6 Best headliner adhesives: a one-time solution to fix your car headliner

It is very irritating when your car’s headliner comes out while you are still driving. It’s even embarrassing when someone is sitting on a passenger seat with you. To get the car headliner fixed, going to a repair shop seems ridiculous, and the idea to use any normal glue is not suitable either. If you are struggling with a similar situation and want a one-time permanent solution, then check out the six best headliner adhesive products below.

Best headliner adhesive

Check out the best headliner adhesive for your car.

Permatex Black Super Weatherstrip Headliner Adhesive

Permatex’s Black Super Weatherstrip headliner adhesive is one of the best headliner glues, that you can use for multiple purposes. Not only is it perfect for quick use and dries fast, but it can also withstand extreme weather conditions as well. It is also resistant to kerosene, gasoline and many other solvents, which make it a top-tier choice as a headliner glue for door modeling, cut gaskets, vinyl upholstery, vinyl tops, and more. This versatile adhesive is also very affordable. You should opt for model 81850.

3M 08074 Spray Trim Headliner Glue


3M 08074 Spray Trim is the perfect choice to fix your car’s headliner. The reason being, the formula is specially designed to fix lightweight trims. With this, you can also fix materials such as trunk liners, upholstery cloth, etc. Other than this, it won’t dry quickly, thus giving you the chance to re-adjust or reposition the material. You can also use it for transparent surfaces as it dries without leaving any pale marks.

Permatex Body Shop Adhesive

This is a high-quality fabric adhesive that you can use for headliner repairs and other purposes, including fixing trunk linings, rubber, door panels, carpets, plastics, and more. This is a top-notch formula that is specially designed for all kinds of vehicles, cars, trucks, SUVs, etc. The best thing about this adhesive glue is that it is resistant to extreme weather conditions, which makes it perfect for your car. Moreover, this is a high-temperature formula, which will keep the bond strong even in hot weather. Other than this, its water-resistant formula also ensures that the bond remains intact during damp weather.

Gorilla Heavy Duty Adhesive Spray

If you want a permanent solution for your car’s headliner, then Gorilla Heavy duty is the best adhesive spray you can opt for. When you apply this on the surface, you can reset the surfaces within 10 minutes, before they stick together. You can use this versatile solution on wood, plastic, leather, fabric foam, glass, and metal, etc. It comes with a wide pad nozzle, which helps to control the quantity of the adhesive. The formula dries quickly without leaving any yellow marks.

Loctite Headliner Adhesive

You can use this adhesive formula to fix your car’s headliner in no time. It hardly takes five minutes to do the job. Other than fixing your car’s headliner, it will also fix trunk linings, carpets, and door panels as well, thus making it a versatile product for multiple uses.

Design Engineering’s High-Temperature Adhesive


This adhesive is surely the best among all adhesives mentioned in this article. Not only this is a heat-resistant formula, which can hold on to extremely high temperatures, but when the glue dries out, it forms a water-resistant bond. Moreover, the spray has an adjustable valve, which allows you to control the quantity of the adhesive to be applied to fix the car’s headliner. This versatile adhesive is perfect because it leaves no marks and dries out clearly.


In this article, we have provided you with a brief account of the six best headliner adhesives. You can choose any of these high-quality solutions. Now, you won’t have to wait to go to a repair shop to get your car’s headliner fixed. However, you must choose the one that suits your needs perfectly, while keeping your budget in check.

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