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Has Acura locked ADX as the name for its New Electric SUV

Has Acura locked ADX as the name for its New Electric SUV?

According to a recent trademark filing by Honda, the parent company of Acura, with the US Patent and Trademark Office, ADX might be the name for Acura’s new electric SUV.

It also seems possible that ADX would also be used by the company for its gas-powered SUV, which basically resembles the next generation HR-V that Honda is currently developing for the auto markets of North America.

For now there are only speculations based on the trademark filing request by Honda and nothing can be said with certainty. But the move by Honda to file a trademark request for ADX indicates that the company wanted to prevent any other manufacturer from using it.

However, experts are suggesting that ADX is going to appear on Acura’s upcoming electric SUV lineup, which General Motors is building. So Acura’s electric SUV lineup might share the same powertrain, battery pack(s) and other features that General Motors’ other electric vehicles have, which use Ultium battery-electric vehicle bits. However, it is highly likely that the interior and exterior decor and the overall comfort of the passengers have been of paramount importance to Acura to preserve its luxurious brand image.

Similarly, experts also believe that Acura’s electric SUV will also share some of Honda’s ADX body panels that General Motors is also planning to build for the Japanese vehicle manufacturer.

Moreover, Acura is yet to unveil its GM-built SUV electric vehicle formally to the public, but Honda has already given confirmation that its variant will have the Prologue designation.

Whereas, Acura is still keeping its fans waiting for the right time to reveal the name for its new electric SUV in the coming months or weeks.

Whatever the name may be, the experts are of the opinion that ADX is going to be the new name for the new SUV lineup from Acura.

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