The 2021 Mercedes Benz Sprinter: A Full-sized Talented Vehicle

The newly launched 2021 Mercedez Benz Sprinter is a wonderful decent-sized van with outstanding features including, diverse configurations and advanced technology. Even though the 2021 Mercedes Benz Sprinter is costlier than its rivals like Nissan NV and Ford Transit, it provides its users with extra refinement and upscaling options like its 10.3’ touch screen. Apart from passenger models, different roof heights, and cargo crew that it has, it is armed with 3 potent engines, with a diesel V6 and 4-cylinder. However, the diesel V6 engine is only compatible with a 4-wheel drive. Along with a variety of advanced features for driver’s assistance, including self-parking and cruise control features, the 2021 Mercedes Benz Sprinter offers a comfortable experience with the latest technology embedded in it. It will surely please commercial drivers and merchants.

What New Features did it add for 2021?

For the year 2021, the carmakers have added multiple latest standard features. For instance, you will get cruise control, power-operated outer sider mirrors, emergency brakes (Auto), and a steering wheel with multifunctioning capabilities. For the current year model, you will get a floor cover as well. 

Car Performance

Along with all of the three models of the 2021 Mercedes Benz Sprinter – passenger car, crew van, and cargo, you will be given a choice for 3 powerful engines. It contains a 188 horsepower turbocharged and 2 lit 4 cylinder powertrain with a 9-speed auto transmission. However, this might not sound like a great deal of power. It works for lighter tasks. For turbo-diesel, you will get two choices, a 2 lit 4-pot and V6 3 lit. The first one generates 166 hp and 266 lb torque. The second one gives 188 hp and 325 lb torque. You will get a 7-speed auto transmission with either of these, but only 4-wheel drive comes with a six-cylinder.  

MPG and Fuel Economy

For commercial vehicles weighing more than 8500 lbs, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) doesn’t estimate the fuel economy. 

Interior and Comfort

Two popular reasons why this vehicle is so popular are refinement and extra comfort. The interior is made of high-end materials and gives you a comfortable feel on highways. The shape of the seats is thoughtfully designed as they don’t hurt your back after several hours of drive. Moreover, you can add Swivel Seat, making it easier to get in and out of the van conveniently. With this version of Mercedes, you will surely get a tremendous amount of accommodation space. In fact, its cargo versions give an area of 533 cu ft. Surprisingly, that’s bigger than some of the apartments in the Newyork and more than what you will get in the largest type of Ford Transit. Mercedes Benz passenger version with a wheelbase of 144’ accommodates 12 passengers, while the wheelbase with 170’ can provide room for 12 passengers. 

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