchased your car, then you will get it at expensive rates. Moreover, if you buy an endurance auto warranty, you will not only get repair financing, but you will also be eligible for 24/7 roadside assistance. As Endurance Warranty partners with RepairPal, you can go to any RepairPal certified mechanic for repairs anywhere throughout the nation. The endurance coverage plan providers are direct providers, unlike other resellers. And, their endurance auto warranty comes with insurance, which keeps you fully protected. There are many other cheap options available on the internet. However, these below the market price warranty plans may rely on Risk Retention Groups and signals that the company won’t have much back-up of money to pay you when you make a claim. But, the history and reputation of endurance coverage plans are enough to trust Endurance Warranty.

Overview of endurance coverage plans

Secure Plan

It is one of the most affordable endurance auto warranty plans. This plan is ideal for daily drivers and for those who are looking for budget-friendly coverage when in need of sudden repairs. It will cover your major components of the vehicle that are otherwise costly to get repaired. By opting for this plan, you will get an excellent protection plan at very affordable rates. This plan also provides coverage for vital parts of your car like lubricated components of an engine, transmissions, water pump, etc.


If you have a high mileage car, then you need a premier endurance coverage plan. It is officially designed for those who have over 150,000 miles on their car. This plan covers all the vital parts of your car to give you unmatched premium auto protection for a high mileage car. Apart from internal units of the engine and transmission it also protects the cooling system, heating system, air conditioning, fuel systems, and other electrical parts, such as turbocharger, the transfer unit, etc.


Superior is the most competent coverage, endurance auto warranty plan. It covers the highest level of car components coverage. It includes air conditioning, brakes, cooling system, drive axle, electrical components, engine suspension, fuel, steering, transfer case, transmission, and turbocharger, or supercharger. Get bumper to bumper coverage with powertrain coverage and enjoy your drives.


Closest to manufacturer level coverage, supreme is a top-level endurance auto warranty plan. It gives you total protection from sudden car breakdowns. By offering you maximum protection, a supreme warranty becomes ideal for those who rely on their car’s reliability and want the highest level of coverage. This plan is similar to titanium, diamond, or other high coverage plans in the market. This top-tier plan includes almost all your car components as well as Air conditioning, brakes gaskets, drive axle, electrical parts, etc.

Secure Plus

Secure plus is one step ahead of the security plan by Endurance Warranty as it gives you powertrain protection at valued pricing. The coverage is higher level protection than premier by securing more components of your car than the premier plan. If you rely on your car way too much, yet you need an accessible price, then secure plus is an ideal endurance coverage plan for you. The list of components it protects includes A/C, brakes, Axle drive, electrical parts, engine, steering, etc.

You have a wide variety of endurance coverage plans to select to cater to your needs. Apart from these coverages, if you require coverage for hybrid and high-tech components, you can also add those to your plan. Moreover, few extra services also come with all the plans of Endurance auto warranty. The topmost is, you are eligible to access 2/4 roadside assistance whenever and wherever you need. There are many sub-services included in roadside assistance. If your car stops and your car’s battery needs a jump, or if your tire gets flat and you need immediate support, you can directly contact endurance roadside assistance. Apart from these, fuel delivery, towing services, unlocking the car, and much more are also part of Endurance Warranty services.

Moreover, if your car breaks down at someplace and you don’t have any other option than using another means of transportation, you can contact Endurance customer support to rent a car. Car rental fees or public transport fees are covered in endurance auto warranty coverage as well. However, rental reimbursement is no more than $30 per day.

Common FAQs answered to give you more insight.

What is the cost of endurance protection plans?

Every plan has a different cost. There are around five options of endurance auto warranty from which you can choose an ideal deal for yourself. You can find important information regarding the plans at the start of the article. From there, select any warranty plan and then request the quote. Note that these plans are according to your car’s model, year of your car, and its mileage. If you can’t figure out which warranty plan would be better for you, then you can contact the Endurance Warranty helpline, and the representative will guide you through.

How endurance warranty plans differ from auto insurance?

You can claim auto insurance only if you got into an accident. In other cases, such as if your car breaks down, you cannot make a claim. On the contrary, endurance coverage plans keep you covered in these types of situations. If your car warranty has expired, you will have to pay massive amounts for car repairs.  However, the circumstances are different if you are protected by an Endurance warranty, as an endurance auto warranty will be covering your repair finances.

How will endurance auto warranty pay for repairs?

Endurance auto warranty covers the full cost of repair, from labor to auto parts that would be needed. If your car breaks down at any place, all you have to do is call Endurance 24/7 roadside assistance and ask them to tow your car to the nearest licensed mechanic’s shop. Once your car gets repaired, Endurance will pay your full cost directly to the auto repair mechanic. With endurance plans, you enjoy your drive because from towing your broken car to getting it to a car repair workshop, everything would be taken care of by endurance auto warranty policy.

Final Words

It is better to be safe than sorry. If you realize that your current manufacturer’s warranty is about to expire, then wait no more to get an endurance auto warranty. Car breakdowns can happen at any time. It is always better to have security in these circumstances, or you will have to use your savings.

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