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7 quick and simple steps how to sell car quickly

7 quick and simple steps: how to sell car quickly

Selling your car quickly is not as complicated as it seems. Hot to how to sell your car fast? It will be enough for you to follow very simple tips, such as keeping it careful, having all the papers up to date, finding out the market price according to make, model and year, and making an attractive publication.

How to sell your old car fast?

Selling a used car has become a more difficult task, given the increase in the supply of this type of trade. If your goal is to sell your car fast, we recommend that you follow these tips to speed up the process if you are looking to how to sell your used car fast. You just have to do things right and leave the car as you would like to find it if you were the buyer. Here are a few tips to sell your car fast and a few ways to sell your car fast.

Appearance: cleanliness and details matter

Just like people, the first impression says a lot about what you’re trying to sell. If you want to promote your second-hand vehicle, try to keep it very clean, with good paintwork and with parts such as the glove compartment, trunk, tires, and engine in optimal conditions, since the eyes are usually concentrated in those places. Taking him to a car wash to get a good interior and exterior cleaning will not cost you as much and can be one of the keys if you plan to take photos of him for an advertisement.

Maintenance and mechanical condition of the car

Maintenance is crucial in a car. All vehicle information is recorded in the history of its maintenance. Do you want to be paid the price you ask? Then sell it with up-to-date maintenance and information on additives used. The inside of your car is just as important as its appearance, especially in front of experienced buyers. Besides, we recommend that you take the car to a mechanic shop before showing it to a buyer and make sure it is in optimal condition.


We all indeed weigh our car, but you have to be objective when it comes to selling it. You can always take advantage of the comparative advantages it has to improve its selling price, but do not overdo it or you will end up keeping it. Consider its year of manufacture, its use, the repairs you have made, and the demand for that type of car to define a fair price.

If you need guidance to quote your car, you can consult this link and find the keys to estimate the value of a used car

Prepare the documents

Save the reports, records, previous purchase documents, circulation permits, and everything related to your vehicle. Remember that to renew the Permit for the following year; the buyer will need to know in which commune the previous permit was paid. Besides, if you have the documents prepared and can show them, such as the technical review certificates

Innovate in your ad

Traditional media such as newspapers or bulletin boards are effective, but never more effective than Internet publications. If you want to sell lowering costs and exposing your car to the maximum number of people, take advantage of the offers and sell your car fast online. How to sell your car online fast? Add photos of the angles where it looks best, not forgetting to show the trim, trunk, engine, tires, and paint which is what everyone always wants to see. Post your ad on different sites and use social media (especially Facebook) to publicize the car you are offering and digital is the best places to sell your car fast. You never know where your potential buyer will be!

Prepare sell to buyer

Think about the questions you might be asked about your car and if you have answers to all of them. You should be honest and say what you know about your vehicle to offer the interested party confidence and transparency. Easy and confident communication with the buyer is the key to sell your car fast. If the buyer is in doubt and is skeptical of anything, make it clear and easy to understand.

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