5w30 vs 0w20 Engine Oil: Which one is better for your car

There are different types of engine oil available in the market such as 0w20, 5w20 5w30, etc. All the engine oils are divided on the basis of the performance offered by them to the vehicle. No doubt, 0w20, and 5w20 are the ones that provide top-quality performance to your car or any other vehicle you have. But if you want to know about the best one among these two types of engine oils, you will have to go through this guide.

This guide provides you with detailed information about 0w20 vs 5w20 engine oils where it also explains 5w30 vs 0w20. You will come to know about the differences between these engine oils so you could find out which one will be best for your vehicle to enhance its performance and working. If we talk about accessibility, 5w30 engine oil is the one that you can easily find at any local store. But it is difficult to find 0w20 engine oil.

0w20 Engine Oil

0w20 is synthetic engine oil that is advanced as compared to other motor oils. The purpose of this oil is to help in delivering remarkable protection to your vehicle’s engine. Moreover, you can also get enhanced and improved fuel economy. As a result, you can see that the engine is running like a new one.

This oil is majorly used in the cold season that helps your vehicle’s engine to run efficiently in colder temperatures. Let us tell you that this oil is very thin in winter, that’s why it finds no difficulty in flowing. Moreover, it flows without causing a lot of friction. This engine oil is majorly used for gasoline and petrol cars.

We do not recommend buying this oil for your two-wheelers vehicle as well as aviation vehicles as they operate at extremely high temperatures. You can see that 0w20 offers you multiple benefits such as fast lubrication, prevention from corrosion, sludge formation, and deposits. In short, it is considered the best choice for seasonal climates.

5w30 Engine Oil

After discussing 0w20, let us discuss 5w30 engine oil. Going through this section will let you understand the concept of 0w20 oil vs 5w30. Let us tell you that 5w30 is engine oil that is majorly used in light-duty diesel and petrol engine vehicles. It is less thick at a very low temperature.

You must be thinking what does 5w30 actually means. Let us explain this concept to you. The numbers in the engine oil name represent the viscosity of the oil. On the other hand, the letter “W” stands for winter. The purpose of this numeric code system is to grade all the motor oils according to their characteristics of viscosity.

You should know that this type of motor oil can only function in low temperatures such as -30oC and high temperatures such as 35oC. You may have heard a lot about this engine oil because it is very common due to its reliable benefits as it is suitable for different types of engines and vehicles. Moreover, it also protects the internal components of your vehicle’s engine without affecting any other part.

0w20 vs 5w30

Let us come towards our main topic which is the differences between 0w20 and 5w30. 0w-20 vs 5w-30 explains the major features that differentiate both these engine oils. Let us start by mentioning that 0w20 engine oil flows very well at cold and moderate temperatures but when it comes to 5w30, it cannot maintain its viscosity if it is too cold.

There are special additives present in 0w20 engine oil that make it compatible and suitable for hot as well as cold conditions. You can see that it becomes thinner in the summer season as compared to winter. When it comes to viscosity, 0w20 offers the viscosity level of 20 in summer whereas 5w30 offers the viscosity level of 30 in the same season.

Keep in mind that before considering the differences between these two types of engine oils, you must also consider your needs. Considering your needs first will let you find the suitable motor oil for you and match perfectly with the engine of your vehicle.

Let us discuss some of the major features that differentiate 5w30 and 0w20 engine oils:

0w20 vs 5w30: Choosing the best grade for your car

1. Weather

You can see that the performance of 0w20 engine oil is better in cold temperature as compared to hot temperature as it flows more freely in winter. When we compare 0w20 with 5w30, 0w20 is the one that flows more freely and provides better performance even if they both have the same viscosity level. You should know that the viscosity level of 0w20 is very low in cold temperatures.

There are great effects of cold or hot weather on 0w20 as compared to 5w30 motor oil. When it comes to weather conditions, 5w30 is the one that is efficient and excellent as it can function properly in any kind of environment and weather no matter it is too hot or too cold. Thus, many people prefer buying 5w30 engine oil instead of 0w20.

5w30 engine oil is the one that is adaptable to every kind of weather that makes it famous among other engine oils. If you have to drive at different locations with different temperature levels, you must go for 5w30 engine oil as it is suitable for every kind of weather, especially for the winter season.

2. Fuel Economy

When it comes to fuel economy, 0w20 engine oil is the one that is very famous among the consumers as it offers excellent performance as well as fuel economy. It consists of a thin protective oil film at high temperatures. It results in hastening the wear of the engine’s parts.

On the other hand, a thinner oil fil can be dangerous and hazardous if the internal combustion engine is being operated at a very high speed. In this condition, the engine of your vehicle will consume more oil which results in a lousy fuel economy. When we compare both these engine oils, the cut is about 10% to 12%. So, you may also notice the same fuel economy.

3. Viscosity

Viscosity can be considered as one of the major features that could help in differentiating 5w30 engine oil from 0w20. Let us tell you that the viscosity level of 0w20 oil is about 20 which makes it thinner as a lower number means thinner viscosity of the engine oil.

The viscosity of 0w20 gets decreased in the winter season that’s why it is mostly used in the summer season. So, it would be best to use 0w20 in summer. When it comes to 5w30, it is the one that becomes thinner in summer if you put it in your engine. Moreover, it also results in causing future damage. The viscosity level of 5w30 is 5 and it gets decreased in cold temperature.

Can 5w30 Be Used Instead Of 0w20?

You must be wondering what you should do if you like both engine oils and their features but you are confused to select any one of them. Let us tell you that you can use 5w30 instead of 0w20 engine oil for your vehicle as there are no massive differences among both of them. But if you are concerned about getting oil for extreme cold weather, 5w30 is not the best option.

If you want to use 5w30 instead of 0w20, let us tell you that the usage of engine oil greatly depends upon Variable Valve Timing. If the engine of your car consists of VVT, it would be best if you do not change the weight and stay constant with the recommendation of the manufacturer.

If you own a new vehicle or new model, it is recommended that you use 0w20 engine oil. It would be best for your car not to use 5w30 engine oil if you own a car manufactured in 2010 or after. If you are thinking of mixing 5w30 with 0w20 and putting it into your vehicle, let us tell you that there is no issue in mixing them but it would be best if you use 5w30 engine oil instead of using any regular oil.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which engine oil is best for summer?

0w20 engine oil is considered best for the summer season for many vehicles.

2. What happens if you use 0w20 instead of 5w30?

Nothing serious can happen if you use 0w20 instead of 5w30 in your vehicle but it would be best to use the engine oil that is recommended by your manufacturer.

3. Which engine oil is better, 5w30 or 0w20?

When it comes to adaptability according to the environment, 0w20 is the one that is recommended by many manufacturers. But you should know that it is more expensive than 5w30 but offers better performance.


Before using 0w20 or 5w30 for your car, it would be best to know about both the engine oils and also consider your needs. You must use the one that is beneficial and does not cause any harm to your vehicle later. Moreover, you should also ask your manufacturer for suitable oil for your vehicle’s engine. When comparing 0w20 and 5w30, 0w20 is the best as it offers better performance.

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